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Virtual Body Shop



The Virtual Body Shop is where you can create your favorite hot rod, or modify someone else's. Its a great way to see what looks right, before you pick up your hacksaw. If you want your new found pride and joy listed here just drop me an email, include some details about your new project and attach a couple of your favorite photos.

Buy the way don't forget to have a look my Photo Album featuring hundreds of photos from all the events that I attend. Check out the Readers Rides, or what's going on in the garage at Rods Under Construction and the Diamonds in the Rough, where the cyber saw is always hot!


Before and After
Here's our first contribution, from Peter Carpenter, Melbourne Victoria.


Here's a couple Peter's versions of how a '34 Vicki could look. As Peter says "The Stock 4 door Vicky looks OK but roof seems too tall with short quarter windows. So, I made the roof lower and it all looks just like it should. I haven't done anything else but shorten the rear roof and alter the deck probably using 32 Vicky panels. It'd be pretty simple to roll that panel up on an english wheel."


"This time chopped it by 50%, shortened it by half the length of the rear doors, filled the side windows to make it a sedan delivery and sectioned it about two inches. Oh yeah I also got rid of the llouversin the hood along with the hood handles. Figured since I'm not a big fan of the stock wheel look I may as well see if I can't stick some better lookin' wheels on it. I think it worked OK."


"The sloper is two different cars. Again an experiment with doing the 3/4 view and bugger me if it didn't work better than I figured. The one in profile I first lowered another six inches or so. Hardest part here is moving the shadow so it actually looks like it's that low. The chop was a bugger to do since I had to cut right down to the bumper to get the rear panels and back of the roof to line up. Not 100% happy with the rear side window and roof line, so I'll keep practicing."
I think you will agree, Peter is getting bloody good at this.


Geez, I duno. I'm out of the country for a couple of weeks and some guy breaks into my garage, and just look what he's done to my car! Woz dat? Yeah, it don't look to bad, do it. Trouble is now I'm guna havta sell it. 'Cause it's been slammed that hard, I cant sit in it.


Nothing exceeds like excess. MORE POWER!! MORE POWER!!! Carps, your a sick man....


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