Bub 7 streamliner


Date Location Driver Driver Country Vehicle Power Speed over
1 Km
Speed over
1 Mile
5 Sept 2006 Bonneville,   USA Chris Carr USA BUB 7 I/C Custom 351.062 350.885 Dennis Manning owner/builder/designer
24 Sep 2009 Bonneville,   USA Chris Carr USA BUB - 7 I/C turbo 367.383 591.244  

Powered by a 3-liter 500 hp turbocharged liquid-cooled V-4 that was built from the ground up specifically for taking the land speed record, the BUB Seven did just that on September, 5 2006 when it became the first two-wheeled streamliner to break 350. With a speed of 350.884 mph, the Denis Manning/Chris Carr affair captured the record, which had been set just two days prior. Fueled by methanol, the V-4 engine had a maximum displacement just under 3,000cc and was engineered to provide increased traction control on the Salt Flats. The 21-foot-long body of the Seven was based on the anatomy of a Coho Salmon, giving it very low drag. It featured a monocoque carbon fiber frame with carbon, aluminum honeycomb and Kevlar shell and used a computer-controlled, 4-speed air-shift transmission.

The Engine: 

The BUB Seven is powered by a custom V-4 engine. This engine is purpose built for motorcycle land speed racing. From a blank sheet of paper this engine was designed for one thing, power the world's fastest motorcycle. The maximum limit for this land speed racing is 3000cc. The engine also needs to fit in a space 18 inch x 28 inched so part of the initial design is to fit this compact space. The V-4 concept was used for two reasons, one to fit into the packaging and two the unique surface of the salt flats requires a engine with traction control. The engine is a big bang type so that the engine can gain traction then relax and then transfer power with the next power pulse.

Specifications : 

3 Liter, Turbocharged, Liquid Cooled, 16 Valves , DOHC, 90deg, V-4 
Bore x Stoke : 4.125 in x 3 in
Compression ratio : 9.5 : 1
Transmission : Computer Controlled Air Shift 4 Speed
Clutch : Indy Car Dry Clutch
HP/Torque : 500hp @ 8500 RPM, 400 lb/ft torque @ 8500 RPM
Power Command :MoTeC
Fuel : Methanol

The engine undergoes extensive dyno testing before it hits the salt.


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