1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

5.    Remove rear view mirror upper and lower inner division moulding caps. Loosen top and bottom cross slotted barrel nuts to re­move the inner and outer division mouldings as shown in figure 208.
6.    Pierce tab of blind hole in rubber moulding (approximately 5-1/4 inches below top hole), using this hole to guide the spot drilling of a 9/32 inch hole through the inner division frame reinforcement.
NOTE: Carefully align the drilling through the rubber moulding to maintain the 5-1/4 inch center dimension of holes for the adapt­er assembly, as shown in figure 208.
Figure 209
pencil marks on right drip moulding. Make sure the top edge of tapping plate is flush with top edge of drip moulding. Scribe the three holes, center punch and drill holes with a number 21 drill.
CAUTION: Drill through drip moulding only. Repeat this operation for left side.
10.  Clean out drip mouldings. Place tapping plate marked "L" inside of left moulding and tapping plate marked "R" into right moulding, align with holes that were drilled in drip mouldings. To facilitate use of self-tapping screws during installation, we rec­ommend that each screw be run through the holes in both tapping plates before mounting the visor as shown in figure 209.
11.  Place visor in position, realign all holes, insert and firmly fasten all six tapping screws as in figure 209.
12.  Insert knife edges of center clamps between outer division moulding and rubber. CAUTION: Do not touch glass with center clamps. Firmly fasten clamping screws and nuts. Adjust center support to assure full curvature of visor and firmly fasten adjust­ing clamp and nuts.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .9 of an hour. 986544 RIGHT-HAND SUN VISOR
Procedure for Installation of Sun Visor on All Model Passenger Cars.
Figure 207
7. Discard upper individual screw assembly, slip double screw adapter and remaining lower screw assembly into the outer mould­ing, insert the three threaded studs through rubber (with adapter to the top), firmly fasten the brass barrel nut to middle stud. Hold inner moulding in place and firmly fasten the two remaining cross slotted barrel nuts. Replace upper and lower moulding caps and rear view mirror as shown in figure 208.
Figure 208
8.    Position visor on car as shown in figure 209 using "A" dimension as average height on drip moulding. "A" dimension is recommend­ed for average Installations but can be varied to suit the driver by moving visor forward or backward on drip moulding (hold "A" dimension equal on both sides). When po­sition has been determined pencil mark "A" dimension on drip moulding as shown in fig­ure 209.
9.    Align lower edge of right tapping plate, with
Figure 210