1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 107
1. The horns included in this package are equipped with brackets for mounting under the hood on the engine dash. Figure 108 shows the layout of the installation and the location of the four 9/32" diameter holes and the three 3/16" diameter holes in rela­tion to the three existing holes in the en­gine dash. NOTE TYPE OF HEATER USED FOR PROPER HORN LOCATIONS. See fig­ure 108. Drill the four 9/32" diameter horn mounting holes as shown in figure 108. Loosen the dash mat fasteners and install the reinforcements under the dash mat against the panel on the passenger side of the dash. Fasten the horn mounting brack­ets on the projecting studs with the nuts and lock washers furnished. See figure 108.
2. On the lower mounting stud of the upper horn bracket and on the upper mounting stud of the lower horn bracket assemble the ground lead clips. (Check Heater installation and note figure 108.) First, place one of the lock washers next to the horn mounting bracket, then the ground lead clip, followed
by the second lock washer and nut. See Section "A-A," figure 108. This places a shakeproof washer on each side of the ground lead clips to insure a good ground connection,
3.    Mount the horns as shown on illustration (note position of projectors) with the low note horn above the high note horn and fas­ten securely with nuts and lock washers furnished. The horns must be rigidly mount­ed or the tone will be affected.
4.    To mount the horn relay, drill the two 3/16" diameter holes as shown and secure relay in place using two of the self-tapping screws included in the package. Assemble the third terminal clip of the ground lead under the head of the relay mounting screw as shown. On vehicles using Recirculating Heater, place center clip of ground lead on Heater mount­ing stud as shown in the dotted line enclosed area on the illustration. This insures a good ground connection for the horns. On vehicles using Recirculating Heater, place one of the horn lead clips and lead from upper horn under this screw as shown in the dotted lines enclosed area.