1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Procedure for Installation of Wheel Disc on All Model Passenger Cars.
Figure 45
3. Replace hub cap and repeat for the three remaining wheels.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .1 of an hour.
Figure 43
Remove hub cap. Guide the valve stem through hole in disc and press firmly into the wheel at this point. Then press opposite side into the wheel with other hand applying pressure around disc in one direction until outer edge is seated within wheel rim as shown in figure 44.
Figure 46
Procedure for Installation of Tissue Dispenser on All Model Passenger Cars.
1.    Remove dispenser cover by pulling outward on ends of spring clips on sides of dispens­er.
2.    Mount center support bracket to dispenser with two screws, nuts and lockwashers fur­nished in package, making sure nut and lock­washers are on top of bracket on outside of dispenser, (see figure 47).
3.    Remove screw from left-hand side of vent control rod and mount tissue dispenser bracket beneath bracket of vent control rod and replace screw, (see figure 47).
3a. If vent control rod has been removed use screw furnished and mount bracket in same location as paragraph 3, except tissue dis­penser bracket will fit against instrument panel, (see figure 48).
Figure 44
2. The small wood block which accompanies the wheel disc should be used in conjunction with a hammer, to gently tap the wheel disc into its bottom position so that outer por­tion of the wheel disc is flush with wheel rim. A light tap with hammer and wood block is sufficient as shown in figure 45.