TITLE:                                    Speed Age
MONTH:                                April
YEAR:                                     1953
VOLUME:                              6
EDITION #:                            12
COVER SUBJECT:               1953 Commander Hard Top Convertible

ARTICLES (Title or subject/author/illustrator and/or photos)
Readers Talk Back / Illustrated / Photos

News and Forecast

Meet the Author / Morris B. Carroll / Photos of:
- Author

I Drove the Boards / Peter De Paolo / Photos of:
- Pop Myers and Pete De Paolo
- Pete de Paolos Alfa Romeo passing Tommy Milton
- count Brilli Peri in the Italian Classic
- Giussepi Campari, De Paolo and Brilli-Peri

Paul and Me / Ray Nichels and Bob Russo / Photos of:
- Ray Nichels
- Ted Duncan
- Nichels and Russo
- Ray Richards
- Mike OHalloran  with the Earl Muntz Offy Midget

Statistically Speaking / Photo of Ray Harroun

Indianapolis Preview / Photos of:
- Troy Ruttman
- Johnnie Parsons
- Sam Hanks

Dodge Wins 53 Opener / Photos of:
- Lee Petty
- Red Ram V8

New for 5 3: Studebaker / Photos of:
- Studebakers Hooded Instrument Dials
- Champion 4 Door Sedan
- The Commander Coupe
- Hudson Super Jet

Crash In Safetys Sake / Photos of:
- Hugh De Haven, A.J. White
- Kaiser Cars
- Dummies
- Steering Wheel Extension

Depreciation / Richard Day / Photos of Cars / Illustrations of Charts

Forgotten Man / M.B. Carroll

Automotive Ultimate / M.B. Carroll, Jr. / Photos of:
- Bentley
- Dash of Bentley

More Performance / Roger Huntington / Illustrated by Ivey

American Racing vs. Engineering / Roger Huntington / Illustrated Diagrams and Charts / Photo of Hilborn Fuel Injector

Drive It In, Fix It Yourself / Bill Nichol / Photos of:
- Jack Aikens Self Service Garage
- Jim Wild, Ralph Muccilli, Aiken, Art Koscinski and Don Gamroth
- Aikens Parts and Service Department
- Working Space in the Stalls

The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village / Michael Frome / Photos of:
- Museum Tower replica of Independence Hall
- Automotive Exhibit
- First Ford Car in 1896
- Late President Roosevelts Limousine
- 62 Inch Wheel Base Steamer
- First Ford Production Model in 1903
- V8 Engine

Telecar: Miracle Messenger / William H. Watts / Photos of:
- Telecar Dispatchers in Western Us Main Baltimore Office
- Wallis Woodward

The Silent Killer / Ted Koopman

Chrysler Air Conditioning / Photos of: Air Conditioning Equipment

Racing Art / Illustrations by Frank Miller Jr. and Jim Gary

200-300-400 / W. Boddy/ Photos of:
- Sir Malcolm Campbells Huge Bluebird
- John Cobb
- J.G. Pany Thomas
- Campbell inspecting Car

20 Feet of Chrysler / Photo of Chrysler Car

Another Morris / R.B. Stewart / Photos of:
- MG cars
- Author

Customize It Yourself / Bud Unger / Illustrations of Diagrams

Product Testing / Ray Brown / Photos of:
- Chet Herbert  

500 Mile Pace Car / Photo

Detroit Corner

New Products and Ideas / Photos / Illustrated

Technical Topics

Its a Fact

Pit Stops: Around the World News in Brief

Automotive Racing Schedule

Automotive Movies

PHOTOGRAPHS (Title or subject)
Pictures Tell the Story
- Notables of the Auto Racing Safety Council
- Tom Cherry of Muncie, Indiana in his Roadster
- Lou Meyer and Troy Ruttman
- John Bosman, Virgil Exner, John Dugdalem, Ken Purdy

- Chrysler Special built by Ghia
- Chevrolet Corvette
- Ferrari
- Templetons Custom Job
- The Mantaray
- Lancia Aurelia
- Brooks Stevens Excalibur
- Covertaplane
- Chrysler
- Cadillac Le Mans
- Buicks Skylark
- Mercedes 300 Sl
- Hermann Lang
- Karl King
- Oldsmobiles Fiesta Coupe
- Frank Kurtis
- Ford Sunliner with William C. Ford and Wilbur Shaw

Sunbeam Talbot
- Mike Hawthorn on the Summit of Galiber Pass
- Mrs. Nancy Mitchell and George Murray Frame
- Mike Hawthorn and Chips Chipperton in Cannes
- Winners of the Team Prize in the International Alpine Rally

CARTOONS (Illustrator)
Wesley Thompson
Vic Martin
Bob Schroeter

ADVERTISEMENTS (with or without illustrations or photos)
Autosphere Corporation
Southern California Muffler Co.
Almquist Engineering
Dick Adams
Snap On Tools
HC products Company
Edelbrock Equipment Co.
Cams Chet Herbert Engines
Stewart Warner
Spot Enterprises
Bardahl Motor Oil
Automotive Publications
Ed Iskenderian Racing Cam
Newhouse Automotive Industries
Marvel Mystery Oil
Spot Photos
Midwest Racing Equipment
Champion Spark Plugs
Imported Motor Car Co.
HI Speed Power Equipment
Universal Automatic Monodate
Rays Auto Supply co.
Arnolt Car Distributor
Big Eye Headlite Rims
McCurk Engineering Co.
Eastern Auto
Speed Parts
Bell Auto Parts
Indianapolis Custom Auto Show
Clymer Books
Gale Hale Engineering
Ansen Automotive Engineers
Motor Book Department
Du-All by Mitchell
Honest Charley Speed Shop
Richie Distributing Inc.
Nascar Fan Membership Plan
Person to Person
Classified Advertisements
Weber Cams
J.C. Whitney and Co.
Grant Piston Rings