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Hot Rod Television has teamed with SPEED in 2009 and comes back with the same attitude as it continues to expand on the excitement, passion and lifestyle of Hot Rod magazine. Don't miss an episode of HOT ROD Television as we'll bring the thrill of muscle car events, conversations with automotive legends and celebrities plus showing the passion of car enthusiasts worldwide. HOT ROD Television expansive appeal makes it a program for the whole automotive enthusiast family. For a preview of what you'll see in 2009 keep reading. All times are EST.

(#14) 14001 The Burbank Choppers

Traditional hot rodding is back in a big way. And among the scene's biggest players are members of the Burbank Choppers. For over 15 years they have been living and promoting their brand of traditional hot rod and custom philosophy. Join Hot Rod TV as we follow the Choppers in their own element as they cruise to the world famous Moon Eyes bash and give the audience an education on all things chopped, channeled and cut. You won't get this close to a real hot rod life unless you're sitting in your own chopped coupe.

(#15) 14002 Pure Vision

Robert Solarzano's vision is to build his dream car unlike any other. So he came to Steve Strope, a builder known for updating muscle cars and street machines with his own unique styling. Hot Rod TV follows Steve as he gives Robert's 1969 Dodge Charger a heavy late sixties Ferrari/European road race feel that is powered by pure MOPAR muscle. Watch Robert and Steve create the car that will be known as the 515 GTB.

Hollywood Hot Rods

Troy Ladd's fascination with cars begun as a kid in Orange County and soon his passion grew and he was ready to make the move. Dressed in T-shirts, rolled up jeans, Chuck Taylor sneakers and just enough goo in his hair it became pretty obvious that this hot rod builder respects tradition and cars that go fast. So with a $50,000 loan and a near empty 401k Ladd opened the shop that has turned out some of the meanest machines in the hot rod world. Hot Rod TV visits Hollywood Hot Rods and gives the viewer a look at a very special project that the hot rod world has been waiting for, for a very long time.

3 Day Roadster

What do you get when you put together an all-star team of hot rodders and car builders, give them a 1933 Roadster in pieces, and three days to put it all together and running for a live audience? You get a history making, 72 hour hot rod thrash party! John Buck producer of the Grand National Roadster Show has assembled "King of the Deuce" Roy Brizio, Hollywood Hot Rod's Troy Ladd, Car Designer Steve Stanford, just to name a few, as Hot Rod TV covers this historic event as the team builds a 1933 Roadster at the 60th anniversary of the Grand National Roadster Show.

(#18) 14005 Shine On

Hot Rod TV gets an inside look as we follow the international panel of judges and industry experts as they spend nearly two days in judging and non-stop deliberation to determine which worthy ride out of 1,500 will win the prestigious Shine Award. It doesn't matter if the contestant comes from a major car shop or whether it is chopped, stretched, channeled or cut and wedged. It all comes down to fit and finish and uncompromising excellence in motor vehicle design. But ultimately only one will take home the coveted prize.

(#19) 14006 SoCal Speed Shop

As a young man growing up in El Monte, California Pete Chapouris started cruising the boulevards as a young hot rodder in 1955. Like most young men his age he was bitten by the hot rod and custom bug and it would only be a matter of time before he met and teamed up with Alex Xydias. Alex had put together a team of like minded craftsman and opened So-Cal Speed shop in 1946. The story of So-Cal Speed shop is one of friendship, hot rods and the need for speed. Hot Rod TV catches up with Pete and Alex at So- Cal Speed Shop and gets an insiders look at the latest projects and why So-Cal Speed Shop has become an icon in the hot rod, custom and land speed racing world.

Hot Rod Hot Shot

Tyler Gildred got his very first hot rod from his Uncle on his 18th birthday. This hot rod gave Tyler the vision to start his own automotive business. The hot rod is a 1923 Model T Roadster pick-up which was originally built as a dry lakes racer and eventually became a well known drag race jalopy in the 1950's. Tyler's Uncle purchased the hot rod in the 1970's and eventually lost interest in it. Fast forward.....The car has been sitting in Tyler's garage and has not run since 1998. Now Tyler has selected young hot rodder and builder Jordan Graham, to bring his historic hot rod back to its original drag racing form... only on Hot Rod TV.

14007 SEMA (Episode 20 #175)

It all began in 1963 when a group of small manufacturers who were suppliers of performance equipment for early hot rods organized a fledgling industry that eventually became "Specialty Equipment Market Association. Now for the first time Hot Rod TV gets an insiders perspective and is allowed an exclusive opportunity to take its cameras behind the scenes of SEMA. Watch as 3 million square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center is transformed into the largest automotive trade show in the world. Hot Rod TV captures the variety of astonishing engine parts, street rod components, manufacturers and builders as they uncrate and display their wears before the doors are opened. This is a rare opportunity to see the making of SEMA.

14008 Flatheads Forever
(Espisode 21 #176 06-21-2009)


(#22) 14009 The Scarliner

Tom Fry has always wanted to find the car he had in high school -- a 1960 Ford Starliner. So he teamed up with BS Industries' Bodie Stroud to find and build his dream car. They found it alright. A scared up and damaged image that was once the car of Tom's dreams. Hot Rod TV follows the build of this rare car as Bodie Stroud turns it into a monster street machine powered by a 500 horse Ford GT engine. But first it's going to take some serious chopping, cutting and welding to fix the scares of this Liner.


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