By comparison with the Allied production, assembly by Adam Opel A.G. continued until 1944, the two factories being subject to allied air bombardment.
The cars produced during the war were as follows:
1,1 Liter Kadett Spezial Model K38-
1,1 Liter Kadett Normal Model KJ-38
both in 1940 Model Year, 376 and 899 being produced respectively.
The other cars produced in 1940 were the 2,5 Liter Kapitan Model Kpt-39 with the 2.5 Litre 6-cylinder engine. 952 were produced in 1940.

On the commercial side, the following vehicles were produced:
1,1 Liter Lieferwagen Model 1196 [1940: 410 ]
1,5 Liter 1 Tonner Model 1,5.29 [prefix 2W-] [1940: 379 ]
2,5 Liter 1 ½-Tonner Model 2,5-32 [prefix 3V-] [1940: 1,678; 1941: 3,485; 1942: 604]
3,6 Liter 3-Tonner Model 3,6-36 [prefix 6W-]
3,6 Liter 3-Tonner Model 3,6-42 [prefix 7W-]
3,6 Liter 3-Tonner Model 3,6-47 [bus] [prefix 8W-]
3-Tonner production was in total: 1940: 17,605; 1941: 15,947; 1942 18,262; 1943: 23,232; 1944: 16,146.
Brandenburg-am Havel or "Brandenburg" plant [Code "Br."] assembled all 3-Tonner Blitz models, and 1941/2 Model 1½-Tonners

In addition to the conventional 4 x 2 trucks, Opel also produced at Brandenburg the 3,6-Liter 3-Tonner Allrad [4-wheel drive] Model 6700 Typ A, prefix 1Z- which were produced to military specifications. Production was as follows:
1940 Serial # Br1Z-1 to Br 1Z-419; Engine # 40 Br-1 to 40 Br–333
1941 Serial # Br1Z-420 to Br 1Z-4815; Engine # 41 Br-340 to 41 Br-4733
1942 Serial # Br 1Z-4816 to Br 1Z-12150; Engine # 42 Br-4725 to Br-7415
1943 Serial # Br1Z-1233 to Br 1Z-19362; Engine # 43 Br-92 to 43 Br-7299
1944 Serial # Br 1Z-19482 to Br 1Z-24976; Engine # 44 Br-8 to 44 Br-5634

After the capitulation by the Axis forces in 1945, former military and civilian trucks and cars were commandeered by the Allied forces as part of war reparations, and used by the occupying forces, and were eventually sold onto the civilian market in Europe and thence in a few cases to preservation.

The Brandenburg Plant was seized by the Soviet forces in 1945, and dismantled and railed back to Moscow as part of reparations. Post-war, the factory produced the Moskvitch car based on the pre-War Opel Kadett.
The Rüsselsheim factory was seized by the US forces, and therefore saved from a similar fate. Production of trucks for the allied forces then restarted under US military control in 1946, but its other activities in the part of the plant not destroyed.

This is the information on the Build Plate on a 1943 Model Brandenburg-am-Havel assembled 4 x 4 Allrad Truck
TYPE 6700 BAUJAHR 1943
MOTOR 43 BR-02700
Owned by Paul Campbell, Swinton, Manchester. This was sold in The Netherlands after the capitulation and is now in the U.K.

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