Bel Air BBQ - Season 3 - Episode 26

Young Tyson has been working on his 1956 Bel Air for quite some time. His mom, Terry has watched for a while as her son has taken auto shop classes in school, learning how to make the old Chevy into a cool hot rod. But the evolution is slow and the hot rod has yet to be cool, so mom called Overhaulin'. As Chip, Chris and the gang dove in head first at Street Concepts, they were quickly reminded of just how short a seven-day build really is.

Fact was, even with a seven-year build, most of this Bel Air might've still been hopeless stock, with rust throughout and decay spreading all along the car. The first solution was to quickly find another '56 Bel Air. That happened, but closer inspection of that second car revealed a ride that was only half as lousy. The third time was a charm as the A-Team soon ended up with a trio of '56 Chevrolets, with the last attained bearing the best stock. Working with all three cars, Chip, his dad Sam and the rest of the crew worked like mad. Meanwhile, Chris and the pranksters burnt up enough spare parts to send back to Tyson as his “recovered vandalized stolen car.” Later, Tyson met his new, perfect '56 Bel Air.

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