1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

4.    Connect lead from lamp to battery terminal on voltage regulator.
5.    After installation, the proper position of the lamp should be checked, lower the hood within eight inches of closed position, at which point light should go off.
6.    If it does not, bend the bracket downward slightly.
Installation procedure is the same as for the passenger car except location of wire. See fig­ure 130.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .1 of an hour.
Figure 129
1.    Attach lamp at right-hand of hood top panel rear reinforcement, using existing attaching parts as shown in figure 130.
2.    Allow sufficient slack in wire to raise hood fully.
3.    Install clips under nut and lock washer on ends of brace rods, pinch tight on wire.
Procedure for Installation of
Right-Hand Tail Lamp on Model 3000-4000-5000-6000 Trucks.
Figure 130 55