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We are very happy to be able to bring you information and newsletters from The Society of Land Speed Racing Historians group. The purpose of this historical group is to preserve the history and heritage of landspeed and dry lakes racing, to promote the hot rodding culture, to work towards a permanent repository where artifacts can be safely kept and restored for future generations and to encourage historians, photographers and others to publish their books and photographs. 

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Newsletter 134 - October 21, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, The legendary Slo Bo O'Brochta has passed away we are reaching out to the community that he influenced to let everyone know that the services will be held on November 7 2009 in Dunedin Florida, On September 30 2009 Jerry Cornelison Rep for the Roadrunners fell while trimming a tree and suffered a fractured back and internal injuries, Car and motorcycle shows carnival midway and amusement rides vendors and food November 1 2009, I was wondering if you could help me, A friend of mine sent me this shot and I thought you might like to pass it along, Captions c/o Spencer Simon, I knew you were one busy man I will either try to scan them or contact Jim Miller, Here is the final copy of my interview with Jack Costella, Gone Racin'… Inboard Racing A Wild Ride by Bob Foley, Gone Racin'…"The Birth Of Hot Rodding: The Story Of The Dry Lakes Era" by Robert Genat and Don Cox, Random Pictures and articles

Newsletter 133 - October 15, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Doug Harrison Passes Away, Below find a new sight dedicated to 36hp Challenge racing and VW land speed racing in Australia, This video shows Stephen Muller an independent VW technician in Sydney Australia, I went over to see Deloris Matisi and she was not home but I left her a note to call me and she did, pictures from Gen Winfields Car Show, The following videos are found on You Tube Courtesy of Burly Burlile, I have just returned from the World Finals at Bonneville where I have been asked to work as the new announcer, Gone Racin'… Inboard Racing - A Color Album by Bob and Elladine Foley, Gone Racin'…Big Daddy the Autobiography of Don Garlits by Don Garlits and Brock Yates, Ron Main's garage home to the Speed Demon LSR vehicle, Random Photos

Newsletter 132 - October 8, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Health report; Marilyn Lachman wrote to say that Ron is out of the hospital at last after spending 18 days there and he is feeling fine, I will be leaving for Wendover on Thursday October 1 2009 in the morning, Workers please heed Creel's note, Holley Performance Products Inc. located in Bowling Green Kentucky filed for bankruptcy in September 2009 about a year after emerging from a previous court reorganization, here is a link to a PDF version of our October newsletter update from Rosco and the Aussie Invader 5R team, Ray Hiatt came over to my house a couple of days ago to visit - since it has been 15+ years, Video of the Goodwood Revival held every year in merry old England, The following was sent to us by Tom Householder and comes from the Kenosha News, Since Charlie Gilmore checked in with his racing memories I thought I ought to put in my 2 cents as well, Don I am very sorry that the INCORRECT version was published and the corrected copy was ignored somewhere in the process, Gone Racin'…"Red Stockings & Out Of Towners, Sports In Utah, Gone Racin'…Race Legends of the Fabulous Fifties by Art Evans, You Tube video ... Speed Demon driven by George Poteet at Bonneville, Video ... The history of the Tustin Blimp base, Britain looking for info on car/truck, Random Photos

Newsletter 131 - October 1, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Health report, Land speed racing websites and one by his wife were sent in by Jack Underwood, I did not see any Santa Ana Drag reunion posted for September, I am sure most of you would be aware of my involvement in helping to build Australia's Land Speed Record Car - Aussie Invader 5R, Videos of land speed racing interest courtesy of Roger Rohrdanz, I received this email two days after the newsletter was sent to the website owner and just one day before the event, News from Bob Falcon, The Petersen Automotive Museum September/October 2009 Calendar of events, Crazy Horses - the history of British drag racing published by Haynes North America Inc, Gone Racin'…Portland Pictorial The 1950s by Albert Drake, Book Review…Let 'Em All Go! The Story of Auto Racing by the man who was there by Chris Economaki with Dave Argabright, Random Photos

Newsletter 130 - September 25, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Word from Don Rudy is that William "Wild Bill" Alexander was assaulted and beaten up in a robbery attempt, Mary Ann Lawford our website owner and publisher is going in for surgery on her hip and we wish her well, Please tell Walt James' family that he has been a wonderful help and has made great possibilities for me to be able to go forward with my project to get this far, Walt James passed away Wednesday September 9 2009, Walt James passed away peacefully September 9 at home in Acton California, If you have any Walt James stories, Just to let everyone know Ron Lachman is back at UCLA-Westwood again, I went to the hospital today and they told Ron he would be going home, I knew Rodger Ward and even raced a few times in his open road races that his daughter put on in Nevada for a few years, Burke LeSage and Gail Phillips sent in the announcement on the Gold Coast Roadster & Racing Club's 17th Annual Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Cruisin' for a Cure will be held on September 26 2009 at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa California from 7 AM to 5pm, Jackie Arnett Sonka sent in the following websites, Our ongoing search for Road Runners history and missing documents continues, Road Runners Bonneville Speedweek 2009 Report, I believe this photo in the collection of Jimmie Stevens 1932 roadster is the Vogel Balchowsky car, The Jimmy Summers car ended up in the hands of the Vogel Brothers, You might suggest to Hila Sweet about contacting the PAS (Perris Auto Speedway) for future events, The 36hp Challenge at the 2009 World of Speed on the Bonneville Salt Flats saw three of five class records set and a new Ghia category record established, Art Evans sent us two websites to visit, The USFRA's 2009 World of Speed event on the Bonneville Salt Flats came to a conclusion Saturday afternoon, This is a little later than usual but I wanted to give a damage report also, I talked to Jim Correia and he said that the photographs of the men were from the Oakland Roadster Club just a little after the war (WWII), "Memories of the California Jalopy Association" will go into a second printing and be available beginning September 20 2009, Crazy Horses - the history of British drag racing is now available in the USA from Motorbooks, Gone Racin'… When the Hot Rods Ran May 15 1938 by Bill Carroll, Gone Racin'…A Teenage Experience by John Chambard, Random Photos and Videos

Newsletter 129 - September 17, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, I have been asking for people to start thinking about all their stories and anecdotes about Dad from over the years to collect them in one place over the next few weeks and send them to me, I just talked to Jim Murphy and he informed me that Walt James died, Steve Snoddy long time photographer at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has also passed this week, As you may know on Wednesday September 9 2009 IMS Staff photographer and Indy Car Series photographer Steve Snoddy passed away, Publish anything you want Just give my website a plug, My Son and I visited William "Wild Bill" Alexander this morning, Sad to report that word has reached me and been confirmed that Walt James took his last checkered flag last evening, The Memorial Service for Steve Snoddy will be held this Sunday September 13 2009, The following was taken from the internet and has been edited down, Ron had his surgery today finally at 8:30 or so PM, Ron has now been home 2 days and he is really doing pretty good, This is a heads up to let you know that Parnelli Jones and I have settled on the date and place for our next get together, Burke LeSage and Gail Phillips sent in the announcement on the Gold Coast Roadster & Racing Club's 17th Annual Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Cruisin' for a Cure will be held on September 26 2009 at the Orange County Fairgrounds, Word was received that Art Arfon's Green Monster land speed record car is on eBay up for auction, Gene Ohly is considered a pretty reliable source and he definitely disagrees that the Jack Mickelson roadster was ever at Antique Ford Parts, Concerning the Skipit Picture I passed the pic on to Wayne West and he suggests that the second guy from the left might be Zelmo Herma, Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park, Donna M Timney is my wife She is 48 years old and has been driving cars at Maxton and Bonneville for 3 years, The Western Reserve Museum is having an auction to sell off some of their cars to make payroll, Racer-Spectator Update CAUTION, If you are joining us at the World of Speed this week you may wonder what the cost of entry is, I am looking for information about Walt James' Services, Questions: Eligible to set world and international records, The weather forecast for the Bonneville Salt Flats has improved for Friday and Saturday, Thank you I have just completed the reading of all issues 'to date' Here are some random thoughts, Please go to the USFRA web-site at 10 AM MST for information on the racing schedule, Dateline-Bonneville 10 AM, Welcome to Cruzin' for Life 2009 September 26th & 27th in Santa Maria California a car festival celebrating cancer survivors and their families, Gone Racin'… Two Wheels to Panama by William Carroll, Gone Racin'…Kustom Kulture Queens by Mitzi, Random Pictures and Stories

Newsletter 128 - September 10, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Walt James (long time President of the California Racing Association and Western Racing Association) has been ill and has done some serious sheet time, I just wanted to let you know that Ron Lachman fractured his hip today and I took him to the emergency room, Ron is going to be transferred to an Orthopedic Hospital some time this afternoon and will be taken care of by the doctor who did his left knee replacement and checked on by the transplant coordinators at the other hospital, It is now Wednesday (September 9, 11:30am) I just talked to Ron and he said he was told they would do the hip replacement late this afternoon or early this evening, (Saturday, September 12, 2009, from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM) Bob McCoy - Circle track racer hot rod builder rodeo rider and more will be on hand to autograph the book about his life, Burke LeSage and Gail Phillips sent in the announcement on the Gold Coast Roadster & Racing Club's 17th Annual Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame induction ceremony, The Throttle book just arrived at the Rodder's Journal today, Cruisin' for a Cure will be held on September 26 2009, I am looking for help with a project, Crazy Horses - the history of British drag racing is now available in the USA from Motorbooks, Editor's notes: The following was sent to us by Burly Burlile, I decided to leave a message to the Director on his telephone service at the museum, Good morning 36hp racers and friends - The weather forecast for Bonneville for the next ten days is shown in the link below, Flash! Tonight's great news is that the ghost of Blackline 57 lives and will be coming to the salt after all under the guise of Chip Birks 1960 drag racing street beetle, Black Top Magazine is available, It was the greatest As we figured it really was a terrific venue to go like hell, Wally Parks Annual Tribute December 5-6 2009, Gone Racin'…Vintage American Road Racing Cars 1950-1970 (by Harold W. Pace and Mark R. Brinker), Racin'… Aventura Alaska Brasil by William Carroll Book review by Richard Parks photographic consultant Roger Rohrdanz, Random Photos

Newsletter 127 - September 3, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Mary Parks (wife of the late Wally Parks, founder of the NHRA and past president and general manager of the SCTA in the 1940's) recently underwent partial right hip replacement, Burke LeSage and Gail Phillips sent in the announcement on the Gold Coast Roadster & Racing Club's 17th Annual Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Louise Ann Noeth is the current recipient of the Goodguys "Women of the Year" Award, Our LTA-LSR.com website has the results organized differently than the standard listings, Editor's notes: The various reports on the British attempt to break the FIA world's steam record, set by Fred Marriott in 1906, The celebrity appearances and entertainment schedule has just been released for the 20th Anniversary of the Stater Bros, Bob Sykes Jr advised me of his fathers passing I First met Sr at a three day boat race at the Salton Sea, Carl is Roy's eldest son and we partnered up in 1985 when we met at the salt to watch Roy run his hot Camaro, Just got off the phone with Bud Meyer and he remembers all too well, Dear friends crew supporters and land speed record enthusiasts here is the latest PDF version of our newsletter update from Rosco and the Aussie Invader 5R team, Monday night on CNN "Larry King Live" my oldest daughter Kathie will be on his show, Two invitations to the Gas-Up Party event came back to the Gold Coast Roadster & Racing club and we are hoping to be able to find the new addresses for these two Hall of Fame members, I received an email from the husband of Bob McGrath's daughter, Friends of the Challenge I just got this note from Brian at Ultimate Air Cooled, Bob McGrath ran the Redhead Streamliner in the 1960's, Editor's notes: Here is the article sent in by Bob McMillian as proof that the editor has apparently lost it, Gone Racin'… (Smoke, Sand and Rubber, by Mel Anthony) Book review by Richard Parks photographic consultant Roger Rohrdanz, Gone Racin'…(Roy Richter; Striving for Excellence, by Art Bagnall) Reviewed by Richard Parks photographic consultant Roger Rohrdanz, Gone Racin'…(The American Hot Rod, by Dean Batchelor) Book Review by Richard Parks, photographic consultant Roger Rohrdanz

Newsletter 126 - August 28, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Bobby Sykes Sr died a week ago Sunday, John Thawley (aka Bob Waar 1937-2009. Author and motor journalist) died last month of complications from pneumonia He was 71, Mark's sister (Gloria Mendenhall) had lung cancer surgery today, I talked to Jim Murphy last night and he tells me Walt James is in the V.A. hospital and thinks Walt went in because of his back, On Saturday August 29 2009 starting at 10:00AM there will be a Bean Bandits reunion and car show at the Point Loma Masonic Center, Set your DVRs The second episode of "Shark Tank" will be broadcast on ABC at 9 PM PDT this evening, I tried putting in www.landspeedracing.com and it will not work with my contacts list, Burke LeSage and Gail Phillips sent in the announcement on the Gold Coast Roadster & Racing Club's 17th Annual Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Nice piece - You pretty well covered the field with minimum BS but I'd like to toss out a few additional thoughts, I went through the '63 results, I am working on compiling a Vesco family racing history and need to find old speed records set at the Dry Lakes/Bonneville for the following years, Just been about an hour or two from Bonneville to here and will be back but I'm looking for Marvin Immerso news or contact, 'LA as Subject' is an academic project to collect Los Angeles history, This is the first email I received for Joe Conforth regarding a P38 belly tank lakester he and his father have restored, It is amazing what each person's life has been through - Everything done by everyone has build up theories and ideas that changes the future, Bonneville last week on HAMB, Hi Richard you know what - I haven't been receiving any newsletters, I am looking for a used ARCA or Nationwide or drag car to be used at Bonneville, I noticed your newsletter made no mention of the Loring Timing Association or its first event in Maine earlier this month - Did I miss something?, Challengers and friends - Just returned from the SCTA Speedweek on the salt and I can report the salt is in the best condition in years at the present time, The photos of the baby blue Volkswagen provided in the link were taken by Mick Percy in Australia this past March at the DRLA Dry Lakes Racers Australia, If you are coming to the World of Speed to race or support the 36hp Challenge racers, I would like to invite you to join us for the 2nd annual 36hp Challenge dinner to be held Thursday night after the days racing (Please RSVP!), Editor's notes: The following emails came back in response to a gentle nag to ask those doing their biographies to spend a little more time on them, Hi Jim and Richard: I hope all is going well for you guys - A good friend of mine (Raffi Minasian) has written a piece on Beast III and has some photos as well, I am trying to determine whether the Jack E. Jerrils you mention in your newsletter is the same historian who wrote "History of a City…Carson California.", Racing legends (Kenny Bernstein, David Hobbs, Scott Parker, Les Richter, Al Unser, Jr., H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler and Joe Weatherly) were inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America during an inspirational and emotional ceremony in Detroit, News from Speedweek 2009 at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Newsletter 125 - August 25, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Long time hot rodder and good friend Cliff Beecher from Atkinson New Hampshire passed away last night, I came across your website and hope you can help, Autobooks-Aerobooks, On Saturday (August 29, 2009, starting at 10:00AM) there will be a Bean Bandits reunion and car show, I received word that Joaquin Arnett won't be able to be at the Bean Bandits reunion, I keep seeing this guy's name (Lee Chapel) so I reached into my dad's (Bud Miller) bag of memorabilia and came up with this, New email address for Don Pennington and Don Pennington Studio, Sandy Belond’s Pre-War Roadster Gains Long Awaited Provenance, Burke LeSage and Gail Phillips sent in the announcement on the Gold Coast Roadster & Racing Club's 17th Annual Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame induction ceremony, I am looking for the following items for my Hall of Fame Museum, The Morgan in the picture is running on very tall skinny wheels and tires on the beach at Daytona so I'm assuming he was engaged in a speed record attempt of some sort not a sports car race, Checkered Flag 200 Car Show and Family Fun Day Petersen Automotive Museum, Subject: British Steam Car Team on Course for World Record Success, Recently I published a Commentary and Feasibility Report on the subject for Drag Racing at Willow Springs, The results for Road Runners participating at Speedweek 2009 are now posted on the Road Runners website, We have lots of pictures up from Bonneville and some videos, I'm working on an article about stock car road racing in Southern California during the 1950's, August 17, 2009. RE: Postings and Emails: "Speed Week 2009 RESULTS", While Ron Main, George Poteet and the Speed Demon Team were racing at Bonneville, a derogatory remark was posted without their knowledge or authorization, Editor's notes: The following biography was done by Tom Bryant and it is one of the most interesting bios that I've had the pleasure to assist in capturing, Random Photos

Newsletter 124 - August 18, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Editorial: Normally I write a special editorial but Bob Falcon's name came up and we have a biography on him, Funeral services for Billy Harper Wilkerson were held on Tuesday August 11, Barry Bryant died in an accident at Bonneville on Sunday August 9 2009, Roger Rohrdanz reports that a drag racer was killed at Fontana Dragway, Our new grandson (Findley Isaac) arrived safe and sound Aug 4th in Japan, I received word that Joaquin Arnett won't be able to be at the Bean Bandits reunion, As many of you know I have been working diligently to secure a slot in this new ABC TV show where Inventors attempt to convince a group of venture capital investors to finance their projects, Autobooks-Aerobooks, Dave West passed away several years ago; he succumbed to the after effects of injuries suffered in a house renovation project at his home in Bullhead City Arizona, What can I say? You guys really pulled off one of the best events I've seen in a long time, On Saturday (August 29, 2009) there will be a Bean Bandits reunion and car show, I think this will be of interest to you, It was the greatest!, I passed the picture (in issue #123, roadster on the dry lakes with Pacemakers car club) on to Wayne West, You can vote in a poll on the sale of cars through WEWS web site, I am looking for the following items for my Hall of Fame Museum, Here is a family project that you might consider, Checkered Flag 200 Car Show and Family Fun Day Petersen Automotive Museum, I'm working on an article about stock car road racing in Southern California during the 1950's, All these names were given to me by one person to another and/or is connected to my car in the magazines, A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Cleveland Auto Airplane Museum and would put it on a par with The Nethercutt Collection, What a shock! Billy Wilkerson and I went to the same Temple City California barber for many years, Dear auto racing fans car enthusiasts and environmentalists, Random Photos

Newsletter 123 - August 13, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, LSR & Drag racer Chauvin Emmons has passed away, Bob Young (Aug 5 2009) reprinted from an article in The Arizona Republic, I was very excited last week-end to film the final scene of DEUCE OF SPADES, If any one knew who Jack Houttes was it would be Pete Petersen, I wrapped up everything down to the part where you ask for my inputs on all my paintings, I will be attending my first Speed Week at Bonneville next week, I have been working with Ken Berg to establish some form of repository for American auto racing history and memorabilia, just saw this review of our book Harrell Engines & Racing Equipment, In just over one year beginning in 2011 the mandatory helmet requirements will be updated, Earlier this week I was in a tire shop here in Riverside, John Force RaceStation - All Ford car show Sunday August 9, Dear friends crew supporters and LSR followers. Sorry I've been remiss in finishing my bio, I am looking for the following items for my Hall of Fame Museum, I sent an updated version to you in (April, May or June), Checkered Flag 200 Car Show and Family Fun Day Petersen Automotive Museum, I'm working on an article about stock car road racing in Southern California during the 1950's, Moldy Marvin's "Doin' it In the Dirt", I haven't forgotten your request for information about Jimmie Jackson, WMUR recently aired a thoroughly enjoyable segment on their Chronicle program featuring New England Dragway, Bean Bandits reunion, I am looking for help with a project, Pebble Beach Phil Hill Scholarships, I received a phone call last evening from Jack Mickelson confirming that my son's roadster was at one time his, I noticed the post regarding the Jack Mickelson roadster, Thanks for contacting me I will make sure you receive monthly updates of Aussie Invader 5R project, The following email was sent to the SLSRH by Burly Burlile, The third guy from the left in the white shirt and wearing the white cloth helmet appears to be a former Culver City neighbor Dave West, Random Shots

Newsletter 122 - July 30, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, John Force RaceStation - All Ford car show Sunday August 9, Would you please post my email hopefully someone with some information about Jack Mickelson and his roadster will step forward, Stater Bros Route 66 Rendezvous California Welcome Center, Autobooks-Aerobooks, very important safety tip, I could not believe I left out another detail of Gary Mylar's Hot Rod history, Margery is my half sister and I am trying to locate her, Thanks for running the Throttle article; I hope it is of interest to your readers, The Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance will celebrate Morgan Motor Company's centennial with a special route, I was doing some charity work with the Belond roadster this past weekend and an old friend of my father's came up to me and asked if I might be interested in doing some work with Honor Flight, I am looking for the following items for my Hall of Fame Museum, The Magnolia Park car show will be here at the Autobooks/Aerobooks store, Checkered Flag 200 Car Show and Family Fun Day Petersen Automotive Museum, I'm working on an article about stock car road racing in Southern California during the 1950's, Englishtown New Jersey Saturday July 25 2009, Movie review…Bonneville Salt Flat Racer; go fast or go home, Speed Demon Bonneville Speed Week August 8-14

Newsletter 121 - July 23, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, I have read your article about Jack Mickelson and his roadster running the flats back in the forties, I just returned from the great gathering in Ventura and unveiling of Ernie's project, Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday July 14th, Autobooks-Aerobooks, Thank You Very much for trying to shed light on Meb Healey, Can you add Rocky Robinson to the distribution for the newsletter, OBTW: Don't you know it is late, or is it early?, For those of you that live out here in So Cal that use to race at LACR I'm still vigilantly working on putting together a new facility, Editor's notes: Jerry Cornelison sent this request to us here at the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newslette, I owned this track T roadster for about 17+ years now, The course's (Bonneville Salt flats for Speed Week) are in the same place as last year, I was in the Albata club from 1953 until 1958 when I was drafted, Are any of the famous hot rodders from the '50's still alive?, I am looking for the following items for my Hall of Fame Museum, Andy Jensen's turbo will be in "Speed Demon" at Bonneville Speedweek, There is a short history of the Martin's Garage 75 years history on their website which can probably be expanded, I just like you to know that when Muroc reopened for the 50th reunion - my friend from California Bill Fisher - asked me to come over there to meet him, I have asked Pat O'Hern to write his bio for us, I'm guessing that the rear end (on the Spencer Simon track roadster T) is a Cyclone, Ed Roth gave me the Name Moldy Marvin many years ago, Do you know anything of a chapter of Gear Grinders in the San Fernando area of Los Angeles in the late 1940's and 1950's, I spoke with Jim Miller at The Pete (Petersen Automotive Museum) the other night, This is in response to your message in the last SLSRH Newsletter (#120, July 16, 2009), Old racing photos by Chuck Fawcett and Tam McPartland, I was wondering if you have any information on a car built by Denny Larson in Los Angeles and raced Bonneville sometime in the 1950's, I never had the chance to meet Don Radbruch in person but we E-mailed each other nearly every day, With regard to the pic sent of a turbine attachment to a quick change rear end assembly, According to my research, the car raced in two 500's under the sponsorship of Tucker, I been very busy and have some interesting news to share with you, For all of you Rat Fink Fans, Editor's notes: Recently a reader wrote to say that her family knew Karl and Veda Orr and do we know anything about them, Checkered Flag 200 Car Show and Family Fun Day Petersen Automotive Museum August 30 2009, I'm working on an article about stock car road racing in Southern California during the 1950's, This streamliner was built in 1937 (Auto-Union), Paul Yocum was a good friend of mine and as a kid he swept the floors in the Shelby Cobra shop, Random Shots

Newsletter 120 - July 16, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Jack Underwood just informed us that Bob Snook (Road Runners, 1939-1946) passed away this morning Thursday July 9 2009, Mari Palash health and spirits have improved considerably and she is now walking, Editor's notes: I received word from one of our readers that Sig Erson (the cam grinder) passed away, Funeral Services for Bob Snook, El Mirage Results/Club Standings, Bob Senior had major surgery (June 10, 2009) and spent two weeks in Swedish Hospital and two weeks in a Rehab facility, Mary Parks (the first wife of NHRA founder Wally Parks) recently broke her hip and will be having surgery soon, I've not been receiving the newsletters for several months, Can anyone help this gentleman?, I met with Ernie Nagamatsu and took a look at the liner they were working on for the Ventura show, KEEPER OF THE FLAME; the Spurgin/Giovanine Roadster, Terry Baldwin has all of the minutes of the Albata Club and I overheard him saying to Kent Borgh that his father was mentioned in the very last minutes recorded as the "last man standing" sort of statement or something related..., Here is a link to the photos from yesterday's (Spurgin - Giovanine Roadster Reunion) event, My family and I just got back from Ventura and we're overjoyed to finally see and touch my father's car for the first time, Mark Weida has been in the racing business for 30+ years, Ernie - we had a good photo of your car in the local paper, Grand Opening Chet Herbert's new shop this Saturday (July 18, 2009), My Fiat (Pinocchio) has no history at all., I am starting to research a story (maybe a book if this idea gets some traction) on women who are currently active in land speed racings as well as note the achievements of ladies who may have contributed big mile stones in the past, Autobooks-Aerobooks 3524 W. Magnolia Blvd Burbank CA 91505, There are new posts 24 days to Speedweek, Checkered Flag 200 Car Show and Family Fun Day Petersen Automotive Museum August 30, I'm working on an article about stock car road racing in Southern California during the 1950's, I am looking for the following items for my Hall of Fame Museum, Editor's notes: The following is a correspondence from Michael Brennan to Jim Miller and the SLSRH, We are going to press tonight with the reprint of Throttle magazine originally published by Jack Peters in 1941, Jack Peters was born Jack Jerrils in Oklahoma and arrived in California two years later (about 1923), Do you have any historical data on Meb Healy, Good article, gives a lot of background, I can tell you spent a lot of time going through your father's old club newsletters and meeting minutes and including those quotes makes it really come to life, Gone Racin'...To find Meb Healy (article by Richard Parks and photographic consultant Roger Rohrdanz), I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to sign up for this but look forward to receiving the Newsletters, Thank you so much for your support - Anything that you can do to help get the word out would be highly valued, Unfortunately - I do not have a bio on either, I am printing out your guideline questions for my dad to read, I follow www.HotRodHotLine.com and receive their weekly newsletters, "Landspeed" Louise Named 2009 Goodguys Woman of the Year, Random Pictures

Newsletter 119 - July 9, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Jim Miller our Society's President has just been published in Hop Up magazine, Just a little note to tell you Joe (Reath) has been in the Hospital for several days..., Hello ole pal! Wow, what a great trip life has been..., I am looking for the following items for my Hall of Fame Museum, I think you've dumped me for a faster member, Editor's notes: Stan Chersky has been collecting car club plaques and has quite a collection, George Barris will be at Autobooks/Aerobooks on July 11 2009, I saw the recent SLSRH Newsletter and I want to thank you for including a mention of the party my wife and I are chairing for Halloween, Checkered Flag 200 Car Show and Family Fun Day Petersen Automotive Museum Sunday August 30, I'm working on an article about stock car road racing in Southern California during the 1950's - looking for info, Do you have any historical data on Meb Healy?, Bob (Sykes Jr) since you handle the SCTA Banquet - do you have any information on the Meb Healey Award?, Editor's notes: Michael Brennan and Jim Miller are working on a project to locate all 100 MPH records prior to WWII, Thanks so much for all the kind words and the tremendous support and encouragement, Meb was before my time... I will do a bio soon, Editor's notes: The SLSRH needs helpers, "The American Hot Rod" by Dean Batchelor - Book Review by Richard Parks, Hagerty Insurance sponsors a Youth Car Model Building Contest, It seems that there are several of us that use to frequent L.A.C.R. and since its demise we have had no where to go to include the Kids in our community who have now hit the streets with a vengeance - Recently there's been talk of enough space and the correct zoning and permit to hold a street legal 1/8 mile drag race - How many would be willing to help promote this Comments Please, Random Photos

Newsletter 118 - July 1, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, To let you know - Will Scott is racing all over heaven now, I am working on a list of all racers to travel over 100 mph before 1940, I just wanted to let you know that on Saturday July 18th 2009 there's going to be a car show/open house at the Herbert Performance facility in Chino California, I was reading the latest newsletter #116 I noticed a discrepancy in the reporting of the Western Timing Associations safety practices, I am continuing my march forward, The following sequence of letters is of importance for the information that they contain and for the way in which historians do research, George Barris will be at Autobooks/Aerobooks on July 11 2009 and not in June as previously announced, Cruzin' for Life is proud to announce the appearance of nostalgia Top Fuel Funnycar driver Mendy Fry in "Mike McCain's Bomb Squad" funny car at this year's event, Great article on the Fountain Valley car show thanks for the coverage of the stripers and their work, Roger (Rohrdanz) thank you very much for all the pictures you took at our car show, To Dick Messer; Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to Richard and me yesterday, What a sad week it has been with so many deaths, Checkered Flag 200 Car Show and Family Fun Day Petersen Automotive Museum Sunday August 30, I'm working on an article about stock car road racing in Southern California during the 1950's, A sanctioning body attests to the accuracy and fairness of the timing results -that body- whether it is FIA; ACCUS; SCCA; NHRA; SCTA; BNI; NASCAR; USAC or any other group has a responsibility to set classes rules and other criteria before certifying a record - without a sanctioning body to ratify that record it isn't considered an official record, I am looking for the following items for my Hall of Fame Museum, After carefully storing his 1956 Porsche Carrera in a backyard carriage house for nearly 40 years retired NASA scientist Dr. Roger Craig began piecing the engine back together in 2000, Route 66 Rendezvous 2009 Cruisin' Hall of Fame Inductees are..., Mark Brinker is hosting a Halloween Party for charity, Random Photos

Newsletter 117 - June 24, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Will Scott has taken a turn for the worse and is in Cedars/Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, My mom Vi Arnett and I appreciate your phone call and question about my dad Joaquin Arnett's health, Just wanted to let everyone know that Ron had a stent put in his right renal artery today at UCLA and he did just great, Good job on the list the '08 boys will be posted in the '09 program, I wanted to contact her regarding a movie script that was written about her dad back in 1996 (I believe), The SoCal Chapter of the Society of Automotive Historians presents 27th Literature Faire and Exchange Sunday June 28, George Barris will be at Autobooks/Aerobooks on July 11, I have been meaning to contact you about Jack Peters then Don Coonan cc'd me on his/your emails, Have Thom Taylor call Louie Senter, I'm trying to get some history about a car I bought, Running as car #513 in Class C Modified Roadster at Bonneville in 1951 Robert Hamke from Indianapolis drove the Ralphs Muffler Special, As a general rule I do not add any support to unfounded rumors but rather just identify it as a rumor with no creditability at that point, Moldy Marvin's "Doin' it in the Dirt Camp N' Cruize June 27-28, Editor's notes: The following email comes from Lenny Schaeffer at Chop Shop Customs, Here is a list by year of the honorees and cars of the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame from Evelyn's website, I'm working on an article about stock car road racing in So Cal during the 1950's, Santa Maria Speedway, We're the new public relations firm for the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, We are coming along fine with the Spurgin/Giovanine Roadster and so exciting to have all the families coming to Ventura on July 12th to the Ventura Motorsports Gathering, The biggest problem we have is finding color shots of the early race cars, Random Pictures and info.

Newsletter 116 - June 18, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, I understand that you are an avid racing car fan and thought you might be interested in some news about it that you would not ordinarily hear about, ROAD RUNNERS News/Special Events, The SoCal Chapter of the Society of Automotive Historians presents 27th Literature Faire and Exchange Sunday June 28, I'm trying to figure out what happened to Throttle's publisher Jack Peters, George Barris will be at Autobooks/Aerobooks on July 11, Here are some short films we made for fun, June El Mirage Race Report from Jim Dunn, Editor's notes The following history is based on an email from one of our members who asked what was the background of the Pete Dean Award, You say your group receives my NEWSLETTER I don't send out a newsletter, Can you help a friend who's looking for Bob Kashler, The Champion Speed Shop is fine-tuning the Chevrolet-powered Special in preparation to motor far further south than South San Francisco for the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green Kentucky June 19-21, I have the 1956 Hot Rod magazine issue it's (1948 Spurgin & Giovanine land speed car) featured in as the Carl Borgh Mothersills Special, Tony Colombini is the publisher for a retro hot rod on-line, Thanks for the "heads up" on the Borgh configuration and the 1956 Hot Rod Magazine as we have the issue, I just wanted to give you a heads up that a feature story about the 36hp Challenge will be in the August issue of Hot VW's magazine, The Golden Hawk team is lead by Randall Pierce better known as Randy, I don't know Bob Kashler but the thought came to me that you might help me by putting out a letter that would say I am looking for the following items for my Hall of Fame Museum, October has become a favorite month for people of many Celtic persuasions to "gather beside the seaside" at Seaside Park in Ventura, The hot rodders are rolling back to Bowling Green for the 7th annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion at Beech Bend Raceway on Father's Day weekend June 19-21, California Car Design local style and global influence opens June 27th at The Petersen Automotive Museum, I have enjoyed reading through some of the archived Hot Rod Hotline articles you have written over the years and your insight and great stories on the West Coast Rodding scene, Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame Members as of September 27 2008, With car companies going in into bankruptcy and shedding famous names left and right it's important to remember that today's automotive titans started out as tiny startups not unlike Silicon Valley entrepreneurs

Newsletter 115 - June 3, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Will Scott is not doing well and will be at Cedars/Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, In case you haven't heard yet Marvin Rifchin passed away this morning, Marvin Rifchin 2003 SEMA Hall of Fame Inductee, 27th Literature Faire and Exchange Sunday June 28, I am almost done filming my Hot Rod film DEUCE OF SPADES, Southern California Timing Association Minutes, Editor's notes: The following letter was copied to the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians by Ken Berg so that our members can participate in the discussions concerning an automotive racing museum that will save and restore the written and visual history of our sport, George Barris will be at Autobooks/Aerobooks on July 11, P. J. O'Rourke will be at the Petersen Automotive Museum Saturday June 13, I told you a while back I was having trouble with my computer and had lost the bio I was working on - I have started making notes for a re-do, Editior: Emails about The Spurgin/Giovanine roadster will be unveiled July 12, Thanks for getting my note about the event at Autobooks on HRHL in such a timely fashion, I inadvertently opened an email from someone and it has now been sent to everyone in my address book, Automotive and motor racing museums, Hot rodding and Youth by Richard Parks, The 59th Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance will be held on August 16, Main Event Entertainment motorsports videos of 48 shows, Random Photos and Information.

Newsletter 114 - June 3, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Evelyn Roth just informed me (May 29, 2009) that Will Scott is back at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, Saturday June 6 10AM - 2PM Lou Hart and Friends, The SoCal Chapter of the Society of Automotive Historians presents: 27th Literature Faire and Exchange, Bob Wanner and I are the fellows who are putting together the LSR event in Northern Maine this summer, After reading the note from Phyllis McNeil I wonder if you would ask her if she would like to drop me a note about Karl and Veda Orr, Editor's notes: I had a nice conversation with my cousin Mike Olivero whose father was Laurence and then he gave me his cousin's number, It looks like the BLM has approved our testing to be conducted at Black Rock between July 5 and July 12, Chop-Shop Customs owned by Larry Schaeffer is located at 235 D Salem Street, The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum contact information, From the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum calendar of events on the internet, Golden Hawk LSR Project, editor's notes: The following comes from the website www.theaccelerationarchive.co.uk, Gale Banks will be on hand on (Event took place before Newsletter was posted) to help celebrate the grand opening of Pep Boy's first-ever dedicated Speed Shop in downtown Los Angeles, The Fountain Valley Car Show will be held on June 13, Editor's notes: The following correspondence was received in response to the letter sent out to us by Ken Berg, Costa Mesa Speedway (June 6, 13, 20, 27), Santa Maria Speedway Schedule, Michael Shaw sent in a link showing some of the posters that will be used to advertise The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, A lot of old time hot rodders, Young & old had a great time at our gathering to discuss hot rodding from the 1930s through the mid-1960s using our book: Harrell Engines & Racing Equipment: Jim (White) Harrell & Nick / Harrell last Saturday

Newsletter 113 - May 28, 2009 - Will Scott called and they are airlifting him to Cedar Sinai Medical Center in the LA area, Our dear friend Gordon Betz passed away Sunday afternoon, The following is from the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame J. Gordon Betz, Editor: The following article was edited down from the original story entitled - Catching Up With Famed Official Gordon Betz, Gordon Betz was a good friend of Ted Halibrand, I am the adopted daughter of Kyle Orr - the brother of Karl, I wanted to give you a heads up about a book signing, In the spring of 2008 I was lucky enough to purchase Roy's 1922 Model T Roadster, Dateline-May 17th East Coast Timing Association event Maxton North Carolina, Texas Mile October 16-18 2009 Goliad Industrial Air Park, Doing a Google search on Lee Chapel I just stumbled onto your interesting hotrod historical website, I am pleased to let you know a new land speed racing event will present it's inaugural event on the weekend of August 1st and 2nd, The Loring Timing Association a Land Speed Racing venue on the site of the former Loring AFB in Limestone Maine, I need your assistance with a job at hand assembling a contact list of auto focused clubs, I am pleased to announce a new but separate segment of the International 36hp Challenge, Golden Hawk LSR Project, I am very excited to announce that Lord March has lent his support to the Music City Motor Jam through a special donation, MPG Members Invited to Speedway Motorcycle Racing Opening Night, Autobooks-Aerobooks Upcoming Events, Stater Brothers Route 66 Rendezvous September 17-20, Thought you would like to know that the sales of Crazy Horses in the UK are hitting the roof, 1997 World Champion and seven-time AMA National Champion Greg Hancock will compete in Round One of the AMA/USA Speedway National Championship Series, Random Photos and Videos

Newsletter 112 - May 21, 2009 - Faith Granger - who is filming the hot rod movie Deuce of Spades - needs a few volunteers, I wanted to give you a heads up about a book signing, Ron Main started Main Attractions and Hot Rod Memories Video and then sold the business to Ron Martinez several years ago, This is a difficult time of year for us - It was 14 years ago on May 7 1995 that Sonny Arnett left us, Editor: The following letter is a request to find Bill Stroppe, Rooting through the box I discovered five Gas-Up Souvenir wine glasses, May El Mirage Race Report, I have been a member of the Sidewinders Car Club for many years and my father was a proud lifetime member of the Sidewinders, Thank you - Larry Bauska was one of my old Navy Buddies from the early 1970's - William Stroppe, George Callaway has informed me that Warren Bullis was not the one who gave away my dad's car number and it looks like I owe him an apology,There are new posts at golden Hawk

Newsletter 111 - May 14, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Recently I received a large number of rejections from AOL, Don't forget the start of the SCTA season this weekend at El Mirage, Don Arivett passed away on Tuesday 5 May 2009 No details, The Fabulous Fifties reported that the following have passed away..., Book signing is on May 30 2009 between 10am-2pm, My dad was Bud Miller a Mobiler from the start, I have been collecting articles and information on my dad Joaquin Arnett, There have certainly been numerous articles written on Arfons and Breedlove etc but nothing devoted specifically to the subject, ECTA_Newsletter April 2009 Final Edition, I am writing a book about the Club Mecca murders, We have had Tom Shannon working on the history of the USFRA, Bonneville Racing News, I just saw the latest newsletter with my query in it, Your last newsletter (No. 109) contained a name that really "popped" out at me...the "Battlebirds”, Please find attached a list of tire sources, I just called Leslie Long and he informed me that there will be another Santa Ana Drags reunion in late September, The book I put together last fall "Racing Corvettes - the Early Years" has been reprinted, I just checked my spam box and found a bunch of your e-mails in there, "The ranch is a private residence", I thought you might enjoy the following - In light of the current situations and conditions of our economy, To be announced at the East Coast Timing Association meet in Maxton NC, The notes from last evening's Road Runners meeting are now available on our website

Newsletter 110 - May 7, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, You probably already heard, but Wes Potter called to tell me that Bob Pierson passed away Wednesday morning, On the passing of Chet Herbert written by Sara Fensterer, “Deuce Of Spades” - Resurrecting a fifties El Mirage dry lake SCTA meet - An impossible dream by Faith Granger, Will Scott is not doing well, we have arranged with Tina Van Curen at Autobooks in Burbank to have a hot rod discussion / book signing day at her store - Roger Harrell, I am trying to get one of my freelance writer friends in here to tell Bill "Willie" Davis' Stoy, I am writing a book on the quest for the land speed record in the 1960s with the rivalry between Craig Breedlove and Art Arfons being the primary focus, This is Thomas "Pork Pie" Graf the land speed historian and photograüher from Germany I got a question which is your current email address....mparks1 or Rnparks1, A response to an email received in last week's newsletter, The Champion Speed Shop is back in South City from the Rod and Kulture Dragfest with a best yet 5.96-second elapsed time and 235 miles per hour run, 20th Anniversary of the Stater Brothers Route 66 Rendezvous will take place on May 10 - Thanks for your support - Stan Goldstein is in contact with me, On April 12 2009 Staci and I (Kenny Lyon) were on the Dave Stall radio show 1170 AM KCBQ, Do you know Richard Phethean?, Autobooks/Aerobooks will have a book signing by David Newhardt on Saturday May 16, Lenny Schaeffer owns Chop Shop Customs in Woburn Massachusetts, AMA Pro Racing - California Bike Week and Gene Romero's West Coast Flat Track Series is adding an event to the 2009 AMA Pro Flat Track schedule, Random Pictures

Newsletter 109 - April 30, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Chet Herbert passed away this morning after a battle with pneumonia, a link dedicated to Eldon 'SY' Sidebotham, who passed away, God Speed Chet - His services have been scheduled, Harrell Engines & Racing Equipment - hot rod discussion / book signing day, We set the FIA International Speed Record in September 26 2008, I unearthed five really interesting facts written by your Father in that book forty years ago, Healing Arts Educational Foundation will present a one-night showing of an award winning motorcycle film Take It To The Limit, We are off to Reno next week for the Reno Historic Races with the Old Yeller II and the Kilpatrick 1958 SCCA Porsche Speedster, No race track in Santa Maria anymore and the dirt track didn't open until 1964, I'm trying to find anything written about events at El Mirage Dry Lakes around March 1950 thru October 1950, Your newsletter 104 March 26 commented that Kent Fuller talked of a drag strip in Scotts Valley the only drag strips that I can recall in this area were Half Moon Bay, I had a great shoot last week-end for the hot rod film “Deuce Of Spades”, Websites from Moldy Marvin, I've written about my cars on the HAMB, Four nitromethane-burning nostalgia Funny Cars will headline the second annual Las Vegas Speed Spectacular for the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series, revised 2009 schedule for The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Rockabilly Rod Reunion postponed to 2010, With the recollection of memories and good times of the Half Moon Bay Drag Strip 50th Reunion just a few days in the past the Champion Speed Shop is loading up the gear, article was sent to us by Ron Main - Burkland Family broke world record ponders future in racing, Check out the JC Agajanian Jr interview on the Official Indy Website that was shot this year at The IRL race at The Long Beach Grand Prix, Random Pictures.

Newsletter 108 - April 23, 2009 - President's Corner, Guest Editorial, EVERYONE that attended Jim's Celebration on April 19th please know that I appreciate everyone's support and love - Debbie, I believe it was in 1955 that this repartee occurred in HRM, Can you ad me to your email list, 1941 SCTA Racing Program, New reunion site drag racers and fans, Emails came from Roy Caruthers and Jerry Cornelison, emails received from Eric Studer and Dick Wells, Motorsports Education Foundation, The book "Racing Corvettes the Early Years" has been reprinted and is now available, Nita Underwood has finally created a web site for her work, Target date for the Spurgin-Giovanine Roadster "Roll Out" is still for the July Ventura Motorsports Gathering (Concours), Couple of events that you all might be interested in First one is Big Rigs 4 Kids Rolls for Thunder on the Lot and Doin' it in the Dirt Camp N' Cruize 2 dates set for June and August, Customized Gas Pumps and Globe faces are available at MiVersion, 2nd Annual Las Vegas Speed Spectacular for the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series, Petersen Automotive Museum announced legendary Grammy award-winning musician Brian Wilson and his band will perform at the annual charity Gala.

Newsletter 107 - April 16, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, I will be returning to El Mirage to film some pick up shots for Deuce Of Spades, Drag Racing Hall of Fame Banquet was March 12th 2009, Celebration in Memory of Jim Poetker-Baker will be held April 18, SCTA 2009 racing schedule for El Mirage, Nw posts on the Jim Deist Memorial, I am the son of Mel Chastain and also Mike Cook's stepbrother, My name is Megan Boyd and would love to help gather and preserve history I have a degree in journalism and public relations, An article that was published in Mopar Magazine, Grand National Roadster Show dates in 2010, Here is a response to an email that I sent to Susan Sanborn Director of the Toyota Motorsports Museum in Torrance California, Henry Astor, formerly the director of the American Hot Rod Foundation (AHRF) now has a website called Astor Motor Productions, I will put together my dad's Mel Chastain racing history for you to enjoy, Motorcycles will be part of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance for the first time this year, Meeting Notes from last evening's Road Runners Meeting are now posted, I have had the honor to drive on the salt to abtain a class A license and help a friend tune up a streamliner, Random Photos.

Newsletter 106 - April 9, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, British car designer Peter Bryant passed away last week, This past weekend, Peter was one of the legends present at RIAM's 'Legends of Riverside' for the 3 day event, Lynn Wineland's Celebration of Life will be held at 11AM April 11 2009, Jim Deist's Celebration of Life was held April 8 2009, Twilight Car Cruise first Wednesday of each month, I had a great time filming at the NHRA Nostalgia dragraces yesterday for the Deuce Of Spades, John Raffa inventory finally finished, Time is racing by and I value those memories high on the list My first car... Chick Saffell, This is the first step in helping our ladies dispose of the collections of their husbands first up Karen Raffa with John Riffa's inventory, Here is some nice exposure for a great family who produce beautifully finished Cobra car bodies, lacking just an engine and transmission, Vehicle registration classification for street rods and custom vehicles was approved overwhelmingly by the Utah State Legislature and signed into law, Two sites of interest for fans of the late 1930's through the early 1950's hot rodding eras, site for RatFink fans, Hall of Fame show earlier then planned now May 10 2009 at 11:30 a.m. on Fox Sport Net, A return to the Pebble Beach of Drag Racing, Santa Maria Speedway has an active weekly racing schedule nearly year round, Lifetime Automotive Engineering Biography by Peter Bryant, Sunday Niagara Nostalgia Drags and Car Show is scheduled for July 30-August 2 2009, John Force Cruise Night Car Shows, and Random Photos.

Newsletter 105 - April 1, 2009 - Editorials, James Irven Poetker-Baker passed away, Twilight car cruise April 1, Lynn Wineland's Celebration of Life April 11, Jim Deist's Celebration of Life April 8, Santa Ana Drags Reunion and Main Malt Picnic April 4, word is out about my upcoming Feature Hot Rod film Deuce Of Spades, looking for my old friend Charley Gilmore from Pennsylvania, a really great cruise in downtown Petaluma, Crazy Horses; the history of British drag racing” will be published in the UK at the end of April, 36ers are getting ready to attack the salt of Bonneville and concrete of Maxton and Goliad, 1904 Blackpool Speed Trial, Harrell Engines & Racing Equipment, Gone Racin', Hot Rod Heritage Series in its second season, Random Photos

Newsletter 104 - March 26, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, I heard a 3rd hand report that Lynn Wineland had died, Latest is that Lloyd Ruby is on a life support system, memorial services for Jim Deist, editing of the flashback scenes Duece Of Spades are done, contact information for Chuck Lamb?, brief bio on the Caruthers family, One story I got was Max Balchowsky was traveling back from West Virginia in the Doretti pulled into a drag strip in Oklahoma ran without unpacking and won, any information regarding a home movie shot pre-WW II on the dry lakes most likely at a Western Timing Meet, Santa Ana Drags Reunion and Main Malt Picnic, My book Crazy Horses; the history of British drag racing published in the UK end of April and the USA end of August, Mel Stultz has new program in the works, which club is THE oldest Hotrod Club in US?, Little web page telling people about the Harrell Engines book, what is the only club in the SCTA to currently have a working filmmaker as a member?, Leroi 'Tex' Smith is retiring and is selling publishing business, another founding car club of the SCTA Los Angeles Idlers car club, Idlers Car Club Members Roster, Kent Fuller once told of a drag strip at Scotts Valley, close to Santa Cruz, two references I have of Max Balchowsky at the drag races, David Enriquez’ Grandfather at the Pomona dragstrip, shots of Chuck Lamb's shop, Streamliners on the salt just made the cover of Machine Design, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Tuesday March 24 2009, Biography of Dick Wells, 2009 Hot Rod Heritage Series now in its second season.

Newsletter 103 - March 18, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, a public service on April 22, 2009 at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, in Pomona, California for Jim Diest and other info, information on the Memorial service for Frank Oddo, Santa Ana Drags Reunion and Main Malt Picnic, Deuce of Spades recently listed on Internet Movie Database, More on Joaquin Arnett, Mike Goyda collects and deals in vintage drag racing memorabilia, My list of California Drag Strips from 1949-present, The beginning history or the Gophers Car Club, 2009 Hot Rod Heritage Series, Road Runner Meeting Notes, Mel Stultz just took over operations at NHRA sanctioned track in New Jersey, Salt Fever is so addictive and it requires at least annual fixes, March Meet or other events, Random Pictures. NOTE: There have been pictures added to Newsletter 100

Newsletter 102 - March 10, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Jim Deist passed, Deuce of Spades Update, More on Joaquin Arnett, I have an old P-38 belly tank that was built in late 1950's by Bob George, looking for information on failed land speed record attempts, bit of information about the Collectors Foundation, I believe that my son has the roadster owned by Jack Mickelson, Am wondering if Maggie Summers is Jimmy Summers Widow?, Las Vegas Motor Speedway 2009 schedules, In 2008 Riches Nelson Racing set a World Speed Record with an electric motorcycle first time out on the El Mirage dry lake bed, March Meet is also the season opener for the NHRA's Hot Rod Heritage Series.

Newsletter 101 - March 5, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorials, Deuce Of Spades Update, Some Russetta history, Ansen cars for Bonneville in 1950 Update, Crane Cams closed its doors, Jack Mickelson Biography, If you know anyone who would like old SCTA Newsletter publications contact me, Not only is Goleta gone, but the old Santa Maria Drag Strip is no more, Joaquin Arnett, collecting data on Sandy Belond, Doug Herbert and Lyle Larson are building a "Land Speed Record" car and looking for suggestions and advice, Memories from Greg Allen, NHRA's Hot Rod Heritage Series, Pictures Taken at Jim Lattin's museum

Newsletter 100 - February 26, 2009 - The 100th issue of the SLSRH Newsletter is dedicated to the Spurgin / Giovanine / Borgh Roadster that is being restored by Ernie Nagamatsu. Additional Pictures added on March 17, 2009

Newsletter 99 - February 20, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorial, Handmade 1/6 scale Chevy 327 engine complete built, Ed Iskenderian's broke his right foot and is in a short cast, 1932 Helicron, a bit about my deuce, star of the film Deuce of Spades, Road Runner Meeting Notes, 12 minute video of John Price's Mormon Meteor III visit, looking for info on the Al Teague Highboy, Don Garlits 2009 schedule, Aussie Invader World Land Speed Challenge.. Join the Team, Update on the Studebaker, The Goldenhawk Streamliner Project

Newsletter 98 - February 13, 2009 - President's Corner, Editorial, Harry Brix, age 61, passed away, How “Duece Of Spades” came to be, Help me get some info on what cars were driven on these historic runs; 1938 Caracciola, 1957 Moss, and 1959 Hill, Good background on John Hollansworth, A short look back through the past, Legends of Riverside Reunion March 27-29, 2009, The Wreckreation Nation with Dave Mordal TDC program Date Change, Tom Shannon in front of the SCTA/BNI trailer at Bonneville, Tom Fritz sent his website containing some of his hot rod art,Video Tether cars Midgets and El Marage, A story written by Steve Studer, high-tech machine that scans complex machined parts and another that duplicates them as plastic models which can then finally be made of metal, Legends of Riverside Racing Film Festival and Gala Tickets going fast - Hurry, Random Pictures.

Newsletter 97 - February 5, 2009 - Article was sent by Dale Moreau to Don Pennington, who shared it with the SLSRH, Do you have any information on Harvey "Papa" Jackson?, An outline to help with bio’s, I was wondering if you have info on Mr. Foster?, Rooms are now available for Bonneville, The SCTA/Sidewinders Award Banquet is scheduled for Saturday, February 21, 2009, A copy of Dick Wells a bio, Petersen Automotive Museum events, A three-disc DVD documentary series, "Lions - the Greatest Drag Strip, California has enacted a Bill to allow illegally registered hot rods to avoid prosecution and fines, Random Items.

Newsletter 96 - January 29, 2009 - Eric "Rick" Rickman passed January 24, 2009 after a lengthy illness, Wild In The Streets; The Adventures Of Dick Kraft By Dick Martin, Faith Granger - Let met introduce myself and my film, Mari Palash is still at Crystal Cove, The March Meet is coming up, Gordon Eliot White Archives, What the other Goldenhawk tribute is up to, Ron Main's Barn of Racing Memorabilia, The deadline is for Route 66 Rendezvous Cruisin' Hall of Fame Nominations is January 31, 2009, Bucky's Place is a drag racing museum in an old car dealership, Check out the book - The Speediest Land Traveller; a History of Alberta Auto Racing

Newsletter 95 - January 21, 2009 - How long do we land speed racers have? Early Dry lakes racer Dick Kraft passed away, There will be no services for Jay Steel at his request, Mari Palash has been moved out of the ICU to a regular room, Faith Granger has a new movie called the DEUCE OF SPADES, Award for Outstanding Sportmanship, a couple of rare photos of The Blue Flame, Among the attached photos is a 1985 match race between the Green Mamba driven by Doug Rose and the U.S. 1 (aka Valkyrie) driven by Fred Sibley, The tireless wheels, Noted a reference in SLSRH #94 concerning the Bob Rufi Streamliner and may be able to shed some light on what became of that vehicle, Wally Parks Day, February 5, 2009, News from Hotrod Hotline, The 75th Anniversary of the 1933-34 Ford Model 40 Exhibit will open at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum on January 24 and run until June 2009, date set for the March Meet for March 6-8, 2009, and Random Photos.

Newsletter 94 - January 14, 2009 - Eric Rickman Update, Still no info for Bud Morrill, Tying to get a hold of Wild Bill the flame painter, Correction on the captions, lists of SCTA Awards into clubs, February 24th The Discovery Channel (TDC) will air a new show called Wreckreation Nation, 2009 Schedule Press Release International 36 hp Land Speed Challenge Coming Events Schedule and Guidelines, and pictures

Newsletter 93 - January 8, 2009 - Eric 'Rick' Rickman Update, Bill Crites passed away, Bud Morrill passed away, Paula Murphy has been nominated for the Motorsport Hall of Fame, Spurgin-Giovanine Roadster, 8th Annual B'ville NW Banquet will be held February 21, 2009, Arthur C. Tilton Memorial Sportsmanship (Pete Dean) Trophy, Legends of Riverside Racing Film Festival and Gala, Inductees to the Motorsports Hall of Fame, some random pictures and PDF’s.

Newsletter 92 - December 31, 2008 - See the movie “Deuce of Spades” trailer, Christmas and Holiday Greetings, “The Street Rodder's Handbook” By Frank Oddo, I'm writing to ask your help in finding some photos to publish on the Web site at Air & Space/Smithsonian magazine, A Visit with Veda and Karl Orr, Land Speed Louise Ann Noeth has an excellent articles on land speed racing, Contact House Speaker Nancy Pelosi IMMEDIATELY To Oppose Cash for Clunkers! Alist of the members, past and present of the Road Runners car club, “Bonneville: The Fastest Place on Earth”, By Louise Ann Noeth, Evelyn Roth is a member of the Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club and the website operator, Autobooks/Aerobooks is one of the most all-comprehensive book stores when it comes to motorsports racing, Current or Former NAE Fan, Hope you enjoy these few pictures of "Wally Parks Day" that sort of sum up the days activties, Biography, by Mike Manghelli.

Newsletter 91 - December 24, 2008 - Arnold Birner ran this 4-port Riley powered rig at the lakes in 1941, Join fellow motoring enthusiasts as they take to the road for the 6th Annual Tour d'Orange, Regarding copyrights etc, this is a concern for me especially with my artwork and writing, December 1953 issue of Sports Cars and Hot Rods, by the editors of Mechanix Illustrated, The first official Speed Week (Daytona Beach, Florida) was held in 1950 and they included measured mile runs as part of the show, The message from Bill Erickson regarding a contact with Gary Svoboda, Two Stolen Camaros were stolen in Simi Valley, I just found your kind review of our book, Gone Racin'...To see Ed Rachanski, Photos of Surgin/Giovanne Roadster & Friends.

Newsletter 90 - December 18, 2008 - Looking for pictures of the Chappell Muroc Roadster, I'm trying to track down more information Arnold Birner pre-war modified, Meeting Notes from Road Runners meeting, Volunteer Opportunities at the Petersen Automotive Museum, I am doing a little ditty on Marvin Lee - Need Info, HEISHMAN BMW Bonneville streamliner is back! Order you Model today.

Newsletter 89 - December 10, 2008 - Opening of a Gale Banks exhibit at the Wally Parks NHRA Museum, Jack Calori passed away, Eric "Rick" Rickman Update, Jack Engle passed away, Discovery Channel will air Speed Capital Of The World Bonneville on December 16, Petersen Automotive Museum hosting its 3rd annual CARnival Family Fun Day, Dragway and Indianapolis Raceway Park videos, Summary - Tasman Revival Meeting Races, Need help with a story on the 1968 Riverside Can-Am, a "whatever happened to" piece about all 36 drivers on the starting grid

Newsletter 88 - December 4, 2008 - Two pictures from Sports Review Motorspeed Magazine's March 1958 issue, Email from Karen Davis requesting that we wait before DLRA intervening, “SHELBY, the Race Driver”, is available, Legends of Riverside Newsletter, newly developed dragster seat, Report by Jim Dunn, The Petersen Automotive Museum In December 2008/January 2009 New Exhibitions.

Newsletter 87 - December 2, 2008 - Eric "Rick" Rickman update, Henry "Buddy" Fitzgerel passed away, George Barris Birthday, looking for Road Runners biographies, Steven Thomsen is looking for Info, Patrick Plenge's reproduction of an official's car at Bonneville in the 50’s, I'm trying to locate Brett Johansen, last Prolong Twilight Cruise of the year, Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance entrant information, Speedseekers has been finally published

Newsletter 86 - November 20, 2008 - Last Race of the 2008 El Mirage Season, Update on Eric “Rick” Rickman, Passed Away: Jack Engle - Buddy Fitzgerel - Jocko Johnson - Joe Orlando, Paula Murphy is recovering, Pictures from Jacko/Garlets Streamliner, Cover Story for American Moorcyclist Magazine, Searching For Photos of Ak Miller Modified Ford Pinto Called Pangra, Books by Art Events.

Newsletter 85 - November 12, 2008 - Some Class I records, Eric Rickman, “Racers at Rest” Book Signing, K.S. Pittman, Need Johnny Ronnow and Glen Roth Drag Race Results

Newsletter 84 - November 5, 2008 - Southern California Timing Association, “Every Sunday Drag Races”, Bonneville Salt Flats events for 2009, “The World's Fastest Indian”, Allegheny Ludlum Steel 1936 Stainless Steel Ford, Legends of Riverside.

Newsletter 83 - October 29, 2008 - Legends of Ascot, Bloodhound SSC, Vern Tardel, Ray Pyle Roadster, contact for Mr. Ryssman if possible, Corvettes celebration.

Newsletter 82 - October 22, 2008 - Retraction, Ralph Foster, Elden Titus, writing book on “Jim McMahon”, Road Runner Important Notice, Estes Gable and Harlow, Don Montgomery books, Goodguys 2009 Event Schedule, “Shelby, the Race Driver” now available in print, Petersen Automotive Museum October / November Events

Newsletter 81 - October 16, 2008 - Riverside International Automotive Museum, International visitors at the Reunion, Cacklefest, Nostalgia Funny Car Final.

Newsletter 80 - October 9, 2008 - Annual "Gas Up", USFRA World of Speed Update, California Hot Rod Reunion, Ab & Marvin Jenkins book review

Newsletter 79 - September 30, 2008 - Mike Hollander, Dan Brickey, Bob Falcon, Robert Einar (Pete) Petersen, Robert Lindsay, Pat Geiger, Rob Brissette, Howard Eichenhofer, Bob Brissette, David Ash, Jerry Cornelison, John Welcher, Rocky Robinson, Bob & Jim Brissette

Newsletter 78 - September 26, 2008 - Marv Jenkins, Marvin Edward Jenkins, Photograph of Daniel Wright, incorrectly identified in the caption for Issue #77, Steve and Gloria Gibbs Picture, John Welcher (aka Welchel), Georgia “MaMa” Seipel.

Newsletter 77 - September 17, 2008 - 1st Annual Top 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout, Picture of 9 Road Runner Club members, Phil Hill's, George Ausburn's 27, Fallen Marines Memorial Race Car.

Newsletter 76 - September 11, 2008 - Phil Hill's services, Display honoring Wally Parks at the Tallahassee Antique Car Museum, Junior Thompson's.

Newsletter 75 - September 4, 2008 - Phil Hill and Dan Gurney at the recent Eagle reunion, Ed Justice Services, David Joe Ondo Sr, interesting historical website.

Newsletter 74 - August 27, 2008

Newsletter 73 - August 21, 2008

Newsletter 72 - August 14, 2008

Newsletter 71 - August 7, 2008

Newsletter 70 - July 30, 2008

Newsletter 69 - July 23, 2008

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Newsletter 1 - October 18, 2007

Bonneville Results
And Reflections

S.C.T.A.’s Speed Week
by Jack Lawford

S.C.T.A.’s Speed Week
by Bob Choisser

Healeys Return to Bonneville
Issue 007

Healeys Return to Bonneville
Issue 006

Healeys Return to Bonneville
Issue 005

May 16th El Mirage Races

Top Contenders and the
Race to 400 MPG.

Live Updates From TOP 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout

POP Motorsports Landspeed
Race Team Aug 2008

Speed Week
August 18-24, 2008



A Visit With Burke LeSage

Hollansworth, John
(A Visit With John Hollansworth)

Kimes, Kay
(A Visit with Kay Kimes)

Gilmore, Charlie
(A Visit with Charlie Gilmore)

Gilmore, Charlie
(Charlie Gilmore’s Recollections)

Chrisman’s 2008 Christmas Party

A Visit with Veda and Karl Orr

A Visit with Ken Walkey

George Rubio

Ralph Foster, circa 2007

A Visit with JD Tone

A Visit with Barry 'Burly' Burlile

A Visit With Harold Johansen

A Visit With Ky Michaelson

A Visit With George Callaway 

A Visit With Dave Brant

A Visit With Don Zig

A Visit with Jerry Cornelison

A Visit with Robert Nichols

A Visit with Bob Webb

Say Goodbye to Chuck Daigh

A visit with Landspeed
Louise Ann Noeth

Doug Stokes Story

Bob Falcon Biography

A Visit with Christine Eastman

The Brother of Wally Parks

C.J. Pappy Hart

Tribute to AK Miller

Berardini Brothers



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