1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Insert drill bushing, furnished, into bracket and tighten clamp screw to grip drill bush­ing.
Insert half inch drill through drill bushing and bracket and drill half inch hole through corner post as shown in figure 175. IMPORTANT: HOLD DRILL LEVEL. After piercing the outer metal of corner post, make sure that any wires or tubing inside corner post are moved aside before drilling through the inner metal wall. Loosen clamping screw and remove drill bushing from the bracket and discard bush­ing.
Tighten the friction screw "C" in figure 176 and remove nut and wedge "D" and remove handle from light shaft.
screw "X" adjusts the vertical or shaft fric­tion. Friction should be sufficient to hold lamp in position against wind, but free enough for easy operation.

Approximate Flat Rate Time 1 hour. 986418 ELECTRIC SHAVER

Procedure for Installation of Electric Shaver on All Model Passenger Cars and Trucks.
Figure 177
1.    Remove cigarette lighter element.
2.    Plug adapter into cigarette lighter.
3.    Plug cord into other end of adapter and shave.
4.    Remove adapter and replace cigarette lighter element.
Approximate Flat Rate Time - NONE
Procedure for Installation of Front Fender Shield on All Model Passenger Cars.
Figure 176
Insert the light through the outside bracket, until the head housing is flush against the outside bracket. The floating bushing on light shaft should go into the recess of out­side corner bracket.
Place inside bracket over light shaft and slide all the way on shaft, with arm up or down to make best fit against instrument panel or corner post as shown in figure 176. The arm can be bent slightly if necessary. Drill 1/8 inch hole and attach bracket with self-tapping screw furnished. See "X" in figure 176. Tighten bracket clamping screws "C" to hold light assembly tightly in corner post as shown in Figure 176. Replace handle on light, being sure that the head housing is pushed flush against the out­side bracket. Replace wedge "D" and nut. Pass cable under bracket and run down close to pillar and up under instrument panel. Clip fuse holder to instrument panel flange. Connect cable terminal to light switch at lead from ammeter.
Head and Shaft Tension: Set screw "Y" ad­justs the horizontal or head friction, and
Figure 178