Ralph Waite
   As Reverend Norman Balthus


In the 1980's Ralph Waite finished up 10 years starring as the father on television series The Waltons as well as directing 15 episodes. He also formed Ralph Waite productions where he developed, produced and starred in the television series The Mississippi (in partnership with Warner Bros.) He also developed, produced and starred in the television movie A Good Sport with Lee Remick. He wrote, produced and directed in the feature film On the Nickel and starred in several television movies including the Secret Life of John Chapman and OHMS. Ralph continued acting on stage in New York. Prior to the 1980's Mr. Waite was in several Broadway and Off-Broadway theatrical plays including the lead in Hogan's Goat opposite Faye Dunaway. He starred and was creative director/producer of Los Angeles Actor's Theatre (Now Los Angeles Theatre Center.) He acted in a number of feature films and television movies including Five East Pieces and Cool Hand Luke.

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