Harley-Davidson 'Easy Rider'


Date Location Driver Driver Country Vehicle Power Speed over
1 Km
Speed over
1 Mile
14 Jul 1990 Bonneville,   USA Dave Campos USA Harley-Davidson 'Easy Rider' IC 322.149 322.101  

On July, 14 1990, Dave Campos set a world speed record that would stand for 16 years. With a speed of 322.150 mph, Campos drove the Harley Davidson Easy Rider into the books. Owned by Joe Teresi, owner and publisher of Easyriders magazine, the streamliner was funded in part by $25 public shares that bought Easyriders readers tickets to the show—10,000 shares were sold altogether, resulting in a record-breaking crowd at Bonneville. The bike was powered by two 1,500cc Harley Shovelhead engines. With a 2,500-lb. dry weight and a length in the mid-20’s, the Easy Rider broke the 12-year-old record—not bad for a bike that was rebuilt with the help of crowd members after it experienced a 300-mph crash on a test run.