1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

seat and under side panel as shown in Fig­ure 40. Pull side panel off shaft and re-
wires in rear edge of seat cover and fasten as shown in Figure 33. Line up seams with
Figure 41
move sheet metal screw inside of side panel. Remove back panel as shown in Figure 41.
4.    Cut back out of seat cover as shown in Figure 37.
5.    Place seat cover over back rest and line up seams with contour of back rest and hog ring as shown in Figure 42.
6.   Repeat for opposite back rest.
7.    Place seat cover on seat cushion, insert
contour of cushion and hog ring as shown in Figure 35.
8.    Replace back panel and sheet metal screws on both back rests. Place back rest side panel on shaft and replace hairpin clips.
9.    Replace seat assembly in car, cap screws in floor pan, and tighten securely.
10.  Replace side panels and seat adjuster knob. Approximate Flat Rate Time 1.5 hours.
Figure 42