1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

1. Clean inside of windshield thoroughly. Peel masking paper from glare shade. (Remove any excess gum by patting with "sticky" surface of masking paper.) Insert metal clip between rubber channel and windshield glass. Insert glare shade between metal clip and windshield glass as shown in figure 55. Important: TRADE-MARK MUST BE FACING OUT AS SHOWN IN FIGURE 55.
Procedure for Installation of Bumper Guard on 3000 Model Trucks.
Figure 58
1.    Remove the two bolts in the bumper face bar.
2.    Place bumper guard in hole on face bar, using washer and nut and tighten securely.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .2 of an hour.
Figure 55
2. Bow glare shade and place butt end against center post rubber, 1/4 inch away from glass as shown in figure 56. (NOT BETWEEN GLASS AND RUBBER CHANNEL.)
Procedure for Installation of
Radiator Grille Guard on All Model Commercial Trucks,
Figure 56
3. With hands in position as shown in figure 57, press gently, allowing time for glare shade tip to creep slowly into door post rubber channel.
Figure 59
1.    Assemble three upright bumper guards to bumper face bar and tighten securely as shown in section AA, figure 60.
2.   Locate and drill two 1-3/4 inch holes in the filler panel. To locate drilling positions in filler panel, measure 1-15/16 inches from rear edge of filler panel and 13-21/32 inches from left side of center upright guard as shown in figure 61. Use same measure-
Figure 57
4.    Remove metal clip after installation is com­plete.
5.    Repeat operation for other windshield glass.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .2 of an hour.