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Search & Rescue

Season 1, Episode 1 – Aired: 4/13/2004

Mat Mershimer is a straight 'A' high school student, volunteers in search and rescue and is an Eagle Scout. He also drives his grandfather's old '88 Chevy pickup truck that's seen better days. Mat's dad, Jim, contacted the Overhaulin' A team because he would like Mat, who is always doing nice things for others, to have something nice done for him for a change. But we can't make it that easy for Mat. And we need to get a hold of that truck! Our host Chris Jacobs poses as a tow truck operator who comes to Mat's house to tow away the truck because straight-as-an-arrow Mat has too many parking tickets. Eagle Scout Mat has never gotten a ticket in his life but with some help from his father Jim, as our insider, away goes Mat's truck to our Overhaulin' garage. And little does Mat know but we've got Nascar driver Robby Gordon helping the A Team out, too! Chip Foose, our Overhaulin' A Team leader, starts designing the plans for one amazing search and rescue vehicle while we continue to play a few more tricks on unsuspecting Mat. It seems that tow truck guy who took Mat's truck is actually the leader of a car thief ring! Mat thinks he's never going to see his beloved pickup truck ever again. But what does Mat see in the garage when he's invited to take a tour of Robby Gordon's Speed Shop? No way can that be his old truck! Will all the pain, and pranking, that Mat's endured be worth it once he sees his new search and rescue vehicle? (more...)

Museum Worthy

Season 1, Episode 2 – Aired: 4/20/2004

Chuck de Heras is a car collecting aficionado. His true love of the automobile and its history has meant he's developed a friendship with Dick Messer - who runs The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. A quick call from Dick to Chuck asking if he can borrow one of Chuck's cars from his collection, a '50 Ford Coupe, for a display at the Petersen is all it takes for our Overhaulin' A Team to get their hands on this shabby classic. Time to get to work! We've only got a week. But, it's not long before Chuck gets the call from his friend telling him that his car has been stolen from the Petersen Museum. While the team works round the clock on the car, hosts Chris & Courtney pose as insurance agents from hell and show up at the museum accusing Chuck and Dick of stealing the car to commit insurance fraud. Lies, all lies, and all part of the ruse to keep Chuck away from his car and keep our team working. When Chuck gets a call from Dick Messer asking him to come down to museum, Chuck finds cop cars and those two pesky insurance agents again when he gets there. Is it possible that his friend Dick is actually a car thief? Of course not but now we've got Chuck back to the museum to reveal his new, overhauled Ford. (more...)

Parts Guy

Season 1, Episode 3 – Aired: 4/27/2004

Jeff Miller has dreams of singing rock and maybe doing a little sound engineering but for now, he works the counter at Original Parts Group, an auto supply shop in Huntington Beach, California. Jeff's very cool boss at OPG is Tony and he can see the potential not only in Jeff but also in Jeff's rather ratty '71 Chevelle. Our "Overhaulin' A Team", led by designer Chip Foose, is ready to get working and turn this ratty rod into a rad rod but first, they need to get the car away from Jeff. No problem! Jeff's boss is our insider who's going to pretend that he needs to borrow Jeff's Chevelle for a bogus infomercial. The fun doesn't end there though as we pull a few a pranks on Jeff to keep him on his toes and to keep him guessing as to what exactly is going on with his car. We even have one of our team members order parts for Jeff's car - from Jeff at the auto parts store! Hmmm, how many lime green Chevelles are there in Huntington Beach anyway? The time comes to show Jeff his new ride - complete with a new engine, custom paint job and totally redone interior. Will he even recognize it as his own? (more...)

Surfer Kid

Season 1, Episode 4 – Aired: 5/4/2004

Mylan Hayes loves to surf & he tries to get out on his board everyday, getting to the beach in his rusty old '77 El Camino. Coming back from the beach from a day of surfing, Mylan has a "dude, where's my car?" moment when he can't find his car in the parking lot where he left it. Mylan's folks, Vicki and Tim, working as our insiders, clued us into where Mylan parked the car and now our Overhaulin' A Team has it. But, they don't have much time to turn it into the coolest of surf wagons. We send Mylan on a wild goose chase trying to find his car, taking him our fake impound lot where he's turned away because the car is in his dad's name. While Mylan keeps searching, our team keeps building. We've even got surfer Tyler Hatzikian in the shop to create some custom boards to ride in the back of the El Camino. Mylan's back at yet another impound lot but this time he'll find out the truth about his new, amazing ride. Will it be the surfin' mobile that he's always wanted? (more...)


Season 1, Episode 5 – Aired: 5/11/2004

Actor Ian Ziering played the role of “Steve” for years on “Beverly Hills 90210.” His character had a love of cool and fast cars -- that “love” wasn’t acting; Ian is a car guy who has been trying to trick-out a ‘68 Camaro for years. After enough stalling, Ian’s pal Terry got involved. He’s our insider and our A-Team on this Chevy is Chip Foose, Sal Perez, Jim Sleeper, Aaron Ohama, Josh Kamholz, Rick Andersen, Mundo Hernandez and Orlando Hernandez. The ruse: the Camaro is locked in a shop that Ian hears is going “bankrupt.”

Of course, nobody is going bankrupt, nothing is being liquidated, but we prank and fool with Ian as his ‘68 Camaro comes together for a week at American Muscle Cars in California. When the car is finally cool and Foose-perfect, Ian is told to show up at AMC or risk losing the car to shop creditors. Standing before the locked-up shop, who phones Ian? None other than fellow 90210 star, Jason Priestley. Jason tells Ian that he is now on hidden camera; that inside that now-opening shop is the very cool car Ian always dreamed about. (more...)

School's Out

Season 1, Episode 6 – Aired: 5/18/2004

Dale is one of the top dogs at the foundation that supplies both scholarship funding and project cars for the prestigious car-building college Wyoming Tech in Laramie, Wyo. Dale secures old donated vehicles for the school. But, unbeknownst to Dale, the OVERHAULIN' pranksters took one of those cars from his property and brought it to the WyoTech campus. It's there that over 30 student builders, along with the OVERHAULIN' build team of Chip Foose, Troy Trepanier, Bryan Fuller and Levi Green, transformed the dusty old '56 Chevy Bel Air into something truly special for the school.

The finished car will be the mascot for WyoTech, as well as a possible scholarship funding source if the Chevy is auctioned off. But before that, Dale was led on a goose chase during the week of the build, hearing that the car was discovered crossing state lines and on its way to a chop shop. OVERHAULIN' made use of the school and city, painting Western themes, as Dale was finally led back to Wyo Tech, only to see a car that in almost no way resembled the one stolen from him just a week before. (more...)

Lucky Star

Season 1, Episode 7 – Aired: 6/1/2004

Cassie is an 18-year-old bank teller -- she’s responsible, fun loving and the proud owner of a very boring ‘91 Ford Explorer. Chip Foose, along with the mega-OVERHAULIN’ team of Gary Bell, Vince Incalcaterra, Raymond Miller, Jeremy Johnson, Ryan Filar, Joseph John Messinese, Derrick Atkinson, Jeremy Hayter and David Wachter worked at the giant parts factory known as APC, to reinvent Cassie’s SUV in a short seven-day period.

The insiders: Aunt Barbara and Uncle Mike, the family she lives with. They helped OVERHAULIN’ by disabling the car; Cassie had to send it to the shop; OUR shop. As the week went on, Mike told Cassie that the car needed big repairs. Days later, Barbara told her niece that the Ford was stolen from the repair shop. Later still, investigator for the D.A. Courtney asked Cassie about the stolen vehicle. Hours later, Special Agent Chris told her to come to a place where she could ID her now recovered car. She arrived for a surprise. (more...)

Season 2


Body Off

Season 2, Episode 1 – Aired: 7/13/2004

Chip Foose and his A-Team overhaul Connie's 1964 Corvette. The insider is Connie's husband, Pete, who also ended up getting his 1971 VW "Thing" overhauled. (more...)

Cherry Nova

Season 2, Episode 2 – Aired: 7/20/2004

Katy and her '67 Nova get overhauled. (more...)

The 4-4-New

Season 2, Episode 3 – Aired: 7/27/2004

Chip Foose and the A-Team overhaul Christopher's 1968 Oldsmobile 442. (more...)

Monte Fuego

Season 2, Episode 4 – Aired: 8/3/2004

The A-Team overhauls Rayce’s 1970 Monte Carlo with the help from the insiders Rayce’s wife Linda and pal Michael. (more...)

Dude, Where's my Skylark?

Season 2, Episode 5 – Aired: 8/10/2004

The A-team help overhaul Rick's 1967 Buick Skylark. Rick's older brother, Robert, gave him the car. (more...)


Season 2, Episode 6 – Aired: 8/17/2004

Chip and the A-Team overhaul Mark's 1965 Mustang. The insiders are Mark’s daughter Chelsea and wife Beth. (more...)

The Falcon and The Snow-Job

Season 2, Episode 7 – Aired: 10/5/2004

The A-Team and Chip Foose overhaul Travis', an aspiring cop, ‘63 Ford Falcon. (more...)

Challenging Mopar

Season 2, Episode 8 – Aired: 10/12/2004

Chip Foose and the A-Team overhaul James' 1971 Dodge Challenger. James got the car as a graduation present from his dad. James’ wife Stephanie is the insider. (more...)

Coolest Cars

Season 2, Episode 9 – Aired: 10/12/2004

In this episode, the A-Team and Chip Foose don't rebuild any cars but instead they race them. (more...)

Live Strong

Season 2, Episode 10 – Aired: 11/30/2004

Lance Armstrong, a champion cyclist, get his GTO overhauled. (more...)

California Performance Bel Air

Season 2, Episode 11 – Aired: 12/7/2004

The A-Team overhauls Glenn's 1962 Chevy Bel Air. Glenn is special needs preschool teacher. (more...)

Gambler 514

Season 2, Episode 12 – Aired: 12/14/2004

The A-Team overhauls a car at SEMA in Vegas. The team fixes a '70 Mustang at the SEMA Show in Vegas for a local Vegas man, Barry. (more...)


Season 2, Episode 13 – Aired: 12/21/2004

The team overhauls John's 1952 GMC truck. (more...)

Thievin' Teacher

Season 2, Episode 14 – Aired: 12/28/2004

The team overhauls Nicole's camaro with help from her shop teacher Dennis Korn. (more...)



Season 2, Episode 15 – Aired: 1/1/2005

A '68 Chevelle and a '98 Mazda truck get made over for sisters. (more...)


Soldier's Ride

Season 2, Episode 16 – Aired: 1/7/2005

The team overhauls Frankie Jr's 1966 Chevelle. (more...)

Season 3


Wiley & the Road Runner

Season 3, Episode 1 – Aired: 7/19/2005

Chip Foose and the A-Team overhaul John and his rare convertible '69 Plymouth Road Runner. (more...)


Mad Kidney Donor

Season 3, Episode 2 – Aired: 7/26/2005

Chip Foose and his team overhaul Jason's '95 Chevy Tahoe. Jason was set up by his Wife and pal Willy, to whom he donated a kidney to when he needed it. (more...)


Bel Air BBQ

Season 3, Episode 3 – Aired: 8/2/2005

Chip Foose and team overhaul Tyson's 1956 Bel Air. Tyson took shop classes trying to learn how to restore his Bel Air. His mother set him up at Overhaulin. The work was very slow forthcoming and she wanted to help him out. The Bel Air was so rusted that Chip had to find another 56 to swap bodies. The second one wasn't much better. Finally it took 3 bodies to get one perfect machine. (more...)


Tuner Car

Season 3, Episode 4 – Aired: 8/9/2005

The team at Overhaulin, overhauls Dylans 1995 Honda Civic. (more...)


Illegal Fowl

Season 3, Episode 5 – Aired: 8/16/2005

Chip and his team overhaul Deputy Sheriff Mike's 1965 T-Bird. (more...)


Ugly Horse

Season 3, Episode 6 – Aired: 8/23/2005

The Team at Overhaulin', get a hold of Mike's 67 mustang. (more...)



Season 3, Episode 7 – Aired: 9/27/2005

Chip Foose and team overhaul Ana's 2005 mustang. (more...)


Navy Seal

Season 3, Episode 8 – Aired: 10/4/2005

Chip Foose and team overhaul an ex-US Navy Seal John's 1965 Ford pickup. (more...)


Clean LeMans

Season 3, Episode 9 – Aired: 10/11/2005

The A-team overhauls Frederick's 1968 Pontiac LeMans. Fredericks is told that his car was confiscated by the Environmental Protection Agency. (more...)



Season 3, Episode 10 – Aired: 10/18/2005

Chip and his Overhaulin team, overhaul Ivan’s 1970 Nova. (more...)



Season 3, Episode 11 – Aired: 10/25/2005

Chip Foose and the A-Team overhaul Martin and his 1965 Impala. (more...)


Firey Brit

Season 3, Episode 12 – Aired: 11/8/2005

Chip Foose and the A-team overhaul Jo's Magnum. Their insider is her husband Andy. (more...)


Biggest Beater

Season 3, Episode 13 – Aired: 11/15/2005

The overhaulin team set out in search for the biggest beater in all of America. (more...)


Desperate Impound

Season 3, Episode 14 – Aired: 11/22/2005

The A-Team overhauls Sharon's 1967 Pontiac GTO. (more...)


Neighborhood Watching

Season 3, Episode 15 – Aired: 11/29/2005

Chip Foose and crew overhaul Dennis' ‘69 Pontiac Firebird. (more...)



Season 3, Episode 16 – Aired: 12/6/2005

This time Chip Foose gets overhauled. The crew with help from Chip's dad overhauls his 1956 Ford truck. (more...)


That '70s Van

Season 3, Episode 17 – Aired: 12/13/2005

Chip Foose with the help of Chris, A.J. and the A-Team overhaul John and his 1976 Chevy van. (more...)


Leno's Heist

Season 3, Episode 18 – Aired: 12/20/2005

The A-Team with help from Jay Leno, overhaul a fellow car fanatic, David's, 1956 Chevy Nomad. (more...)


The SEMA Show

Season 3, Episode 19 – Aired: 12/27/2005

Chip Foose and his team over a college freshman, Merrick, 1967 Dodge Charger. (more...)



Season 3, Episode 20 – Aired: 1/3/2006

The A-Team and Chip Foose overhaul Matthew's '30 Model A Ford. (more...)


Hot Head

Season 3, Episode 21 – Aired: 1/10/2006

The team overhauls Mark's beloved 1972 Cutlass. (more...)


Got GTO?

Season 3, Episode 22 – Aired: 1/17/2006

The mark is David, who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. The A-Team overhauls his ‘69 GTO. (more...)


Double Trouble

Season 3, Episode 23 – Aired: 1/24/2006

Chip Foose and his team take on two overhauls for Dayrline who works for NAPA Auto Parts. They overhaul her treasured '67 El Camino and NAPA's '03 S-10 pick up that she uses to make deliveries sometimes. (more...)


Lowrider Girl

Season 3, Episode 24 – Aired: 1/31/2006

Chip and his team overhauled Noemi’s ‘64 Chevy Impala with help from her husband Cesar as the insider. (more...)


Photo Shoot Fiasco

Season 3, Episode 25 – Aired: 2/7/2006

The mark is Miles and his 1968 Ford Bronco. (more...)


Overhaulin' Truck

Season 3, Episode 26 – Aired: 2/14/2006

Chip Foose overhauls Alonzo's 1970 Chevy truck. (more...)

Season 4


Mean Anemul

Season 4, Episode 1 – Aired: 6/20/2006

Manuel is being taken for a ride, but it's not in his precious and rare Oldsmobile 442. The ride is actually by a list of mechanics who’ve some how managed to convince Manuel to part with thousands of dollars with promises of restoring his 442 into a mean machine.

Manuel has owned the car for over 8 years, and kept it at his parent’s house. The first set of mechanics was his father’s friends, who decide to follow the father’s instructions rather than Manuel’s. The shifter has never been fixed, the suspension makes the car tilt in a bizarre direction and the engine was spray-painted a horrific gold.

Now Manuel was taken by another garage shop that stored his car for 4 months and never did an ounce of work on it. Manuel got fed up and took the car; but he still had to pay the storage fees! Now his girlfriend is suggesting Manuel take it to her reliable mechanic—which of course is Overhaulin’……...

Kate says that Manuel is a very positive and outgoing person. He’s an artist, musician, soccer player and all-around cool dude. He is also a wacky guy who will dress up in a gorilla or chicken outfit and go to a party—just for the reaction. Kate says he invented a “car alarm dance” that is hilarious: we’d love to see that performed once he gets overhauled. (more...)

Le Mama's Boy

Season 4, Episode 2 – Aired: 6/27/2006

Tony is called “Mr. Personality” by his friends because he loves life and is very charismatic and animated, and his childhood best friends know because they still hang out with him: his buddy Rob and other best friend, is actor Charlie Sheen. It was Sheen who actually filled out the application for Overhaulin’ to ask for Tony’s car to be overhauled. Charlie and Tony have been best friends since they were teenagers, and Tony was even the Best Man at Charlie’s wedding……

Tony was raised by his single mom: he had plenty of love but not a lot of material things. His dream came true we he bought a cool classic car, but it soon turned into a nightmare when he realized how much work and money was involved to get it looking perfect.

Tony always talks about driving the guys to a baseball game in his car, but Rob says he knows Tony is too embarrassed to drive the Lemans because it’s not reliable.

When Rob was asked how Tony might react to his car being stolen/missing, he answered “Ever take a lollypop from a baby? A steak from a lion? He’s gonna lose it!” Tony’s best friends--Charlie and Rob—put that theory to the test and put their buddy through the ringer before he gets his dream car back.

Watch as Charlie Sheen plays prank after prank on his friend and joins the cast and crew of Overhaulin’ on for one of his most difficult acting jobs ever! And it’s an award-winning performance at that! (more...)

Spaced Out

Season 4, Episode 3 – Aired: 7/4/2006

Jamie is described as loud, charming, excitable and extremely social by his girlfriend Gretchen. She just cracks up at him because he’s such a hoot. Jamie was given the Galaxie as a high school graduation present 12 years ago. He had it looking good at the time and would cruise and take pictures of himself in it.

Life started getting tough, his mother was diagnosed with cancer so he took on caring for her and the financial burden of the household. His grandparents live with the mom so he is looking after them as well. Jamie has not time or money left to spend on himself.

Gretchen often hears Jamie talking with his buddies about „old times‰ and eventually everything comes back to the Galaxie. Jamie is often sad about the condition of the car; the tires are flat, the interior and top are ruined, the body has some rust spots.

The accomplice is a hottie and the mark is rambunctious ... should be a good episode. (more...)


Overhaulin' Bling

Season 4, Episode 4 – Aired: 7/18/2006

A construction worker gets his '96 Chevy Tahoe Overhauled. His girlfriend is the insider. (more...)


Junk In The Trunk

Season 4, Episode 5 – Aired: 7/25/2006

Once used to store Christmas decorations, Marilyn's Cadillac, Bessie, gets an overhaulin'. (more...)


Chip & Chris Flipped

Season 4, Episode 6 – Aired: 8/8/2006

One fine day, as a fun and fascinating change of pace, Chip Foose and Chris Jacobs decided to swap jobs for an episode of Overhaulin’. Of course, that meant that Chip would spend the week co-hosting along with A.J., while Chris would shoulder the responsibility of designing the car and working nonstop with the A-Team. The car for that week was Geoff’s ‘67 Dodge Coronet, a classic-model MOPAR that Chris loves.

Insiders included Geoff’s wife, Amy and his dad, Lowell. As the week went on, Chip did everything that goes into doing Chris’ job. Meanwhile, Chris devoted every waking hour to the car build, making it into a cool muscle car that could easily be the dream-ride of any MOPAR fan this side of Dodge City. Prank-wise, Overhaulin’ threw Geoff off track by framing his “stolen” car into a fatal car accident, requiring the police to impound the car as an investigation took place. But on D-Day, the police informed Geoff that his car was not the vehicle that killed a bicyclist (played by Chip in the opening prank.) Of course, by now, the truth was told and Geoff was soon off to see his Chris-Designed ride. (more...)


Chip & AJ Trading Places

Season 4, Episode 7 – Aired: 8/15/2006

The team overhauls Megan and her 1963 Comet. She got a good deal on the car and does well in school so her mother, Michelle, wants to have her car overhauled by Chip and the Gang. (more...)

All In The Family

Season 4, Episode 8 – Aired: 8/29/2006

Isaias get the overhaul of a lifetime when his father's old 1967 Dodge A-100 truck Isaias’ ‘67 Dodge A-100 is a big part of Kristine’s life. From the day Kristine and Isaias met, he had talked about his dad’s odd Dodge that was part van, part truck and just plain unique. Once the couple married and started a family, Isaias spoke of fixing up the A-100 and one day giving it to their son. It’s the vehicle Isaias had worked on as a kid with his dad, and Isaias wanted to keep it in the family. But Kristine knew it needed a lot of help.

She contacted Overhaulin’, where Foose was delighted to tackle such a strange ride. To keep Isaias confused, the Overhaulin’ Pranksters also took Isaias’ Sea-Doo when they lifted the Dodge. As the week went on, Isaias was flustered with the police (aka Chris and the pranksters) it seems the law was more interested in finding the more valuable Sea-Doo than the more sentimental favorite: the A-100. Chip decided to Overhaul both the Dodge and the Sea-Doo, as well as the watercraft’s towing trailer, making all three into one color-coordinated set. As the build went on, super-guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepard brought tunes to the A-Team, a crew that made beautiful music on Isaias’ big D-Day. (more...)


Hot for Teacher

Season 4, Episode 9 – Aired: 9/5/2006

Melissa, a high school teacher, gets her 1964 Malibu overhauled. (more...)


Roadies Stole My 'Vette

Season 4, Episode 10 – Aired: 9/19/2006

Carl and his 1959 Corvette are Overhauled this week. (more...)


Juvenille Deliquent

Season 4, Episode 11 – Aired: 9/26/2006

Chip and his A-Team help overhaul a 1967 Chevy Chevelle. The team has help from the youngest accomplice that they have had yet, Wade's son Tanner. (more...)


Motley Cruiser

Season 4, Episode 12 – Aired: 10/31/2006

Randy and his 1969 Buick GS get Overhauled by Chip Foose and his gang. Legendary rocker, Vince Neil is the insider for this episode, as well as Randy's friend. The was a rust bucket and required a lot of work, but in the end it was worth it all. (more...)


Pop Star Steal

Season 4, Episode 13 – Aired: 11/11/2006

The Lachey brothers are what this episode is all about. Drew Lachey buys the truck of his dreams, a '67 Ford Pickup, but there end up being a lot more problems with it then he thought. So his brother Nick Lachey steps in and gives the guys at Overhaulin' a call. The pranks start rolling as the work begins. In the end, Drew is shocked by the outcome of his truck. (more...)


CNN Hummer Special

Season 4, Episode 14 – Aired: 11/14/2006

CNN has one of their Hummer's named, Warrior One, overhauled. This isn't just any old Hummer, Warrior One was purchased by CNN to escort their journalists over in Iraq. This is the biggest vehicle that Overhaulin' has ever overhauled. The reveal was like no other. Warrior One made several reveals, some even on live TV, before making it back to CNN. Dru Blair, Mickey Harris and Mike Lavallee lended a hand in this episode. (more...)


The BOSS is Back

Season 4, Episode 15 – Aired: 11/21/2006

Hector and his 1970 Mustang are overhauled by Chip Foose and the A Team. (more...)


Overhaulin' Bumrush

Season 4, Episode 16 – Aired: 11/28/2006

Domnick and his 1970 Monte Carlo are overhauled by the A Team. (more...)



Season 4, Episode 17 – Aired: 12/5/2006

Dan and his 1972 Dodge Challenger are overhauled by the A Team in front of the crowd at SEMA in Las Vegas. (more...)


The Short Yellow Bus

Season 4, Episode 18 – Aired: 12/19/2006

John Force is the most prolific champion in drag racing history and the biggest winner in NHRA history. He is also the owner of the biggest heart, and dedicates his time to children’s charities, i.e. Make-A-Wish, CHiPs For Kids, Ronald McDonald House, and the schools throughout the country.

Craig, his friend and co-worker, says that John has been talking about buying a little yellow bus for over ten years and finally purchased one this year. John’s plan is to fix up the bus and go to schools and shuttle kids to events.

John and three of his four daughters are racecar drivers and part of a reality show about their lives and racing. The girls tease their Dad and don’t share in his enthusiasm for the bus.

John is very passionate, loud and talkative; Craig says John puts 300% into everything he does. John talks about the bus so much that Craig knows he’d go ballistic if it went missing.

And it did….but not for long! (more...)


Mustang Sting

Season 4, Episode 19 – Aired: 12/26/2006

Chip Foose and the A Team overhaul a 1969 Ford Mustang in drastic need of some TLC. (more...)



Season 5, Episode 1 – Aired: 4/24/2008

Chip and the A-Team overhaul Matt's 1965 award winning Mustang Coupe. Matt was attempting to restore it, but it took a backseat when his brother needed to move in because he was sick. (more...)


Family Truckster

Season 5, Episode 2 – Aired: 5/1/2008

Kathy helps Chip and the A-Team overhaul her husband's Chevrolet pickup truck. George had the truck handed down to him from Herb, his father-in-law and Kathy thinks it's about time it's restored to it's natural beauty for George to enjoy the truck as much as her father did. (more...)


Wake Up Call

Season 5, Episode 3 – Aired: 5/8/2008

Chip and the A-Team overhaul Harrison's 1963 Chevy Nova. Harrison lost interest in working on it after his father's tragic death and now it's up to Chip and his team to bring a smile back to Harrison's face. (more...)


Episode 3: Wake-Up Call
At 13 years old Harrison was looking for a project to work on with his dad, Scott. They both loved the Chevy Nova and with a $1,000 of his savings from a summer job, Harrison purchased a 1963 Nova to restore. Father and son worked on the car for a year until tragedy struck. Scott was killed by a drunk driver while he and Harrison were riding bicycles on Father's Day. Harrison was the only witness. 

After Scott's death, Harrison lost all interest in working on the car. His friend Theron, knowing how much the car meant to him, had the idea to call in the Overhaulin’ team. 

Restoring the Nova not only helps Harrison keep the memory of his father alive, but provides a focal point, and some closure, for the loss felt not just by Scott, but by his mum and the entire family. As usual, Chip Foose creates an instant classic, with the hard-working help of the A-Team and the entire Overhaulin' gang.

After his father's tragic death, Harrison lost interest in restoring the 1963 Chevy Nova they had been working on together. Fortunately, a good friend contacted Chip and the team and asked them to finish the car Overhaulin' style.


Scout's Honor

Season 5, Episode 4 – Aired: 5/22/2008

Chip and the A-Team give Jim the shock of his life when they overhaul his 1956 BelAir convertible they he left abandoned in his driveway. (more...)


Episode 4 : Scout's Honour
Jim is a busy scout leader and father. Over the years he has devoted nearly all his free time to taking care of his family and his scout troops. He's sacrificed his dream of restoring his 1956 BelAir convertible that he's had since high school.

While a senior in high school back in the 60s, Jim noticed the BelAir on a Chevy lot and asked his grandfather to buy it for him as his graduation present. The classic car has languished, until now. Jim's son Danny is the insider responsible for bringing the story of his dad and the BelAir to the attention of Chip Foose and the Overhaulin’ team, who set out to meet the challenge of restoring the car in a way that leaves Jim, for the first time in his life - speechless.

Jim's 1956 BelAir convertible has languished in his driveway since his senior year of high school. Since Jim is too busy to give it the necessary attention, his son Danny contacted the Overhaulin' crew to restore the car to its former glory.


Number 1 Camaro

Season 5, Episode 5 – Aired: 6/5/2008

Chip and the A-Team overhaul Ken's 1967 Camaro, with the help of his wife Sandy. (more...)


Episode 5: Number 1 Camaro
Sandy's dad did what every soon-to-be father would do when faced with his wife's pregnancy - he went out and bought a hot car - a 1967 Camaro to be exact. Years and years later, Sandy's parents moved while she was in high school. But the car was left behind - sold to Sandy's high school boyfriend Ken.

Ken and Sandy got married and had their own family, while the car sat in the garage. Ken was unable to give it the attention it deserved and restore it to its original lustre. Then Sandy's father died, and the significance of the Camaro grew.  Chip and Chris surprise Ken, and take the Camaro to give it an Overhaulin' that recaptures the spirit of Sandy's dad, and provides a focus of love and attention for the family.

Sandy and Ken's 1967 Camaro is a forgotten family heirloom.  After her father's death, Sandy contacted Chip and the team to restore the car to its original lustre to capture the spirit of the family patriarch.



That's All, Volks!

Season 5, Episode 6 – Aired: 6/12/2008

Chip and the A-Team help overhaul Hot Dog Fred's microbus. (more...)


Episode 6: That's All, Volks!
There are only two minds when it comes to Volkswagens - you either don't care for them, or you're fanatically devoted to everything about them. In southern California the VW community is strong, and the devotees are legion. VW meets happen nearly every weekend, and the people that love VWs love showing off their Beetle or Microbus.

One other thing people flock to the meets for are the hot dogs served up by VW fixture "Hot Dog Fred”. Fred sells hot dogs at nearly every meet, but his Microbus has seen better days. The problem is Fred doesn't have the means to fix up his beloved bus.  So Chris and Chip pretend to be ad agency mad men, and lure Fred down to the Overhaulin' set for the shoot of a lifetime. 

It's a complete Overhaulin' first, and Chip is stoked to get the A-Team working on his Microbus dream, all for Hot Dog Fred. Hold the pickles, it's 100% pure beef Overhaulin'.

Like all VW fanatics, Hot Dog Fred has nothing but love for his old Volkswagen Microbus.  But after Chip and the A-Team work their magic, he may just fall in love all over again. (more...)


SEMA - Radical Roaster

Season 5, Episode 7 – Aired: 6/19/2008

Chip and the A-Team tackle a huge task when they make a old 1950's car into a modern day roadster. (more...)


Episode 7: SEMA - Radical Roadster
Once a year the true maniacs gather at the top trade show on the planet for all things automotive - SEMA - the Specialty Equipment Market Association. More than 125,000 people crowd the massive Las Vegas Convention centre and drool over the latest and greatest to be added to the realm of motoring necessities.

In the midst of the swirl of the convention, Chip Foose and the A-Team tackle their most outrageous build yet - turning a mid-50s dog of a car into a 21st century instant superstar. The owner is awakened as her prized cruising beast is being taken away by a tow truck.

Only those aren't real tow truck drivers - it's Chip and Chris, hauling the behemoth back to the Overhaulin' tent, where along with the A-Team and scores of guest builders, in front of a live audience of SEMA show-goers, the miracle of metalwork happens again, as another Overhaulin' episode results in shock, thrills, and of course, tears of joy.

In the midst of SEMA - the world's biggest car show - Chip Foose and the A-Team tackle their most outrageous build yet; turning a mid-50s dog of a car into a 21st century instant superstar.


The Marks Return - Chip's Picks

Season 5, Episode 8 – Aired: 6/26/2008

To celebrate the show's history and great work, Chip and Chris contact Overhaulin' marks and their new cars and take a look back at how they got their. (more...)


Episode 8: The Marks Return - Chip's Picks
With over 70 episodes of Overhaulin’ filmed in the last five seasons, there are a lot of amazing cars that have been created by award-winning designer and automotive legend Chip Foose.

For this episode Chip gave the A-Team a break, and decided to get together with host Chris Jacobs and a few of the favourite vehicle owners from seasons past. We check in with these lucky owners, and see how it's been for them since the day that changed their lives.  Chip and Chris vist Tony and his '66 LeMans, Mike and his '65 T-bird, Wade and his '67 Chevelle, John and his '69 Roadrunner, and Dave and his '56 Nomad.  And in a classic twist, Chris surprises everyone with how successful he is in getting Chip to talk about his favourite of them all - the '56 Ford truck. An episode like no other.

In an episode like no other, Chip and Chris revisit some of the most memorable builds in Overhaulin' history - including the classic '56 Ford truck.