1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Procedure for Installing Cigarette Lighter
and Cigarette Lamp on All Model Passenger Cars.
1.    Remove and discard dummy button or pres­ent lighter.
2.    Remove lamp socket from clamping shell and clamping shell from lighter.
3.    Insert lighter in instrument panel hole and reassemble clamping shell and lamp socket.
4.    Rotate clamp shell to position such that light unit causes no interference.
5.    Route lamp wire through clips on back of instrument panel. (See figure 134.) Attach lamp wire terminal to tail lamp terminal on light switch. (See figure 134.)
6.    Remove grommet from dash and rework grommet by removing thin wall at end of hole and cutting grommet from side to hole.
7.    Install wire from lighter through hole in dash from which grommet was removed and connect wire terminal to battery terminal on starting motor solenoid being sure cigar­ette lighter wire is on top.
8.    Insert wire in grommet and reinstall grom­met in hole in dash. (See figure 134.)
9.    To operate, push in knob which will return to original position when lighter is ready for use.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .2 of an hour.
Figure 134
Figure 135 57