TITLE:                                    Speed Age
MONTH:                                October
YEAR:                                     1950
VOLUME:                              4
EDITION #:                            6
COVER SUBJECT:               Watkins Glen Grand Prix

ARTICLES (Title or subject/author/illustrator and/or photos)
Readers Talk Back / photos of Tony Deubels Golden 34 racer and Fred Fridays No. 3 Offy on fire

Free Wheeling / Russ Catlin

Grand Prix racing south of the border / Vicente Alvarez / photos of:
- Reggie Parnell in pit stop at Buenos Aires Grand Prix
- Adriano Malusards Alfa flipped and in flames
- Start of Race
- 2 photos of Prince Bira of Siam

I guard the gate to Indianapolis / Mark Rene / photos of:
- Entrance to stands
- Barbara Stanwyck and Clark Gable on set of To Please a Lady
- D. E. Grant and guard Danny Root
- 2 photos of Root and Paul Baker

The fabulous Flock family / Russ Catlin / photos of:
- Mr. and Mrs. Carl Flock
- Reo Flock with parachute, 1929
- Flock in 1950 Daytona Beach stock car race
- Raymond Parks with Flock
- Flock with swimsuit models
- Mr. and Mrs. Flock with technician Al Crisler at 1950 Daytona Beach stock car race
- Flock in Pompano, FL, feature
- Ethel Flock Mobley at Lakewood Speedway, Atlanta
- Mobley with Louise Smith and Sara Christian at Langhorne Speedway

The worlds fastest sports car - Jaguar / Stanley Gardner / illustrated car designs / photos of:
- 2 photos of Leslie Johnson in XK-120 at Silverstone Speedway
- Chassis and suspension

Barneys mile track meteor / J. L. Beardsley / photos of:
- Barney Oldfield with Miller Golden Submarine, 1916
- Oldfield in front drive Christie
- Oldfields 999 Ford

Auto Racings U. N. - Watkins Glen / Elvin Mobley / photos of:
- Jim Kimberly in XK-120
- Ardun-Ford and 2 competitors rounding turn
- Miles Collier and Alec Ulmann  

Newditties / photos

Book Reviews

Editorially speaking
- North Carolina - To arms!
- If war comes
- The Syracuse-Detroit caravan

PHOTOGRAPHS (Title or subject)
Pictures tell the story / photos of:
- J. Robbins in Jaguar XK-120
- Pete dePaolo starting race at Palm Springs
- Sterling Edwards in Special leading Roger Barlow in XK-120
- A. Satcher and Baldwin in Mercury Special at Palm Springs
- Gil Schirk in Mercury-powered Alfa Romeo
- Thatcher Darwin in Mercury-powered special
- Starting line at Sandberg Ranch
- Roger Barlow in XK-120
- Juan Manuel Fangio receiving Monaco Grand Prix trophy from Prince Rainier III
- Fangio and Chiron in the Monte Carlo Quai de Plaisance
- Fangio in Alfa Romeo
- Fangio winning the Grand Prix of Monaco
- Michel Auraud winning Bol DOr race in 750 cc racer

CARTOONS (Illustrator)
Illegible (p 31, 41)

ADVERTISEMENTS (with or without illustrations or photos)
National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing Inc.
Ardun Power Specialists
Newhouse Automotive Industries
Douglass Muffler Mfg. Co.
Honest Charley Speed Shop
Clarke Exhaust Header Co.
Ray Brown Automotive
Ulmann and Smith Wire Wheels
So-Cal Speed Shop
Johnny Dawe Racing Equipment Company
F. T. Griswold Co.
Shell Auto Parts
Eastern Auto Supply
Champion Spark Plug Company
Harman & Collins Inc.
Auto Accessories Co.
H C Products Company
Navarro Racing Equipment
Chet Herbert Cams
Lees Speed Shop
A. J. Getz Auto Parts
Porter Muffler Company
Midwest Racing Equipment Company
Grant Piston Rings
So-Cal Muffler Company
Almquist Engineering
Warren Frasers Custom Engine Parts Inc.
Witteman Manufacturing Company
Halibrand Engineering
Casale Engineering
Wynns Friction-proofing oil
Spot Enterprises
Hellings Company
Ed Iskenderian Racing Cam
Floyd Clymers Motor Books
Hookfast Specialties
Downey Machine Company
Hudson Old Timers Miniatures
Eddie Meyer Engineering Co.
Shock Absorber Service
Raceway Equipment Company
Moss Motors Ltd.
J E Engineering
Classified Ads
Bell Auto Parts
Tom Cherry Speed and Power Equipment
Edelbrock Speed Equipment