Lance Armstrong

After a visit to Nike headquarters, the American Chopper crew sets out to build a bike honoring seven-time winner of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong, and his Lance Armstrong Foundation. Numerous custom parts were fabricated, including a prominent cover plate with 5 stars to symbolize Lance's 5 victories, which had to be altered when he won his 6th. The fuel tank follows the lines of Lance's riding helmet, and its paint scheme is the yellow and black of the Livestrong Foundation. Lance has come back to do a commercial for future seasons of American Chopper. In the commercial he races back to his hotel room, hears the whirring of buzzing metalwork behind the door, and finds the Teutuls (Mikey, Junior, and Senior) with his newly Chopper'ed bike (featuring sharp spokes, a fuel tank-like protrusion for some reason, etc).