1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

6.    Splice right-hand fog lamp wire into left-hand fog lamp wire at the left-hand end of radiator tie bar as shown in figure 113. Sol­der and tape splice.
7.    Mount fog lamp switch in instrument panel by locating hole in line with windshield wiper switch, ignition and choke, by measuring 1-27/32 of an inch to the left of windshield wiper switch. Drill 13/32 inch hole in in­strument panel as shown in figure 114.
8.    Assemble terminal and sleeve to left-hand fog lamp wire and connect to terminal of switch marked "ROAD," connect fuse holder assembly to Accessories Junction Block (see figure 114), the other end to terminal marked "BAT" on fog lamp switch. Place the other lead wire to terminal marked "TAIL" on fog lamp switch and the other end to the tail light terminal of light switch as shown in figure 114.
9.    Mount switch in instrument panel with nuts, washers and knob provided. Make sure that Knob lettering is in horizontal position.
Lamp Aiming Procedure
Place car on a level stretch with a light col­ored surface or aiming screen twenty-five feet (25') ahead. Draw a horizontal line on this surface four inches (4") below the level of the fog lamp center. Sight through the center of the rear window of the car over the hood orna­ment to determine the vertical center-line of
the car and draw a vertical line at this point. Place a vertical line the same distance to the left or right of center as the lamp is from the center of the car. Aim the lamp so that the top of the beam is at the horizontal line, and centered sideways on the axis of the lamp, re­gardless of its position to the left or right of the center of the car. After the lamps has been properly aimed, tighten the lamp nuts securely. (See figure 115.)
Approximate Flat Rate Time 1 hour. 986524 FOG LAMPS
Procedure for Installation of Fog Lamps on All Model Trucks.
1.    Locate two holes in stone guard by measur­ing from the centerline of the truck 16-1/2 inches to the outer ends of the stone guard. Measure 1-7/8 inches from front edge of stone guard and scribe centers with the 16-1/2 inch measurement, center punch and drill two 13/32 inch holes in stone guard, see figure 116.
NOTE: THIS IS FOR TRUCKS WITHOUT GRILLE GUARD. See chart for measure­ments with grille guards in figure 116.
2.    Assemble fog lamps to brackets loosely and mount to stone guard, as shown in figure 118, tighten brackets securely leaving lamps loose for aiming.
Figure 115