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Hot Rod Books




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'32 Ford Deuce

Author: Tony Thacker
In 1931, Henry Ford announced that his company would produce an eight-cylinder car, if only because its competitors were building fours and sixes. The result, introduced in 1932, was Ford Motor Company’s first V8-powered car. The “Deuce” was a design and technological milestone that would become the quintessential hot rod platform. Arriving just in time for the Deuce’s 75th anniversary, this complete authoritative and illustrated history looks at every facet of the Deuce’s story: factors leading to its design, how it was manufactured and sold, the development of the now-legendary flathead engine, and motorsport exploits around the globe. And, of course, there are the hot rods: the 75 most influential ’32-based hot rods as chosen by a who’s who of the hot rod community. From the pacesetting Doane Spence roadster to Chili Catallo’s Lil’ Deuce Coupe, the American Graffiti coupe, and the cars of such hot rodding legends as Gray Baskerville, Ray Brown, Boyd Coddington, Ak Miller, and Veda Orr—each of the 75 vehicles gets its own spread, with rare and famous photographs and detailed descriptions of the car’s history, mechanics, and design. Produced in cooperation with Ford Motor Company, this spectacular book, for vintage-car enthusiasts and hot rodders alike, also includes a foreword by Edsel B. Ford II, grandson of the Deuce’s principle stylist. Publisher's Note: In 2007, Ford Motor Company will launch a yearlong tour of the "75 Most Significant Deuce Hot Rods" that will display several of the cars - some are still missing - at shows and events across the U.S.
Format: Hardbound
Pages: 324
Length: 10.875 x 12.25
ISBN-13: 9780760317419
ISBN: 0760317410
Catalog ID: 139630
Price: $50.00
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40 Ford

Motorbooks and The Henry Ford have teamed up to bring you an unprecedented celebration and history of the ’40 Ford titled “’40 Ford: Evolution – Design – Racing – Hot Rodding” by Joseph Cabadas
Notable for its streamlined style and deco details, the ’40 Ford has gained in popularity among today’s classic car nostalgists and hot rodders who remember the models as monsters of the drag strip and as affordable first cars or hot rod platforms of their youth.
In this illustrated history of the ’40 Ford, auto historian Joe Cabadas delves into the archive of The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, to offer a complete history of the 1940 Ford: the design and production process that led to the car; the various body styles; motorsports (both circle-track and drag racing); and hot rodding. Sidebars feature prominent, key figures within Ford, the cars in popular culture, significant contemporary automobiles from competitors, and more. Two hundred rare photographs and illustrations from the collections of The Henry Ford and from photographers around the country marvelously illustrate the iconic automobile.
Born in Detroit, Joseph P. Cabadas is a longtime automotive reporter and the award-winning author of Motorbooks’ River Rouge: Ford’s Industrial Colossus (2005) and The American Auto Factory (2003). He lives in Dearborn, Michigan.
Glen Wilkinson on April 6 2011

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50 Years of Hot Rod

Author: Editors-HR Mag
Over the past 50 years Hot Rod magazine has been at the forefront of the performance movement by featuring photographs and articles of dragsters, roadsters, slingshots, buggies, kemps, coupes, and their drivers. Now you can take this nostalgic look back through pages that have captured the imaginations of gearheads nationwide by featuring the works of customizing greats Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Von Dutch and George Barris, to name a few. Complete with five full decades of archival black and white and color photographs of the cars and personalities that make up hot rodding history.
Format: Softbound, 10 x 10, 192 pgs., 150 b&w and 125 color ill.
Pages: 192
Length: 10w x 10h
ISBN-13: 9780760319352
ISBN: 0760319359
Catalog ID: 137363AP
Price: $24.95
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American Custom Car

Author: Pat Ganahl
Among the hardest core of American automotive enthusiasts there has always existed a desire to press automotive styling and performance a step further than the showroom floor -- a need to truly craft an automobile of one's own.
This photographic and cultural history of the American custom car examines the evolution of this phenomenon from the 1930s to present, covering touchstone trends, influential builders (Barris, Roth, Coddington, et al), significant auto shows, vital enthusiast magazines and regional variations in styling.
An expansive collection of rare period photography and exclusive modern shots also helps illustrate how Detroit influenced the styling of customs (and vice versa), the explosion of the custom car scene after World War II and the factors which led to the custom's near-death in the 1960s and its resurgence in the '80s. But most of all, this comprehensive chronicle is a showcase of the great cars and people who influenced the movement through the years.
Format: Softbound
Pages: 168
Length: 10w x 10h
ISBN-13: 9780760324479
ISBN: 0760324476
Catalog ID: 140586
Price: $12.99
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American Hot Rod: How To Build a Hot Rod with Boyd Coddington

Author: Dennis Parks
Dennis Parks. The increasingly popular Discovery Channel series American Hot Rod stars legendary builder Boyd Coddington. In each episode, Coddington pushes his staff to create the stunning hot rods he designs. Featuring photography from the shows set, this book offers a detailed how-to guide for hot rod builders. It covers planning and budgeting, and a wealth of color photos shows all the steps involved in creating a hot rod.
Photos: 300 color, 50 b/w
Format: Softbound
Pages: 176
Length: 8.25w x 10.62h
ISBN-13: 9780760321652
ISBN: 0760321655
Catalog ID: 139349AP

Price: $19.95

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Anatomy of the Hot Rod

Author: Doug Mitchel
Not long ago hot rods were tagged as the rebellious stepchild of the automobile industry. Just look how things have changed. Today these flame-plainted, chromed-out powerhouses are the golden chldren of the reality television generation. Anatomy of a Hot Rod explores 40 of the most spectacular open-air roadsters, flame-wrapped led sleds and primer-colored rat rods ever created. Hot rodders and the people who love them will discover 400 of the most amazing color photos of interiors and exteriors, plus details about the techniques used to create each car and background about each builder.
Format: Hardbound
Pages: 256
Length: 10.75w x 10.75h
ISBN-13: 9780896894501
ISBN: 0896894509
Catalog ID: 146166
Price: $35.00

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Art of the Hot Rod

Author: Ken Gross
The best hot rods are art on four wheels, and this book is nothing less than a gallery of the best of American hot rods. Profiling top builders and featuring studio portraits of their most outstanding custom creations, this book celebrates the uniquely American marriage of mechanical know-how and an inspired sense of style and design. Built from the ground up, pieced together from salvaged parts, rebuilt with classic looks and futuristic technology--these are automotive works of art, as powerful on the page as they are on the street.
Format: Hardbound
Pages: 240
Length: 10.5 x 12
ISBN-13: 9780760322826
ISBN: 0760322821
Catalog ID: 139419
Price: $40.00

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Australia's Hot Rod Heritage

Author: Larry O'Toole
A pictorial history of Australias early hot rodding days from the albums of rodders who were part of the scene. Chapters cover the Early Hot Rods on the Street and in the Shows, Early Drag Racing, and Australias Custom Cars. A follow-up title to the enormously successful History of Australian Street Rodding by the same author.
Format: Softbound
Pages: 256
Length: 8.25w x 11h
ISBN-13: 9780949398987
ISBN: 0949398985
Catalog ID: 137496
Price: $29.95

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Australia's Hot Rod Pioneers

Hot rodding in Australia first became semi-organized from 1956 with the formation of the Southern Hot Rod Club. That quickly spawned more clubs and drag strips followed as the hot rodders formed themselves into associations and looked for somewhere to race their cars.

Organized shows followed with many of the same hot rodders involved in their promotion . Many of the participants fromn this era of early Australian hot rodding are now retired and their memories are fading.

Using their photo collections as a resource, Australia's Hot Rod Pioneers has been produced to ensure their pioneering days are recorded for all generations of hot rodders to enjoy.

Author: Larry O'Toole
Format: Paperback, 272 Pages
Item: 146479
ISBN: 9780949398512
Publisher: Graffiti Publications

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Automotive Custom Interiors

Author: Sue Elliott
Perhaps more than any other aspect of a vehicle, the interior lends itself to customization and the expression of a character, desire, or conviction. With images of an incredible assortment of custom interiors, this book covers every aspect of design to help make your dream interior a reality.
Paperback 160pp 8.2 x 10.6” 600 color photos
#145612 $24.99

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Barris Cars of the Stars

Author: George Barris
Since the 1960s, George Barris has been one of the world's most famous car customizers, creating countless one-of-a-kind custom rides out of his North Hollywood shop. Given Barris' proximity to Tinseltown, it was only natural that when the world's most famous Hollywood celebrities wanted to have their cars customized, they turned to George. Barris Cars of the Stars features rare images of Barris with his celebrity clients and the custom cars he built for them, along with commentary and stories from the "King of Kustomizers" himself. Featured celebrities include such luminaries as Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, John Travolta, Sammy Davis Jr., Farrah Fawcett, Bo Derek, Ann-Margret, Neil Diamond, the Beach Boys, and many others.
Format: Hardbound
Pages: 160
Length: 8.25 x 10.625
ISBN-13: 9780760332221
Catalog ID: 145416
Price: $30.00

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Barris Kustom Techniques of the '50s Flames, Scallops, Paneling and Striping

People are as interesting in painting and customizing now, as they were when this material was first created, in the 1950s. Everyone wants to know how to do a flame job, or how to run a pair of pinstripes straight down the side of their car. In this book George Barris explains how he and brother Sam did their custom painting and early flame jobs in the 1950s. No one can tell this story as well as George Barris, a fine photographer and the man who built many of the cars shown in the book.   This particular book, Volume 4, contains more than just the photos and words of George Barris. This volume contains first-person side-bars by legendary painters and builders like Dean Jeffries and Larry Watson, describing how they developed their talents and what it was like to customize cars in those days.

Author: George Barris
Format: Paperback, 144 Pages
Item: 146435
ISBN: 9781929133550
Publisher: Wolfgang Publications, Inc.

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Barris Kustom Techniques of the '50s, Volume2: Grilles, Scoops, Fins and Frenching

Author: George Barris
Custom cars and car-building techniques of the 1950s are more popular now than they were then. Car builders and home-based enthusiasts yearn for information on the "real" custom cars and the men who built them. Filled with car features and in-the-shop how-to sequences, this book is filled with photos and copy by George Barris. The book explains tricks and techniques used to build the very sophisticated custom cars that came out of the Barris Custom Shop in Los Angeles. This book, and all the books in this series, are extremely important, not only for their wonderful photographs and great how-to sequences, but because they capture a big piece of automotive history, as told by a man who was very big part of that history. The true beauty and significance of this book is the first person narrative written by George Barris, and Georges excellent photographs that capture both the beauty of the cars, and the techniques used to create them.
Format: Softbound
Pages: 144
Length: 8.5w x 11h
ISBN-13: 9781929133567
ISBN: 1929133561
Catalog ID: 146496

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Billy F Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead

Author: Billy F Gibbons
The ZZ Top frontman offers fans an exclusive look at his multifaceted interests and collections. Gibbons riffs on his childhood and adolescence in Texas, a recording career that has now spanned nearly four decades, and his life on the road, in which he has shared the stage with the likes of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. The Good Reverend also profiles many of his favorite personal artifacts, revealing the tales behind dozens of guitars and outstanding rods, customs, and daily drivers, including Kopperhed, CadZZilla, and the Eliminator coupe.
Format: Hardbound
Pages: 192
Length: 10-1/2”x 12”
ISBN-13: 9780760322697
ISBN: 0760322694
Catalog ID: 139847AP
Price: $29.95

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Boyd Coddington's Hot Rod Engines, Drivelines & Chassis

Author: Timothy Remus
Boyd Coddington is the star of the popular Discovery Channel show American Hot Rod, which has over 7 million viewers. His award-winning hot rods command top dollar among collectors and patrons. Monster chopper builder Jesse James and master designer Chip Foose have both worked for Boyd and learned from this legendary builder.
Format: Softbound
Pages: 320
Length: 8.25w x 10.625h
ISBN-13: 9780760322659
ISBN: 0760322651
Catalog ID: 139392AP
Price: $29.95

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Building Guide for Basic Hot Rods

Le Roi Tex Smith. This book is a guide, intended solely to give you ideas for your own basic hot rod design, including a few interesting building scenarios. Recently rediscovered by rodders intent on regaining the roots of the hobby, these cars are known as retro-rods, rat rods, nostalgia rods . . . The description that has come to the fore within the ranks of experienced rodders today is to call these cars "Scrappers". As in cars that are made up of scrap parts from various vehicles. Contains photographs featuring hot rods from the annual Bonneville Salt Flats Speedweek event.

Author: Sandy Randsford
Format: Paperback, 194 Pages
Item: 139959
ISBN: 9781878772206
Publisher: Hot Rod Library, Inc

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California Hot Rodder

Ride with the author through the '50s heyday of hot rodding. Includes numerous photos and cartoons.

Author: Jay Carnine
Format: Paperback, 200 Pages
Item: 130729
ISBN: 9780949398109
Publisher: Graffiti Publications

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Chopping Tops - Practical Hot Rodder's Guide

Achieve your goal with minimum fuss and maximum results! Few modifications change the appearance of a vehicle as much as a well executed top chop. In this information-packed guide, Larry O'Toole shows you how to prepare, mark out and accomplish a top chop on a range of vehicles, from early hot rod coupes to classic American Chevys, and even a Falcon sedan delivery from the sixties. Learn how and where to measure for the chop, how to build an internal frame for the vehicle so that everything stays in alignment while the roof is off, and how to modify the windshield glass to suit the new roofline. Hundreds of step-by-step photos lay out every step of the process.

Author: Larry O'Toole

Format: Paperback, 160 Pages
Item: 130730
ISBN: 9780949398185
Publisher: Graffiti Publications
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Classic Customs and Lead Sleds

This book will take you back, and maybe you'll want to stay there. -- Ken Gross. Featuring Bertilsson's fantastic photography, this book covers the contemporary hot rods and features the best builders on the West Coast from the past 15 years. Whole chapters are devoted to legendary do-it-yourself builders like Larry Watson and Gene Winfield, plus coverage of shows and custom clubs. Read it, dig the pictures, and see if doesn't make you want to pick up a torch and take three inches out of that too-tall roofline. Packed with color and stunning classic cars.

Author: Bo Bertilsson
Format: Paperback, 128 Pages
Item: 131203
ISBN: 9780760308516
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Classic Hot Rod Style

Trends come and go in hot rodding, but true hot rod style never goes out of vogue. It is hard to define but you know it when you see it.  Larry O’Toole has been a hot rodder, magazine editor, photographer, book publisher and author on the subject of hot rodding for over 40 years and he has documented every emerging trend from the entire hot rod world. Who better to bring you the latest in that constantly evolving hobby where styling trends meet engineering ability?  Traditional hot rods have been cycled and recycled for many years and each time there is a wave of interest in this style of hot rod, that emulates an earlier time, there is evolution of the breed taking place.  “Classic Hot Rod Style”, O’Toole’s latest foray into the worldwide phenomenon of traditional hot rodding brings the reader a feast of photographic images that capture the mysterious, intangible ingredient that defines a stand-out hot rod. Even the most die-hard of hot rod fans will struggle to describe what it is that sets such hot rods apart from the rest, they will pause and tell you it is that certain something that is inherent in their design – it’s that “Classic Hot Rod Style”.  Gathered together in this fabulous full-color production is a thoroughly researched essay on the evolution of the Classic Hot Rod Style that makes the cars featured throughout the book perfect examples of the breed. This descriptive story is followed up with in-depth features on many such examples with full details on what their owners used to assemble their dream hot rods, together with hundreds of clear photographs that let you see inside these Classic Hot Rods. Finally a pictorial gathering of dozens more examples of the breed let you see where hot rodding is headed in the future. All have been selected for their contribution to that certain something that sets them apart from the pack, it’s that Classic Hot Rod Style that every hot rodder loves.

Author: Larry O'Toole
Foreword by: Leroy Tex Smith
Format: Paperback 140pp 9.7 x 9” color throughout
Item: #146481 $24.95
ISBN: 9780949398598
Publisher: Graffiti Publications


Cole Foster and Salinas Boyz Customs

Style. Substance.
Cole Foster & Mike Lavella,
with Foreword by Kirk Hammett
For nearly twenty years, Cole Fosters Salinas Boys shop had been rolling out some of the tightest hot rods and customs to hit the road.
Hardcover 160pp 9.2 x 10.8” 154 color & 19 b/w photos
#144599 $35.00

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Dean Jeffries - 50 Fabulous Years in Hot Rods, Racing & Film

An unassuming craftsman, legendary car builder Dean Jeffries has always preferred to let his creations speak for themselves. This book provides a rare, close-up look at the man, and the life, behind the Mantaray, the Monkeemobile, the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty, and James Bond’s moon buggy, among countless others.
Drawing on extensive interviews with Jeffries, bestselling Motorbooks author Tom Cotter gives readers the inside story on how, with little more than determination, raw talent, and a high school education, Jeffries became such an extraordinary figure in the automotive world. Cotter details the multiple careers Jeffries mastered at once, from custom painting and pinstriping to metal shaping and design. The book offers Jeffries’ own account of the circumstances behind the famous TV and movie cars that followed, as well as the relationships he enjoyed with personalities as varied as A. J. Foyt, Steve McQueen, James Dean, Bruce Lee, Parnelli Jones, and Elvis Presley.  Cotter also chronicles Jeffries’ work on well-known hot rods, sports cars, and Indy racers—including the 21 starting cars Jeffries painted in a single Indianapolis 500. Featuring more than 200 images from Jeffries’ own archive, here finally is a book that truly brings to life the man behind the legend.

Author: Tom Cotter
Foreword by: Bruce Meyer
Format: Hardcover, 192 Pages
Item: 145638
ISBN: 9780760333464
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Engineering Street Rods

Nothing matches the sense of achievement gained from building your own street rod! Before you "dig in" it is important to have a basic understanding of the engineering principles involved. Hands-on hot rodder Larry O'Toole provides you with a complete understanding of the engineering fundamentals involved in building a safe and reliable street rod. Be secure in the knowledge that the components you use in your car and the way they're fitted are perfect in every way.

Author: Larry O'Toole
Format: Paperback, 144 Pages
Item: 126392
ISBN: 9780949398819
Publisher: Graffiti Publications

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History of Australian Street Rodding

The book forms the basis of a feature on the history of Australian Street Rodding which is to appear in the Rodder's Journal issue 22.The History of Australian Street Rodding is 256 pages with 48 in full color and documents the history of the hobby as shown through the pages of Street Rodding magazine over 25 years, plus a special chapter on the period of history before the magazine was published.

Author: Larry O'Toole
Format: Paperback, 256 Pages
Item: 136392
ISBN: 9780949398666
Publisher: Graffiti Publications

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Hot Rod Body and Chassis Builder's Guide

You’re building a hot rod.  The first step is the chassis.  If it’s not right, the car won’t handle well.  If it’s really not right, the car might destroy itself.  There are choices to be made, from frame rails to suspension components, and some combinations will work better than others.  Next is the body. This is what everyone sees first. It’s what makes a hot rod a hot rod.  This book is a sure-fire guide to the best approach.  Veteran builder and writer Dennis Parks walks you through the whole process, from finding and using existing panels to choosing New Old Stock panels from the aftermarket.  The Hot Rod Body and Chassis Builder's Guide offers fool-proof advice for building the hot rod of your dreams.

Author: Dennis W. Parks
Foreword by: John Kimbrough
Format: Paperback, 176 Pages
Item: 144584
ISBN: 9780760335321
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Hot Rods

When it comes to building your hot rod, you’re faced with choices for everything from which go-fast goodies to slap on your mill to what paint and other eye candy might define your rod more than anything else.  And when it comes to a hot rod, parts aren’t just parts; it’s all in how they come together - either it works or it doesn’t.
This new Motorbooks Idea Book covers every system of a traditional hot rod - be it roadster, coupe, or tub - illustrating with hundreds of color photos the various options for frame rails, suspension, steering, brakes, wheels and tires, drivetrain, electrics, cooling, body, interior, and paint.  Looking through this book, you’ll be able to assess which choices fit your aesthetic sensibility as well as how they suit your plan to use your hot rod.  You’ll also get the “big picture”--a clear idea of how some choices work together and others just don’t mesh in the same car.  Whether you’re looking for inspiration or practical answers, this book will guide you from off-the-shelf, fabricated, and even found parts and pieces to the finished hot rod of your dreams.

Author: Dain Gingerelli
Format: Paperback, 160 Pages
Item: 145803
ISBN: 9780760335161
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Hot Rod Garages 

Author: Peter Vincent You’ve seen the hot rods and custom rides, even looked into the hot rodding lifestyle, but what about where it all starts—in the garages humble or grand where countless hours of machining and wrenching, welding and shaping, elbow grease and inspiration bring a hot rodder’s vision to life. In this book, acclaimed hot rod photographer Peter Vincent takes readers into the shops and garages of more than two dozen rod and custom builders across the U.S. From individuals crafting the cars of their dreams to prominent shops turning out cool rides for top dollar, these are the builders in their element.
For the hot rod builder, a working environment takes on a whole new meaning; and here, in fascinating pictures and words, readers learn how shops and garages inform and reflect each custom creation. The book offers an intimate look into the garages of legends like Pete Eastwood and shop such as Rolling Bones; celebrated builders-for-hire like Vern Tardel, and Cole Foster; and top-of-the-line shops such as Brizio Street Rods and Steve Moal’s operation. The result is the next best thing to being there—a book that vividly summons the nature of these spaces and the cars they produce. 
Format: Hardbound
Pages: 224
Length: 9.25 x 10.875
ISBN-13: 9780760326961
Catalog ID: 145425
Price: $40.00

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Hot Rod Kings - Top Traditional Rod and Custom Builders

Here are the hot rodders we'll worship tomorrow. Kevin Thomson and David Perry venture into the shops of all-steel apostles Cole Foster, Gary Howard, Keith Tardel, the Kennedy Brothers, Jimmy White, Mike Smith, Rudy Rodriguez, Scott Mugford, and Mercury Charlie and offer profiles of todays top hot rod and custom builders.

Hot rodders themselves, Thomson and Perry get to the heart of what makes todays hot rodders go, how they think, who they are, and what makes them builders worth watching.

Author: Kevin Thomson
Photographer: David Perry Foreword by: Billy F Gibbons
Format: Hardcover, 160 Pages
Item: 144156
ISBN: 9780760327388
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Hot Rod Magazine All the Covers

In its sixty-plus years of existence, Hot Rod magazine has featured hundreds of cars on its cover. To those in the muscle car, street machine, and hot rodding hobby, having their car selected for the cover is the ultimate coup, a near unsurpassable bragging right. Often, the cover car is a landmark vehicle that sets new standards for years to come. Hot Rod Magazine All the Covers showcases each cover in full color, along with images of the cover car from select issues.

Author: Drew Hardin
Editor: Editors of Hot Rod Magazine
Format: Hardcover, 256 Pages
Item: 149642
ISBN: 9780760338179
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Hot Rod Pin-Ups II

Following on the success of his 2005 bestseller Hot Rod Pin-ups, ace photographer David Perry offers an all-new collection of images winningly riffing on the timeless theme of girls ’n’ cars—specifically, girls ‘n’ hot rods.   

In the garage, on the road, at the race, these sumptuous pictures by the acknowledged master of contemporary hot rod pin-up photography recall classic 1950s illustrators like Vargas and Elvgren.  But the beauties in Perry’s photographs have been transported to--and, it seems, transported by--the cluttered chop shops, deafening drag strips, and dusty highways that hot rods call home.  Sharing top billing are the cars of many of today’s top builders, as well as painstakingly perfect wardrobes and settings.  Essays by male and female stars of the hot rod world round out this delightful book.

Photographer: David Perry Foreword by: Coop
Format: Hardcover, 144 Pages
Item: 145392
ISBN: 9780760331712
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Hot Rod Roots

Here are hot rodding's true pioneers--the guys who raced the lakes in the mid-century, the ones who broke the records, and those who, through sheer ingenuity, transformed discarded car bodies, flathead V-8s, and four-bangers into the stuff of myth. In essays by some of the most respected journalists in hot rodding today, these icons of the early days come to life, and the history of hot rodding unfolds in all its gritty glory. Featured throughout are rare photographs drawn from the archives of the American Hot Rod Foundation, an institution dedicated to preserving, promoting, and celebrating the history of hot rodding.

Compiled by noted hot rod author Dain Gingerelli, the essays in Hot Rod Roots take up topics crucial to the development of hot rodding from the 1920s to the early 60s: Robert Genat explores the symbiotic relationship between hot rodders and the U.S. military during World War II; Pat Ganahl delves into the birth of the belly tank and its lasting effects on the sport; Greg Sharp tracks hot rodding's impact on the development of circle-track racing; Gingerelli explains how the sanctioning of quarter-mile drag racing accelerated hot roddings growth; Ken Gross documents the effect of enthusiast magazines and car shows; and Mark Morton shows how hot rodding's early roots will always remain a part of the sport.

This book also includes a foreword by So-Cal Speed Shop founder and dry lakes pioneer Alex Xydias.

Editor: Dain Gingerelli
Photographer: American Hot Rod Foundation
Foreword by: Alex Xydias
Format: Hardcover, 176 Pages
Item: 144232
ISBN: 9780760328187
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Hot Rods

Chopped or channeled, candy metalflaked or rusted-out, hot rods are institutions of American motoring. This collection of more than three dozen roadsters, coupes, rat rods, and show cars provides a nicely priced, all-color survey of this enduring hobby. Each hot rod is featured in full-vehicle and detail shots of the car, a brief history of the car and the build, and more.

Author: Alan Mayes
Format: Paperback, 240 Pages
Item: 149685
ISBN: 9780760338612
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Hot Rods and Custom Cars

Comprehensive coverage of more than 40 hot rods and custom cars, from the Boyd Smoothster to Deuce Coupes to Willys Gassers.

Illustrated with over 400 full-color, specially commissioned photographs detailing every aspect of these radical machines Includes comprehensive specification panels giving detailed technical and performance information.

Describes the design and engineering modifications of each vehicle.

Author: Craig Cheetham
Format: Hardcover, 192 Pages
Item: 143029
ISBN: 9780760325636
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Hot Rods & Street Rods

Discover antique, classic and newfound relics in this amazing collection of automobiles. For serious collectors or curious beginners. The automobile is not only regarded as having shaped America, its birth and early life can also be seen as a microcosm of the history of the 20th century - often referred to as the American century.

Author: John Carroll
Format: Paperback, 448 Pages
Item: 159251
ISBN: 9780785822516
Publisher: Book Sales, Inc.

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How to Build a Cheap Hot Rod

The ever-escalating cost of building or buying a hot rod is leaving more and more would-be hot rodders behind. This book will get those hopefuls off the sidelines by showing how a hot rod can be built for less than the cost of, say, a new Hyundai.

Author Dennis Parks documents his own project--building a quintessentially cool Model T roadster from a "Track-T" kit--showing in step-by-step detail how to turn a pile of parts into a rockin hot rod. He provides a detailed, easy-to-follow guide for building a car of your own.

The advice and instructions cover every aspect of an affordable hot rod build, from establishing the target vehicle and budget, to finding parts, building the car, and fine tuning the finished vehicle on the road.

With Parks' money-saving tips and photo-supported how-to sequences, virtually anyone with minimal mechanical skills and the will to use them can be sure of building their hot rod right, and for the right price. The book also includes a full resource guide and recommendations for further reading.

Author: Dennis W. Parks
Foreword by: Tom Prufer
Format: Paperback, 192 Pages
Item: 140305
ISBN: 9780760323489
Publisher: Motorbooks
Series: Motorbooks Workshop

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How to Build Hot Rod Chassis

From one of the true legends in hot rodding comes the most complete and up-to-date guide to building hot rod chassis ever offered. Applicable to any make car or pickup truck, this guide covers frame repair, modification and construction, how to correctly install independent front and rear suspensions, solid front and rear axles, how to select springs, shocks, brakes and steering, how to make your hot rod handle, and more.

Author: Tex Smith
Format: Paperback, 190 Pages
Item: 130943
ISBN: 9781878772022
Publisher: Hot Rod Library, Inc

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How to Build a Traditional Ford Hot Rod

Build your own flathead roadster just as it would have been built in the 1950s! Using a 1929 Ford Model A, this guide follows its construction from start to fantastic finish. Bishop begins with a wealth of expert advice on planning your project, finding traditional parts, and acquiring the tools, time, space, and services needed. From frame, front suspension and steering, to brakes, engine and transmission, Bishop's expert approach is fully illustrated with specially commissioned photos and line drawings.

Author: Mike Bishop
Format: Paperback, 160 Pages
Item: 130550
ISBN: 9780760309001
Publisher: Motorbooks

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How to Build Ford Flathead V-8 Horsepower

This is a follow-up and companion to the successful How to Build a Flathead Ford V-8. This new edition describes the build-up of a 1946-1948 model 59 engine with a 4-barrel carburetor, a blown French flathead engine, and a blown Ardun engine-designed for street use. Many French flathead engines have been purchased by flathead lovers in the United States. There is a strong demand for those engine blocks, and the purchasers are desperate for any build-up information. The popularity of the Ardun is amazing, and this second volume contains a load of new information about the Ardun, as well as information and photographs of the lastest flathead goodies, such as crankshafts, connecting rods, intake manifolds, and cylinder heads.

Author: George McNicholl
Format: Paperback, 192 Pages
Item: 139914
ISBN: 9780760322901
Publisher: Motorbooks

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How to Build the High-Performance Street Flathead

Even if you've never attempted to take apart a rusted, old engine, you'll probably be able to after checking out this new book. Up-close photos illustrate how to take an engine apart, what to watch for during disassembly and how to reassemble the unit (and not have any parts left over!). The author even includes an extensive supplier directory.

Author: Mike Davidson
Format: Paperback, 88 Pages
Item: 133670
ISBN: 9780949398345
Publisher: Graffiti Publications

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How to Chop Tops

Chopping a top is an essential part of building a hot rod. The planning, the preparation, the actual cutting, and then the reassembly, each step must be completed correctly or the entire project will be in jeopardy. This book gives the reader six, start-to-finish; top chops that show each step in the process, from paper sketches to the final welding. Readers can use the examples shown in the book to perform their own chop – while avoiding the mistakes that first-time builders often make.

This book contains more than photo sequences, and also includes interviews with professional hot rod builders who help to explain the fine points of cutting and welding. As they explain, careful planning, followed by cautious execution, can reduce the amount of work enormously, and ensure a positive outcome—a very cool hot rod with a chopped top.

Author: Timothy Remus
Format: Paperback, 144 Pages
Item: 146437
ISBN: 9781929133499
Publisher: Wolfgang Publications, Inc.

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How to Pinstripe

Even before the heyday of Von Dutch and Big Daddy, the ultimate way to personalize your car or motorcycle was to lay some wicked lines on top of the paintwork. Done with a steady hand and an eye for style, pinstripes speak volumes. In How to Pinstripe, acclaimed veteran striper Alan Johnson teaches you everything you need to know to get started, to further your mastery of the form, or to simply understand how a good design comes together.

Following a primer on the history and evolution of pinstriping, this book launches into a step-by-step guide to the pinstriping process--from choosing paint and brushes that suit your style and abilities, to preparing surfaces, experimenting with symmetrical and asymmetrical designs, striping freehand, and using grids and patterns. While stressing the importance of finding your own style and having fun with the hobby, Johnson also explains the basics of color theory and unique considerations for antique and classic cars, hot rods and customs, and motorcycles.

For more advanced pinstripers, theres also tried-and-true advice on apprenticing and working car shows. Illustrated with color photography throughout, How to Pinstripe is the perfect source for beginners and veterans alike.

Author: Alan Johnson
Foreword by: Roger Morrison
Format: Paperback, 160 Pages
Item: 144457
ISBN: 9780760327494
Publisher: Motorbooks

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How to Plate, Polish, and Chrome

Whether you own a custom motorcycle or a flamed-out hot rod, beautifully finished metal parts are the finishing touch that transforms a nice machine into a million-dollar baby. Aluminum and steel can be polished, chromed, anodized, plated, and painted, and this book shows enthusiasts how to do it. The book includes what is required, what it will cost, when to use different processes and whether to have a professional do it or tackle the project at home. Author Dennis Parks answers every question completely and clearly, and offers step-by-step instructions for whatever is within the purview of home mechanics.

Author: Dennis W. Parks
Foreword by: Roger Ward
Format: Paperback, 144 Pages
Item: 140445
ISBN: 9780760326725
Publisher: Motorbooks


How to Wire Your Hot Rod

Dennis Overholser
The one automotive job we all dread is the wiring. Yet, with help from this new how-to book, even the neophyte mechanic can install a wiring harness.
Paperback 144pp 8.5 x 11” 300 color and 5 b/w photos #143149 $27.95

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Kustomland - The Custom Car Photography of James Potter, 1955-1959

In the late 1950s, as designers from the Big Three became more daring, their do-it-yourself counterparts in the custom-car world found that the new designs from Detroit worked exceptionally well with custom treatments like shaving, lowering, “lakes pipes,” and the ever-wilder custom painting of the day—aesthetics that would come to dominate this peak custom car era. Professional freelance photographer James Potter captured the epicenter of this landmark scene in what was then suburban Los Angeles.
In this photographic history of that time and place, Thom Taylor presents the best of Potter’s collection depicting the cars of “Kustomland.” Two- and four-page features on two-dozen renowned customs from mild to radical feature not only Potter’s exemplary work, but brief capsule histories of the cars and their owners and captions detailing the cars’ features. Taylor also includes features on legendary custom painter Larry Watson and the Renegades car club, as well as a biography of Potter and a historic overview of Kustomland and the areas it encompassed.
See Motorbooks author Thom Taylor interviewed by Jay Leno on

Author: Thom Taylor
Format: Hardcover, 128 Pages
Item: 139912
ISBN: 9780760322598
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Merchants of Speed

Hot rodding has always been about taking something that Detroit built and making it leaner and faster. At the epicenter of the movement was a cast of driven men who designed and manufactured the parts that made it all possible.  This book takes an appreciative look back at the early hot rodders who worked out of their garages, basements, and backyards, and the “speed equipment” they developed. 
In this mammoth volume, Paul Smith examines the stories behind two dozen speed equipment manufacturers and the go-fast goodies they designed, developed, and sold.  Drawing upon hundreds of hours of interviews conducted with these founding fathers of hot rodding, Smith details the work of industry icons such as Iskenderian, Edelbrock, Evans, Hilborn, Navarro, Offenhauser, Sharp, Weiand, Ansen, and Kong.  Illustrated with more than 200 period photos and filled with firsthand accounts of the birth of hot rodding—and the automotive aftermarket industry—this book is a truly fitting celebration of the names that became synonymous with speed.

Author: Paul D. Smith
Foreword by: Barney Navarro
Format: Hardcover, 240 Pages
Item: 145858
ISBN: 9780760335673
Publisher: Motorbooks

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SO-CAL Speed Shop - The Fast Tale of the California Racers Who Made Hot Rod History

The ability of U.S. car enthusiasts to satisfy their need for speed changed dramatically in the late 1940s as car-crazy veterans returned home from World War II with formal mechanical training, courtesy of Uncle Sam. This is the story of how one such veteran, an ex-B-17 airman named Alex Xydias, established the SO-CAL Speed Shop and helped transform hot rodding from a scruffy, underground, outlaw sport into a defining part of postwar American culture.

Author: Mark Christensen
Format: Hardcover, 192 Pages
Item: 139604
ISBN: 9780760322635
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Souping the Stock Engine, 1950 Edition

This Roger Huntington classic will help you understand how things were done in 1950. Engines discussed include the Cadillac OHV, Chevrolet 6, Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge 6 & V-8, Ford Model A & B, Offenhauser Midget, Studebaker Champion 6, and others. Covers general engine performance, characteristics, paths to power, the block and lower half, cylinder head, gas flow, and more.

Author: Roger Huntington
Format: Paperback, 192 Pages
Item: 124988
ISBN: 9781555611378
Publisher: California Bill's Automotive Handbooks

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The All-American Hot Rod - The Cars. The Legends. The Passion.

Hot rods have made legends, taking the spotlight in all aspects of the beach culture, in movies, and in music. They represent youth, rebellion, and a drive to do things a little differently. The hot rod movement has always been a grassroots, groundswell movement, an underground art form that defies a straightforward chronicle succinctly tied up with a bow. The All-American Hot Rod is a history by those who lived it, the numerous voices and images of people who know and love the hot rod like nothing else. It’s truly an all-American tale with an exhaust note heard ’round the world. If you’re still in awe of that first hot rod, still driving and tuning hot rods, or still dreaming of hot rods, then this book is for you. 

Editor: Michael Dregni
Format: Paperback, 200 Pages
Item: 149654
ISBN: 9780760338285
Publisher: Motorbooks

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The Electroline Diaries - A journey with the Burbank Choppers car club

In The Electroline Diaries, author Laurent Bagnard and his trusty Nikon F2 follow the Choppers on a journey through southern California, Las Vegas, and even a huge hot rod show in Yokohama, Japan, where the Choppers were guests of Mooneyes, the famed speed parts company. He captures the Choppers in their element--hanging out with fellow hot rodders, catching their favorite bands, traveling to car shows far and wide, and cruising in their cool-as-hell hot rods. The Electroline Diaries is a window into the unique lifestyle of the Choppers that has influenced gearhead culture around the world. Burbank Choppers celebrates today's kustom kulture from an insider's perspective, and is sure to become a landmark of car and pop culture.

Author: Laurent Bagnard
Format: Paperback, 208 Pages
Item: 146110
ISBN: 9781932494655
Publisher: CarTech


The Hot Rod World of Robt. Williams

Robt. Williams & Mike LaVella with Foreword by Pete Chapouris Here, for the first time, Robert Williams presents his extraordinary body of work in the context of his hot rod background.
Hardcover 176pp 10 x 10” 167 color & 19 b/w photos
#139942 NOW $10.00


The Legendary Custom Cars and Hot Rods of Gene Winfield

David Grant with Foreword by Spence Murray Cutting his teeth into the postwar hot rod scene of 1950s California, Winfield eventually gravitated to the media of custom cars and became one of its preeminent purveyors.
Hardcover 176pp 9.2 x 10.8” 140 color & 110 b/w photos #144196 $40.00

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The Ultimate Hot Rod Dictionary

Every hot rodding magazine ever published (not to mention numerous books and countless web sites) has taken stabs at creating comprehensive glossaries of automotive enthusiasts terms and phrases. Finally Motorbooks has done it right with the publication of The Ultimate Hot Rod Dictionary. The title says it all. This book is 243 pages thick and includes more than 1,600 words and phrases, with definitions, phrase origins and examples of usage. In addition, the dictionary includes more than 225 line-art illustrations."If you never thought you'd find yourself reading a dictionary, this informative and fun book may surprise you. - Rod and Custom, October, 2004Perplexed about Peg Leggers? Curious about Crazy Stacks? Every enthusiast group inevitably spawns its own slang, but few are as rich as that which has evolved around the world of hot rods and customs. Once a unique American sub-language, the gearhead vernacular has long since gone global. Containing some 1,700 entries, this first-ever dictionary of the colorful language and phraseology that has developed in the world of hot rodding and customizing features not just terms used to describe the technologies and designs, but also those pertaining to the culture itself. In the end it's not just a dictionary with something for everyone from newbies to vets, but a book that reveals how the customizers have, in fact, customized their lingo. Includes specially commissioned line-art illustrations and cross-references for related or like terms.

Author: Jeff Breitenstein
Format: Paperback, 244 Pages
Item: 137241
ISBN: 9780760318232
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Nostalgia Street Rods

The latest trend sweeping the street rod movement is a return to the styling concepts of the 40's and 50's. Here author Larry O'Toole has gathered together nostalgia rods from all over the world and packaged them together in this stunning, full-color collection of some of the best examples to be found.

Author: Larry O'Toole
Format: Paperback, 112 Pages
Item: 126389
ISBN: 9780949398574
Publisher: Graffiti Publications


Old School Customs
Top Traditional Custom
Car Builders

Alan Mayes
Today, the mild-to-wild styles and techniques that grew out of the 1930s custom car movement might seem like they’ve been around forever. Fortunately, a number of top-notch builders are keeping these classic elements alive. Old School Customs showcases the work of some of the men who keep making custom car history. Author Alan Mayes includes profiles of top builders from across the country and features archival images detailing earlier work of these history-making custom builders of today.
Hardcover 160pp 9.2 x 10.8” 150 color & 25 b/w photos
#145744 $35.00

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Old School Hot Rods

Hot topic -- millions of people tune in each week to custom car building television shows: American Hot Rod, Overhaulin', Two Guys' Garage and more
Eye-catching package makes this a great gift or a cool coffee table book
Features beautiful photos sure to inspire hot rod customizers and thrill general car enthusiasts
Old school Hot Rods delivers everything grease-under-the-fingernails hot rod builder, and fans of the rebellious and unconventional love! With 24 different hot rods built in "old school" style, an overview of the early history of hot rodding, and 200 photos of these stripped down and hopped up cars, readers can't help but be inspired! This innovative guide: *Features 14 hot rods built more than 40 years ago and still tearing up the pavement, including the Golden Nugget built in 1952 *Offers hot rod enthusiasts advice on what to look for when choosing a hot rod builder *Inspires readers to discover the timeless design of old school hot rods for themselves
This must-have book speaks to the rebel in all of us.

Author: Alan Mayes
Format: Paperback
Item: 145369
ISBN: 9780896892453
Publisher: F & W Publications


Pinstriping Masters II

Collection of 25 Pinstripers
This long-awaited sequel features 25 top pinstriping professionals who offer step-by-step instruction and super tricks and techniques of the trade.
Paperback 168pp 8.5 x 11” 100 color photos #146974 $29.95

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Pro Pinstripe Techniques

In more than forty years of pinstriping and making signs, there isn’t much that East Coast Artie hasn’t done. With Pro Pinstripe Artie shares everything he’s leaned during his long career. Find out first hand why Artie chose a particular color combination, or a certain brand of paint for a particular job.  To illustrate how pinstriping works in the real world, the bulk of this new book is made up of 12 start-to-finish pinstriping sequences performed by Artie and a small cadre of guest artists.   From basic strokes, to choosing the best color combination to deciding which paint to use for a job that will be clear coated later, there isn’t much about pinstriping that Artie and his guests don’t share in this book.

Author: East Coast Artie
Format: Paperback, 144 Pages
Item: 192471
ISBN: 9781929133925
Publisher: ArtKulture

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Rat Fink - The Art of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

An homage to Ed Roth, the creator of the iconic Rat Fink and a pioneer of hot-rod culture, this complete retrospective of Ed Roths life and work contains appreciations by fellow artists as well as never-before-seen photographs of Roths studio and the creations born there.

Author: Douglas Nason
Format: Paperback, 220 Pages
Item: 136841
ISBN: 9780867195446
Publisher: Last Gasp Of San Francisco

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Rod & Custom in the 1950s

It was the heyday of hot rodding, the early 1950s, when the dry lakes beds, dragstrips, and open roads of southern California were full of cars that had been stripped down and hopped up for maximum power and style. Custom was the name of the game, as enthusiasts everywhere started discovering how top chopping, channeling, and custom painting could make their rod the hottest in town.Into this world came Rod & Custom magazine, full of how-to and tech articles that covered all the essentials of engine swapping, metal fabrication, paint detailing, and more. Rod & Custom in the 1950s features the magazine's best articles from that era, all in authentically reproduced pages that showcase many of coolest hot rods, custom cars, race cars, and even karts of the period. Also included are vintage advertisements as well as the Arrin Cree do-it-yourselfer cartoon that began running in Rod & Custom in November 1955.

Author: Deette Crow
Format: Paperback, 288 Pages
Item: 136278
ISBN: 9780760316306
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Roy Brizio Street Rods - Modern Hot Rods Defined

What began more than fifty years ago with Andy Brizio has become, over two generations, the shop that has defined modern hot rodding:  Roy Brizio Street Rods.  With winners at the prestigious Oakland Roadster Show, and customers like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Neil Young, Roy Brizio Street Rods is a name to be reckoned with. But more than anything, Brizio is known for building street rods that are meant to be driven--hard and fast, day after day after day.

In this first history of Roy Brizio Street Rods, author and photographer Bo Bertilsson examines the family legacy and profiles dozens of the standout cars that have rolled out of the South San Francisco shop and taken the Brizio name to the top of the hot rod heap.  Here are the Brizio-built and restored coupes and roadsters of the stars, as well as Roy’s and Andy’s own acclaimed ’32 Ford roadsters, among many others.  Bertilsson focuses on ground-up Brizio builds and explores some of the Brizios’ remarkable restorations, illustrating every car with fabulous color photography.

Author: Bo Bertilsson
Foreword by: Vic Edelbrock
Format: Hardcover, 160 Pages
Item: 145826
ISBN: 9780760335444
Publisher: Motorbooks

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Up in Flames - The Art of Flame Painting

Flame painting first lit up the hot rod world more than 50 years ago—and it’s still burning strong. At the heart of the art are a handful of innovators who have pushed the tradition to ever-greater heights over the past half-century—and these are the artists profiled in this book. Up in Flames introduces readers to the flame painters who best represent the talent and inspiration that give this particular art form its power, and whose stories best illustrate the evolution of the flame job.
Each profile features full-color illustrations and photographs, examples of an artist’s range, and the painter’s own thoughts on style, career, and craft—all framed by an introduction that traces the flame job from its infancy to today’s modern techniques and designs. Also included is a unique and comprehensive - over 5 pages - timeline of the history of flames and painting.

The profiled flame artists are:
Dave Bell, Don “The Egyptian” Boeke, Robert E. “Bobbo” Dunn, Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan, Craig Fraser, Jack “The Italian” Giachino, Cary Greenwood, Art Himsl, Keith Knecht, Herb “The Line Doctor” Martinez, Tommy “Itchy” Otis, Rory Pentecost, Rod Powell, “Yosemite” Sam Radoff, Dennis Ricklefs, George Roybal, Steve Vandemon, and Mike “Wet” Willey.

Author: Tim Phelps
Author: Sam Radoff
Format: Hardcover, 160 Pages
Item: 139631
ISBN: 9780760323342
Publisher: Motorbooks

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