Triumph Gyronaut X-1


Date Location Driver Driver Country Vehicle Power Speed over
1 Km
Speed over
1 Mile
25 Aug 1966 Bonneville,   USA Robert Leppan USA Triumph Gyronaut X-1 IC 245.616    

In the same year Burt Munro was tantalizing the world with his quirky grit and ingenuity, Bob Leppan, owner of Detroit Triump, drove the Triumph-powered Gyronaut X-1 to a 245.667 mph world record. The streamliner featured two 650cc Triumph engines fueled by alcohol and mounted behind the cockpit, a chromoly frame, rigid rear wheel and hinged front wheel. Power output was about 110 bhp at 7,300 rpm.

The beginning of Triumph's "World's Fastest Motorcycle" dynasty. Stormy Mangham and Jack Wilson's "Devil's Arrow/Texas Ceegar", riden by Johnny Allen, took the absolute motorcycle land speed record from the NSU team. Triumph's reign lasted 14 more years and through three consecutive bikes and held the title until Don Vesco and his Yamaha-powered bike would take record from the Gyronaut in 1970