Mad Kidney Donor - Season 3 - Episode 26

Host and Prank King Chris Jacobs brings Jason's '95 Chevy Tahoe to Chip Foose and the Overhaulin' A-Team at Street Concepts. Jason left it at a shop for service, and he doesn't know that his wife Lindsay and his pal Willy are in cahoots with Overhaulin'. Willy helped to set up the service shop situation, and he has one true friend in Jason. After all, not long ago, Willy needed a kidney and Jason generously donated one of his to Willy.

As the week goes on, Jason has a hard time getting his Tahoe back from the shop. The work that was going into the Tahoe was supposed to be free of charge; this was due to a set-up that Willy had arranged, promising Jason he could pull a few strings. But as Jason goes to the shop, our prankster A.J. poses as the wife of the shop owner, telling Jason he can't get his Tahoe back without full payment. Before long, Jason demands his vehicle back from the shop. He now learns that he's been Overhauled. He is brought to Street Concepts where his reinvented Tahoe has basketball-style seats (for basketball fan Jason) and small painted kidney motifs now on the side of the ride by Chip Foose.

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