1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

986272-986273-986274-986275-986276 VENTSHADES
Procedure for Installation of Ventshades on All Model Passenger Cars.
Procedure for Installation of Outside Car Visor on All Model Passenger Cars, except Bel Air and Convertible
Figure 203
1.    Ventshades will fit only the models shown on the carton label.
2.    Ventshades are stamped to show their posi­tion - RF for right front door; LR for left rear, etc.
3.    Insert flange between the weatherstrip and vent wing division post. Then work the flange up between the weatherstrip and reveal moulding, flange should disappear and curves fit properly. (If weatherstrip bead overlaps the vent wing division post, clip off over­lapping portion.)
Figure 205
1.    Prepare visor for painting by thoroughly cleaning with a naptha dampened cloth, allow sufficient time to dry. It is not necessary to apply another primer coat before painting to match color of car. Mask out underside surfaces and stainless steel leading edge trim, before spraying. Paint only the top surfaces of the visor.
2.    Align center support in proper position be­tween both visor body sections and fasten all three members together with three screws, lockwashers and nuts as shown in figure 206.
Figure 204
4.    Center punch and drill the front screw hole, using a 3/32 inch drill. Drill through re­veal moulding and door frame as shown in figure 204. Insert self-tapping screw.
5.    Holding shade in position, center punch and drill remaining hole and insert self-tapping screw.
6.    Run window glass up, if window binds spread glass channel to allow complete closing.
NOTE: Installation procedure is the same for all styles and body models.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .3 of an hour.
Figure 206
3.    Assemble center clamps to center support as shown in figure 206, by inserting two screws into adjusting slots with washers and nuts, then insert two clamping screws to clamps with washers and nuts. (DO NOT TIGHTEN NUTS.) Allow sufficient width be­tween jaws to pass over moulding.
4.    Place curved edge of medallion around lead­ing edge of visor and draw tightly over rear edge of visor. Insert screw through hole in medallion and visor and fasten securely as shown in figure 207.