Clayton Jones
   Played by Tim DeKay


Clayton "Jonesy" Jones (24 episodes, 2003-2005) - Samson's right hand man, head of the rousties, or carnival workers. Strong, tough, but bull-headed, Jonesy was once a star pitcher in the major leagues, whose career was cut short by a crippling injury to his knee when he refused to throw a game for the mob. Broke, he subsequently eked out bare sustenance as a low-level rumrunner, living on the edge of society, gradually climbing further into the bottle until he joined Carnivále. There, Jones found redemption in the eyes of a little girl named Sofie, a tomboy who wanted to learn how to pitch just like her Major League heroes.

The two became inseparable-the tall, rangy ex-ballplayer and his playful young doppelganger, who seemed to mimic his every expression and gesture. But eventually, the girl blossomed into a woman, and the relationship that was once so effortless and natural has become painfully awkward, fraught with missteps and misconstrued intentions.