1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

7.    Route windshield washer spray hose which is now underneath cowl, through clip. Oper­ate cowl ventilator to an open and closed po­sition to be sure of clearance with spray hose. Then bend clip closed to secure hose. Keep hose close to dash and underneath speedometer cable and push through grommet on dash panel and attach to windshield wash­er valve assembly, (see figure 232).
8.    Adjustment of nozzle: Fill glass jar with liquid through filler cap, (see figure 233). Then slowly pump push button four or five times to fill system. Using adjusting pin, adjust the two small ball universal joint out­lets to spray in a "V" pattern from their position on the cowl towards the upper out­side corners of the windshields. For best performance we suggest hitting windshield from approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of the way across. Be sure all hose connections are tight, as this unit exerts considerable pres­sure, (see figure 232).
Winter Use
The use of the washer in freezing temperature is not recommended. The system should be drained but if for any reason winter use should be required, a special harmless all-season sol­vent can be secured from any authorized Gen­eral Motors Dealer at a nominal price, with complete instructions on the bottle regarding its usage.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .9 of an hour. 986545 ACCESSORY STEERING WHEEL
Procedure for Installation of
Accessory Steering Wheel on All Model Passenger Cars.
Figure 235
1.    Before removing equipment wheel note exact position of wheel in straight ahead position. With front wheels in straight ahead position, remove equipment wheel.
2.    Place Accessory wheel on shaft with spokes in horizontal position. Replace shaft washer and nut and tighten nut securely.
3.    The adjustment of the horn blowing ring is set at the factory; no further adjustment is necessary.
4.    Fit locating tab of hub cap assembly into slot in horn blowing ring and press cap in­to position.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .2 of an hour.