1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 119
fog lamp switch terminal marked "TAIL" to the light switch terminal marked "TAIL LAMP". Place #16 natural with black tracer from terminal marked "BATTERY" on fog lamp switch to battery terminal on rear of light switch as shown in figure 119.
The lamp aiming instructions are the same as for passenger car, see page 46, figure 115. After aiming lamps, tighten securely.
Approximate Flat Rate Time 1 hour.
986408-986409 BACK-UP LAMPS
Procedure for Installation of Back-Up Lamps on All Model Passenger Cars.
1.    Mount two spacers on housing above steer­ing column and tighten securely as shown in figure 121.
2.    Mount switch on two spacers with switch arm on same side as reverse gear lever
Figure 120
as shown in figure 121.
3.    Secure switch with two lockwashers and two nuts.
4.    If any adjustment is needed, add flatwashers under one end of switch bracket to raise or lower switch as necessary.