1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 91
4.    Reinstall glove compartment.
5.    Cut necessary holes in dash mat through punched holes provided in dash panel.
6.    Remove air vent control from present lo­cation and attach to air vent control brack­et, using present screws (see view "H," fig­ures 88 and 92).
rectly to the 2 inch outlet on "Y" fitting. Attach lower end of right hose to the 1-3/4 inch outlet on "Y" fitting using the rubber ring adapter. Mount "Y" fitting on outlet on heater.
Install the Heater switch in hole provided on lower flange of instrument panel to the left of steering column and install and con­nect wires as shown in figures 93 and 94.
Figure 92
7.    Remove the right-hand ventilator deflector and attaching nuts on passenger side of dash. These parts are not required.
8.    Install heater using attaching washers and nuts furnished.
9.    Attach lower end of left defroster hose di-
Figure 93
11. Drain radiator and remove plugs from en­gine at "A" and "B," figure 91. Install nipple