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01/11/2013 Women LSR Drivers
29/06/2012 Victor Hemery
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29/06/2012 Barney Oldfield
29/06/2012 Piero Taruffi
29/06/2012 Tarf II
29/06/2012 Tarf Gilera
29/06/2012 Arbarth Monoposto Da Record
29/06/2012 Fiat-Mefistofele
29/06/2012 Arnott 500
14/05/2011 Update Frank Lockhart
18/02/2011 North American Eagle team plans record-breaking 800 MPH run later this year
01/09/2010 Match Race between Art Arfons and Billy Meyer
01/09/2010 Craig Breelove and Gary Gabelich, side-by-side?
31/07/2009 New Railton Special
31/07/2009 Update Napier Railton
31/07/2009 Update John Cobb
31/07/2009 Update Ab Jenkins
31/07/2009 New Mormon MeteorIII
31/07/2009 Update Mormon Metor
17/07/2009 New Louise Noeth
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12/06/2009 New Napier Railton
12/06/2009 New George Eyston
12/06/2009 New Ab Jenkins
10/06/2009 New Goldenrod photos
27/05/2008 Racing before the War
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Land Speed Racing History

In 1899, the first car to exceed 100kph was the streamlined electric special of Camille Jenatzy, named La Jamais Contente - 'The Never Satisfied'. Summing up the attitude of all the LSR contenders ever since.

These pages are simply my collection of information and photos about one of my great interests, I'm constantly looking for new content and rather than just reference what I find I choose to retain a copy for my own use as I'm very much aware of the temporary nature of anything published on the Internet. I make no claim to any of the text or images and full copyright remains with the originator. Where possible I will make a reference to the source if I can determine the original source.

Here's some info on those drivers and teams intent on Making History.

I'm also a hot rodder and the web master and Newsletter Editor for the Dry Lakes Racers Australia, the offical organisation for Land Speed Racing in Australia.

Thanks for stopping by.


The Fastest Men On Earth (part 1)

'The Power and the Glory' was a BBC documentary series about motorsport made about 1991. This is part one of the episode called 'The Fastest Men on Earth', which recounts the story of the attempts on the land speed record up to the Thrust 2 attempt. Has footage of Cobb and the Railton, the Campbells and their Bluebird, and many other figures from the world of speed - notably Craig 'the Brave' Breedlove, Stan Barrett and Al Teague. A highlight is watching Stan Barrett in his rocket car with sidewinder missile attached... they say he went though the sound barrier but no one heard the boom!


The Fastest Men On Earth (part 2)


The Fastest Men On Earth (part 3)