Played by Patrick Bauchau


Professor Ernst Lodz - While searching for his dancing bear, Bruno, Lodz discovered an American expatriate, Henry Scudder, wandering in a Lemberg battlefield. Tragically, the bear was shot by a Russian officer. However, saving Scudder turned out to be fortuitous for Lodz when he became aware of the American's uncanny powers. Besides incipient psychokinesis, Scudder could read minds, divine the past and future from touching objects. The two traveled together, performing for the wealthy in European salons from Belgrade to Paris.

Aware that the Russian was still pursuing him, Scudder decided to leave the act. Lodz tried to stop him, coveting a fraction of his partner's power. Scudder fulfilled Lodz's wish, gifting him with psychic power while exacting a terrible price: Lodz's sight. Bitter, Lodz has pursued Scudder ever since-at first alone, then in league with Management, a pursuit he will continue even beyond death itself.