1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

in bumper face bar on the opposite side of the vehicle.
3.    Relocate paper template on this side of ve­hicle and drill the required hole in the gravel deflector and bumper brace.
4.    Attach braces to grille guard using bolts, nuts and lock washers provided. Assemble grille guard to top flange of face bar using large flat washers as spacers between guard and bar and secure with bolts, nuts and lock washers provided, as shown in figure 65.
5.    Insert spacer between gravel deflector and bumper brace and secure grille guard brace at rear with long bolts provided.
Approximate Flat Rate Time 1 hour.
Figure 64
1.    Using template provided in package, locate and drill one hole in top flange of bumper face bar and one hole in gravel deflector and bumper brace for model designated.
2.    Remove paper template and using grille guard as template locate and drill the hole
Procedure for Installation of Front and Rear
Fender Guards on All Model Passenger Cars.
Figure 65