Meet the Team


Chip Foose
Automobile Designer

Foose was born and raised in Santa Barbara, and automobiles were definitely in the blood — his first job was working for his father's company, Project Design. By age 12, he already had five years of experience under his belt, and had painted his first car — a Porsche 356.

Early on, a chance meeting and advice from Alex Tremulus, the designer of the Tucker, was actually Foose's stimulus to attend Art Center, where he majored in automotive product design and graduated in 1990 with honors.

Foose's career profile is staggering and award-winning. He has worked at the Asha Corporation and Stehrenberger Design, Baker Sportronics, and with his father at Project Design, designing and building street rods, customs, studio vehicles and show cars for films such as Blade Runner, Robocop and Gone in 60 Seconds.

Foose joined Boyd Coddington and Hot Rods by Boyd, eventually becoming the president. He was responsible for many internationally known vehicles, such as the Roadster, Sportstar, Boydster I and II, and Boyd Air.

Currently Foose is operating Foose Design, an automotive and product design company specializing in illustration, graphics, surfacing, and complete construction of automobiles and automotive-related products. These products are available to private individuals, the television and film industry and automobile manufacturers. In November 1997, Foose was inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame, and in 2002, was inducted into the Darryl Starbird Rod & Custom Car Museum Hall of Fame.

For more on Chip Foose, check out the Foose Design Official Website.

Courtney Hansen
Co-Host (2004-2005)

Courtney Hansen grew up in Orono, Minn., where she modeled as a child and developed a passion for writing and entertaining early on. Two years later she moved with her family to Florida. When Courtney was 15 she attended an international modeling competition where she took home three awards, and after presenting a mock commercial to a crowd of thousands, was offered a contract in New York with one of the largest theatrical agencies. She turned down the opportunity because her education was a greater priority.

She used her bachelor's degree in marketing to go to work as the sole marketing specialist for an international investment firm, but when an opportunity to work on an entertainment career in Miami presented itself, she took it. While in Miami, she worked with the Travel Channel and landed a role as the host of a pilot called Killer Golf. Soon after, she made the move to Los Angeles.

Courtney grew up in the world of auto racing. Her father, Jerry Hansen, who once owned Brainerd International Raceway in Minnesota, attained 27 national SCCA titles during his career, making him one of the most successful drivers in history. No wonder Courtney is a car enthusiast. She also works as a spokesperson for Rolls-Royce Motor Car, Limited.

Adrienne Janic
Co-Host (2006-2008)

"A.J.," was born and raised in Whittier, Calif. A.J. started performing on stage at the age of 6 with theater and dance. Her passion for the performing arts continued in junior high and high school.

After graduating high school, A.J. attended Rio Hondo Community College in Whittier, attaining a degree in communications and theater. During that time, A.J. competed in the Ford Supermodel of the World Contest. She made it to the semifinals in the local division and was also signed to the Ford modeling agency in Los Angeles. In between semesters she traveled all over Europe, Japan and South Africa modeling and doing TV commercials. A.J. enjoyed traveling and working around the world but decided to come back to L.A to pursue acting.

She has worked on several movies and TV commercials. She also has numerous TV credits, including roles in House, Kitchen Confidential, Complete Savages, Oliver Beene, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment and Angel.

Before joining Overhaulin’, A.J. hosted several shows on E! Entertainment and landed the role as host of a pilot called The Music Café. She also works as a spokesperson for the Coca-Cola company representing Fanta soda.

After pranking unsuspecting victims on season 3 of Overhaulin’, A.J. was asked to join the team as co-host. A.J. currently lives in Los Angeles and is excited to be part of the Overhaulin’ team.

For more information on A.J., check out her official website,  

Chris Jacobs

Born in Chicago, Ill., Chris Jacobs grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago with three brothers and two sisters. As a youth he excelled in sports and theater. Chris moved to California in 1988 where he attended Whitter College, attaining a bachelor's degree in English. He also attended and graduated from their law school and was later admitted to the state bar of California in 1995.

After much thought, Chris decided to pursue acting as a career instead of law. He has numerous small screen credits, including television roles in The X-Files, CSI, Touched by an Angel and Two and a Half Men. He has also been seen in several feature-length films, theatre and commercial projects before landing with Overhaulin'. Chris currently resides in Los Angeles and is obsessed with golf and hot rods.


Bud Brutsman
Show Creator / Producer 

Bud Brutsman started producing in 1992; five years later he started Brentwood Communications International Inc. (BCII). BCII is an international entertainment company located in Studio City. What started as a one-man company has grown into a lucrative corporation since its inception in 1997. BCII has produced over 230 television programs during its eight-year existence. Approximately 180 of these programs are half-hour biographies of Hollywood celebrities, which are licensed throughout the world.

Bud's resume includes the Hollywood Legends series (HBO, BskyB and Fox worldwide), "Natural Disasters" (the Discovery Channel), "Cheating Las Vegas" (the Learning Channel), "Inside the Britannic" (A&E, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic), "U.S. Customs: Special Agents" (The Travel Channel), to name a few.

In the military arena, Bud has produced the four part "Special Operations" series, "The Complete History of the Navy SEALs", and "The Complete History of the Green Berets", all of which aired on the History Channel.

In addition, Bud's company has become the world leader in the production of mixed martial arts programming. The company's credit list includes the definitive event in mixed martial arts . . . "King of the Cage" as well instructional tapes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which showcases moves by a master practitioner of the art, Jean Jacques Machado.

With hit shows "Rides" and "Overhaulin'" in their second season on TLC, it's no surprise that this young producer not only has the creative vision for "great TV", but the passion, drive and energy to make it happen.