1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

6.    On the right-hand side of dash, cut neces­sary holes in dash mat thru punched holes provided and attach temperature control valve. (See figure 97.)
7.    Attach temperature control rod bracket to instrument panel in holes provided in lower flange to left of glove compartment. Set control rod thru panel hole and insert rub­ber grommet. Remove retainer from tem­perature control valve, attach control rod and replace retainer.
8.    Attach end of control valve capillary tube to dash mat, (see figure 99).
Figure 97
to heater and install grommets, (see figure 100). Pierce the dash mat from the engine side thru the mounting bolt holes and from the passenger side cut two 1-3/4 diameter holes in the dash mat at these points to al­low bracket to rest against dash.
3.    Set heater in place with gasket between heater case and cowl panel. Attach to cowl panel using five of the cover plate screws. A hex head bolt is furnished for the front center hole. Attach dash mounting bracket with nuts and washers furnished.
4.    Assemble motor seal to dash using cover plate screws.
5.    Assemble the two lengths of hose to the de­froster fittings and attach the fittings under the cowl as indicated with the sheet metal screws furnished. The long hose is used on the left side and the short one on the right. It is necessary to remove the glove compartment from the instrument panel to install the fitting on the right side.
Figure 99
9.    Attach defroster control cable bracket to instrument panel in holes provided to left of steering column.
10.  Attach defroster control cable thru hole in bracket and to heater as shown in figure 101.
11.  Install air switch to the right of defroster control bracket and connect and assemble wires in clips as indicated.
12.  Drain radiator, remove pipe plugs at points A & C, insert nipples and attach hose con­nections, (see figure 100).
Figure 98