1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 66
Figure 66-A
1.    Remove two end bolts and attaching parts from bumper face bar.
2.    Place fender guard in position by inserting bolt at section A-A in bumper face bar and aligning hole at Section B-B. Insert bolt furnished with unit and replace other attach­ing parts as shown in figure 67.
3.    Left-hand fender guard shown. Attach right-hand fender guard in same manner.
4.    If top rear portion of fender guard is closer than 3/4 inch to the fender, add washers between bumper rear outer bar and bumper face bar to maintain that clearance.
1.    Remove two end bolts and attaching parts from rear bumper face bar end.
2.    Place rear fender guard assembly in posi­tion, aligning holes, insert bolts and attach­ing parts in the same order that they were removed. (See figure 68.)
3.    Left-hand fender guard shown, attach right-hand rear fender guard in the same manner.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .5 of an hour.
Figure 67