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The award winning VINTAGE VEHICLE SHOW brings you the best television coverage of all aspects of the classic, stock, custom and hot rod car hobby. Over the past sixteen years the VINTAGE VEHICLE SHOW has taken viewers to America's best car shows, museums, private collections and restoration facilities.

Lance Lambert, the show's host, has taken you along to see everything from the world's most valuable Ferrari to riding in a restored World War II tank. Automotive celebrities such as Jay Leno, Boyd Coddington, George Barris, Gene Winfield, Troy Trepanier, Vic Edelbrock, Blackie Gejeian, Pete Chapouris, Joe Bailon, Randy Clark, Chip Foose, John D'Agostino, Mike Lavalle, Rick Dore, Bones Noteboom, Ed Roth Jr. and Ed Justice have shared their design and construction secrets and taken you along on tours of their facilities.

Everything from house painted and chicken wired Cuban cars to multi-million dollar Classics have driven across your TV screen on the VINTAGE VEHICLE SHOW.




The VINTAGE VEHICLE SHOW show is broadcast on 75 stations across the US and on TV networks in 27 foreign countries. Consult your local listings for times and stations. It can also be seen on streaming video by visiting

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