Henry Scudder
   Played by John Savage


Henry "Hack" Scudder (14 episodes, 2003-2005) - Born in 1889 in Ingram, Texas, the only son of Hilton Scudder, a notorious Grand Dragon in the Texas Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and Emma Krohn Scudder. Accounts vary, but it has been alleged that, the night of Henry's birth, his mother went mad and murdered her husband and several of her own children by a previous marriage.

Early in childhood, the boy's powers began to manifest themselves. Besides incipient psychokinesis, Scudder could read minds and divine the past and future from touching objects.

Scudder joined the 1st Canadian Depot Battalion in 1914, stationed in Lemberg as an observer with the Austro-Hungarian army. An assassination attempt by a Russian officer, Lucius Belyakov, was thwarted by a runaway circus-bear, Bruno, whose master, Professor Ernst Lodz, soon became aware of the American's uncanny powers. The two traveled together for several months, performing for (and fleecing) the wealthy in European salons from Belgrade to Paris.

Aware that Belyakov was still pursuing him, Scudder fled to the United States in 1915. There he met Flora Hawkins, who became his common-law wife. The two had a son, Ben Hawkins. Once again sensing the Russian in pursuit, Scudder left his wife and infant son, taking a job as "The Gentleman Geek" with the Hyde & Teller Company until it was purchased by Belyakov.

By now a heavy drinker, Scudder wandered the Southwest as an itinerant laborer--including a stint at the ill-fated Babylon Mine--before vanishing in 1922.