Brother Justin Crowe
   Played by Clancy Brown


Brother Justin Crowe (24 episodes, 2003-2005) - A Methodist minister in California's rich Central Valley, Justin and his sister, Iris, were tragically orphaned when their mother, Plemina, died in a train-crash. Like Ben Hawkins, Justin also experienced manifestation of supernatural powers at a young age-specifically the ability to see into others' souls accompanied by the powers of illusion and telekinesis. Horrified, traumatized by their fatal effect, young Justin sublimated these abilities into adulthood.

Raised by his surrogate father, Rev. Norman Balthus, Justin focused his energy into religious studies, eventually taking his vows as a minister. In 1934, devoted not only to his flock, but also to the poor Okies pouring in from the Dust Bowl, Justin began experiencing apocalyptic dreams and visions as, once again, the powers he buried so long ago have begun reasserting themselves. Along with the manipulations of Iris, Justin stands poised on the brink of fame as a radio evangelist.