Played by Michael J Anderson


Edgar "Samson" Leonhardt (24 episodes, 2003-2005) - Began his career as a "mighty-mite," dwarf strongman act at Coney Island's Lilliputia in 1904, a miniature village built to resemble 15th-century Nuremberg (also known as "Midget City"). In 1912, Samson began working with traveling shows, including Carnivále, which was then owned by the Hyde & Teller Company.

Quick-witted, a consummate con-man, Samson was soon elevated from his position as a performer to general manager, a position he lost for a brief period after the show was purchased by Management and his responsibilities were passed on to Professor Lodz. In time, however, he regained his job, becoming Management's right hand. Beyond the penny-ante frauds perpetuated by himself and his people, Samson has borne witness to many strange and inexplicable incidents.

For years, Management has been tracking an ex-carnie geek named Henry Scudder. Now, Scudder's son, Ben Hawkins, has joined the troupe, bringing with him terrible-even fatal-luck. Samson's demands for an explanation have gone unanswered and he's found himself forced to help this strange young man, all the while suspecting that they are both pawns in Management's deadly game.