1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

1.    Depress spring and remove tray from re­tainer.
2.    Install retainer with four screws furnished through the four holes provided in bottom flange of instrument panel. (See figure 153).
3.    Replace ash tray.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .2 of an hour. 986553 ARM REST
Procedure for Installation of Arm Rest on All Model Passenger Cars.
3. Attach arm rest with sheet metal screws and tighten securely as shown in figure 157,
Figure 157
Approximate Flat Rate Time .1 of an hour. 986154 ARM REST - TRUCK
Procedure for Installation of Arm Rest on 3000-4000-5000-6000 Model Trucks.
Figure 155
1.    Holes for attaching arm rest are located behind trim panel as shown in figure 156.
2.    Probe for these holes and pierce trim panel for screws.
Figure 158
1.    To locate holes in metal under right-hand door trim panel, locate template as indicated in figure 159, and cut holes in trim panel.
2.     Loosen trim panel lower screws and see that spacer is in place below rear attaching hole as shown in figure 159. If not, install spacer furnished. A little rubber cement on the spacer will aid in keeping it in place until arm rest is attached with screws fur­nished.
Figure 156