G'Day and welcome to my little garage away from home. As you can see my main interest is HOT RODS!

Check out my Photo Album. All the photos on this site have been taken by me or my friends since 1995. These photos are not available on any of my other sites. There are now thousands of images and hundreds pages that make up the site. I have especially NOT given owners names to rods, for the simple reason they are often bought and sold and it would be an incredible task to try and keep track of them all.
This site is a showcase of Aussie Hot Rods, each week I will feature 3 rods with high resolution images.
Hey, it might not have all the bells and whistles, but at least its up and out there. Enjoy!
The site will be updated every Friday (That's Thursday for West coast USA).

My pride and joy since 1987 is my 1934 Chevrolet Master Sedan.

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