Tipo (Type) S76


Tipo (Type) S76
Date Location Driver Driver Country Vehicle Power Speed over
1 Km
Speed over
1 Mile
Standing about five feet high at the radiator cap, the frighteningly top-heavy car was referred to as The "Beast of Turin."

An outrageous creation that debuted in the early 1910s, the Tipo (Type) S76 was built by the Fiat factory in Turin presumably to break the world's Land Speed Record, which then stood at 125.95 mph. The chassis was a flimsy 1907/08 Fiat production unit with a Tipo S76DA six-cylinder airship engine of 28.4 liters (1,730 cu. in.), which developed 300 hp at 1,900 rpm.

Except for a brief appearance in England at the Brooklands racecourse, where it was timed at about 90 mph, it never made an impact on any records and was returned to the continent to be lost during the confusion of World War I.