1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 82
ficiently large hole in dash mat at the large grommet so the cable can make a smooth curve at this point. Mount cable bracket as shown in view at "L." Slide the longest con­trol cable through the grommets in the dash and dash leg, then rotate the valve to the position shown in view at "L" and assemble the cable to the valve lever using the rod end clip provided. Secure the cable to brack­et using: clip and screw. Rotate defroster valve lever to the "closed" position and at­tach the shortest control cable to the lever using the rod end clip. Secure cable to bracket using clip and screw. See view at "K."
Control Unit: Remove the two nuts and lock­washers used to hold the left-side of the radio grille and remove heater control screen. See view at "M." Before mounting control unit in place, assemble the fuse, fuse holder body and switch wire. Then con­nect this assembly and the motor extension
wire to the switch. Attach securely the loose ends of the control cable conduits. With air valve, defroster valve and temperature con­trol valve in closed position and with the top edge of the three levers even with the scribe mark on the face of the control, tight­en cable wires securely. Check operation for complete opening and closing of valves. See view at "N." Raise control unit with wires and cables attached up into place back of instrument panel and attach to instrument panel using nuts and lockwashers previously removed. Attach the knobs to the levers with the #6 flat head screws as shown in view at "N." Connect heater switch wire to Junction Block as shown in view at "P." Strap heater switch wire to main wiring har­ness using three existing straps. Attach motor extension wire to connector on front of heater, then assemble this wire and two control cables to dash mat with closed clip as shown in view at "U."
Figure 83