The final battle between Good and Evil is looming, and Ben Hawkins and Brother Justin are on a collision course that could determine the fate of the world.

Carnivále follows a traveling carnival as it wends its way across the Dust Bowl, focusing on Ben Hawkins, a mysterious 18-year-old fugitive with hidden talents who is taken in by the carnival, and Brother Justin, the charismatic, shadowy evangelist who will ultimately cross his path. The series takes place at a time of worldwide unrest, with evil on the rise around the globe and the Great Depression wreaking economic and social havoc here at home.

Among the cast regulars are: Nick Stahl ("In the Bedroom") as Ben Hawkins and Clancy Brown ("The Shawshank Redemption") as Brother Justin, as well as Michael J. Anderson ("Twin Peaks") as Samson, who runs the show for Management; Clea DuVall (HBO's "The Laramie Project") as Sofie, the tarot card reader; Tim DeKay ("Swordfish") as Jones, Samson's right-hand man and the rousty manager; Adrienne Barbeau ("Escape from New York") as Ruthie, the snake charmer; Debra Christofferson ("Seraglio") as Lila, the carnival's bearded lady; Brian Turk ("American Pie 2") as Gabriel, the strong man; John Carroll Lynch ("Gothika") as Varlyn Stroud, a prison inmate enlisted in Brother Justin's cause; Amy Madigan (OscarŪ nominee for "Twice in a Lifetime") as Brother Justin's loyal sister Iris; John Savage ("The Deer Hunter") as Scudder, Ben's elusive father; and Ralph Waite ("The Waltons") as Rev. Balthus. The carnival's burlesque family includes emcee father Stumpy, played by Toby Huss ("King of the Hill"); mother Rita Sue, played by Cynthia Ettinger ("Thirteen"); and daughter Libby, played by Carla Gallo ("Undeclared").

Carnivále is created by Daniel Knauf; executive producers, Howard Klein and Daniel Knauf; co-executive producers, Dan Hassid, David Knoller, Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin and William Schmidt; consulting producer, Tracy Torme; consultant, John McLaughlin; producer, Bernie Caulfield.

Season 1 Episodes

Season 2 Episodes

Ben Hawkins Ben Hawkins
Played By
Nick Stahl
Brother Justin Crowe Brother Justin Crowe
Played By
Clancy Brown
Iris Crowe Iris Crowe
Played By
Amy Madigan
Samson Samson
Played By
Michael J. Anderson
Clayton Jones Clayton Jones
Played By
Tim DeKay
Sophie Sophie
Played By
Clea Duvall
Lodz Lodz
Played By
Patrick Bauchau
Lila Lila
Played By
Debra Christofferson
Apollonia Apollonia
Played By
Diane Salinger
Ruthie Ruthie
Played By
Adrienne Barbeau
Stumpy Dreifuss Stumpy Dreifuss
Played By
Toby Huss
Rita Sue Dreifuss Rita Sue Dreifuss
Played By
Cynthia Ettinger
Libby Libby
Played By
Carla Gallo
Gabriel Gabriel
Played By
Brian Turk
Reverend Norman Balthus Reverend Norman Balthus
Played By
Ralph Waite
Varolyn Stroud Varolyn Stroud
Played By
John Carroll Lynch
Tommy Dolan Tommy Dolan
Played By
Robert Knepper
Henry Scudder Henry Scudder
Played By
John Savage
Scorpion Woman Scorpion Woman
Played By
Bree Walker

Producers Directors Crew
Daniel Knauf
- Creator/Executive Producer

Howard Klein
- Executive Producer

David Knoller
- Co-Executive Producer

Nicole Yorkin & Dawn Prestwich
- Co-Executive Producer

Dan Hassid
- Co-Executive Producer

William Schmidt
- Co-Executive Producer

Bernie Caulfield
- Producer

Tracy Torme
- Consulting Producer

Todd London
- Co-Producer

John McLaughlin
- Consultant

Jack Bender
- Director

Rodrigo Garcia
- Director

Dan Lerner
- Director

Steve Shill
- Director

Tucker Gates
- Director

Alan Taylor
- Director

Todd Field
- Director

Tim Hunter
- Director

John Patterson
- Director

Jeremy Podeswa
- Director

Scott Winant
- Director

Carnivále: The Complete First Season DVD

Carnivále: The Complete First Season DVD (2003)
A sweeping epic that is both challenging and highly accessible, this one-hour HBO drama series focuses on the primordial conflict of good vs. evil, as played out against a pair of vivid and unusual backdrops: a traveling carnival working the American Dustbowl circuit, and an evangelical ministry in California.
Behind the Scenes featurette detailing how set and costume designers collaborated to acheive the look of the Dustbowl in the 1930s
Three audio commentaries with creator Dan Knauf, executive producer Howard Klein, and directors Rodrigo Garcia and Jeremy Podeswa
Run Time: 720 min

  1. 1. Pilot 2. After the Ball is Over
  2. 3. Tipton 4. Black Blizzard
  3. 5. Babylon 6. Pick a Number
  4. 7. The River 8. Lonnigan, Texas
  5. 9. Insomnia 10. Hot and Bothered
  6. 11. Day of the Dead 12. The Day that was the Day
Carnivále: The Complete Second Season DVD

Carnivále: The Complete Second Season DVD (2005)
As the final war between Good and Evil looms two powerful avatars divided by fate share one mission. For Ben Hawkins and Brother Justin, the race is on to find the elusive Henry Scudder--and the fate of the world depends on who finds him first.
3 Audio Commentaries with Creator Daniel Knauf, Executive Producer Howard Klein, Director Rodrigo Garcia and cast members Clancy Brown and Clea Duvall
Magic and Myth: The Meaning of Carnivále--half-hour documentary exploring the apocalyptic writing and mythology behind the show. Interviews with the creator, executive producer, and writers and directors of the show to get their take on the mythology, as well as independent contributors who have examined the show's characters and the archetypal roles they represent.
Creating the Scene Featurettes--Find out how Carnivále's creators brought the Daily Brothers show -- and its Scorpion Lady, He/She and Praying Mantis-to vibrant life!
Museum of Television and Radio panel discussion with cast and crew
Run Time: 720 min

  1. 13 Los Moscos. 14 Alamogordo, NM
  2. 15 Ingram, TX. 16 Old Blossom Cherry Road
  3. 17 Creed, OK. 18 The Road to Damascus
  4. 19 Damascus, NE. 20 Outskirts, Damascus, NE
  5. 21 Lincoln Highway. 22 Cheyenne, WY
  6. 23 Outside New Canaan. 24 New Canaan