FB Holden

FB Holden

This page is dedicated to the history of the FB Holden. The 'FB' was produced between 1959 and 1960, and was the first of the Holdens with fins.

The FB range brought with it an all new body style, featuring rear fins and large round tail lights. The roof line was more sloping than then previous FE-FC models, and featured a wrap around windscreen.

Bold new two tone paint schemes were featured in the Special models, where the economy Standard range retained a single color all over. The FB was produced in four distinct body styles. These were the sedan, station sedan (wagon), panel van and utility.

The New FB Holden
The FB was also offered in two levels of refinement;  
Standard - The basic car, with no additional trimming or fittings. The body of this model was painted in a single colour. These were sometimes purchased as Taxis or rental vehicles.  
Special - The most popular model, with bold two tone paint, featuring a "flash" of contrasting color down the side, contained within new stainless steel trim. Special badges, now located on the front guards, followed by by 3 small stars also featured.  
Utility & Panel Van - The FB was also offered as two commercial vehicles. These were the Utility and the Panel Van. The rear quarter panels and tail lights were carried over from the previous FE-FC range to the FB and EK commercial models.  
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These pages are heavily based on the work of Mike Long, Copyright 1997-2008, MSLDesign. http://www.members.tripod.com/sixties_holdens/ Accessed on the 14th October 2008


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