Wiley and the Road Runner - Season 3 - Episode 27

John loves Plymouth Road Runners. This third one he presently owns is a rare ‘69 convertible. The other two are long-gone fond memories. One was totaled in an accident and the other had to be sold by a younger John, then on a leaner budget. Of course, John plans on fixing up this third Road Runner, but as his wife Linda contacts Overhaulin’, Chip Foose and his team learn that a little help just might be in order.

With Chris Jacobs and his posse taking the car from John’s garage, the mark believes his Road Runner has been stolen. It’s a belief that truly sends John into a tailspin. Meanwhile, Foose and the A-Team work at Street Concepts, attempting to make the car into a stunner. Mission accomplished, just as John is at the end of his rope. By now, he’s dealing with our pranksters disguised as insurance agents; accusers who are determined to slap the mark with insurance fraud by way of saying John was in on the car’s disappearance. As matters reach a fever pitch, John learns that he has been fooled for a week, leading to one of the most emotional reveals in Overhaulin’ history.

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