1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 194
Model Series
All 3000
Series All 4000-6000
Series All 5000
Measurement at A
Measurement at B
9-7/16" 3-1/16"
bar as shown in figure 193. Tape the left-hand wire to reinforcement plate and through existing headlamp grommet and run the left and right-hand wires along existing wiring harness to the three way connectors and clip to wiring harness as shown in figure 193.
4.    Place rear lamp wires in three way con­nectors and follow truck wiring along frame to rear lamps.
5.    Rear lamp mountings will vary with the type body used on the truck. Instructions for the most popular body types are shown in the following figures:
Pick-up body figure 197. Panel body figure 200. Platform body figure 198. Cab and Chassis figure 199.
Approximate Flat Rate Time 1.3 hours.
See figures 192 and 193 for "A" and "B" locations. After locating lamp positions drill 7/16 inch hole on crown of fenders. Place wire of each lamp through fender and install the flat washer, lockwasher and nut and tighten lamps securely. The right-hand lamp wire should be taped to reinforcement plate of the fender as shown in figure 195. Pass the wire through the existing headlamp grom­met in fender skirt and clip to radiator tie
Figure 195