1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

punch location for the two Bracket holes and drill through with No. 29 or 9/64" drill. DO NOT TAP HOLES
Reassembling Handle Unit To Shaft
10.  Be sure to turn Switch to "OFF" position (see figure 169). This must be done to avoid damage to Switch contact.
11.  Slide Housing "E" into position on Shaft. DO NOT FORCE ASSEMBLY, as force may bend or damage driving Racks.
12.  Start Screw "A" into Housing "E." DO NOT TIGHTEN. Screw should be in approximate center of locating groove in bottom of Shaft.
13.  Insert Pinion "D" between teeth of driving Racks in Housing "E." BE SURE that Pinion is started into center of hole in Housing "E." Pinion should slip into place easily under very light finger pressure. If more than light finger pressure is required, Pin­ion is not assembled into center of hole (see figure 168).
Figure 172