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Hot Rod Events


ASRF Regional (South West Sandgroper) Nationals - Bunbury, Western Australia, 1998



The rush was on to get as many Hot Rods to the Sandgroper Nationals as possible, and the two weeks prior to Easter were FULL ON! About twelve Hot Rods were licensed in the last weeks just prior, with Brad and Amanda Coleman's T-bucket probably the last to get plates on at 4:30 pm on Easter Thursday, boosting the number of rods to over 130, with some 26 customs.

Two years in the event planning goes so slow, and yet four days of Hot Rod Heaven went so quick! Fantastic weather, heaps of friendly rodders, plus lots of fine rods to drool over, helped to make W.A.'s second Nationals a great event. WE hear that all who attended are still talking about it, and want another one here.

Registration day on Friday was busy, with most arriving in the a.m. to be in time for the driving events, or to just spectate at those who wanted to cut loose. The 4 ½ hours of engine revving, tyre spinning and tyre smokin' was a good way to kick off the week-end, and get everyone talking at the welcome dinner held Friday night at the Bunbury Power Boat Club. We started off with a Goa-Whoa, then straight into a Rod-kana, followed by a turn on the burn-out pad. After a short break to blow up a couple of , it was back into a slalom course, then a turn on the 'Rod-balance'.

Saturday morning it looked like rain, but, NO WAY would it dare to rain on such a splendid setting for the Hot Rod Show 'n Shine. Nu-Breed member, Alan Barker's cherry picker was a fantastic way to view all the surrounds, and eye-ball all those colourful Hot Rods & Customs below. If sure added another attraction for the entrants, and a chance to get eighty feet high in the air. During the afternoon, at the Power Boat Club, the ladies had their chance to get acquainted with each other over some bubbly, served by a couple of brave G-stringed waiters. (I'm still waiting to see the photos). At the Saturday night R&R dance, Rob Adams said he was prepared to pay his entry money for our next bash at a Nationals in the West!

Sunday morning the kids were chasing Barry Batten's red '28 'A' pick-up all round the park for their Easter eggs. The Bunbury club had their Rods lined up outside the gates of Koombana to lead off at one minute intervals, so that no-one got lost on the cruise to Margaret River. Lunch was quick and hearty, and the sight of 125 street rods parked all round the perimeter of the Hawks Football Oval was very satisfying to the soul. The slow and scenic trip back to Busselton via the wineries or caves, and the Bootleg Brewery, was too long for my kids, as they kept pushing us along and out the doors so they wouldn't miss out on the FREE locally made ice-cream that was provided for each entrant at Busselton. Presentation night at the Boat Club was packed to overflowing, with many awards going east, especially down to Tassie, and one off to Alan Barton's mate from Canada. As Ken received his award he said, "All I need is a job and we'll stay".

Good folks, remarkable weather and a bloody good time, seem to sum up the week-end. Monday morning came around too quick for a lot of people, especially the camp-fire party groups, but the pancakes and O.J. served up by the Nu-Breed members and families made it easier for most who were too busy packing up to worry about cooking breakfast. Around 11 am, those who had extra days free headed off on yet another cruise towards Collie, while most had to turn their cars homeward, and back to reality, to reflect on the week-end that had probably been the best fun a rodder could have with their shoes on.

Neil Gibb/WA State Director

Select Image to Enlarge
Mike Allender's '32 coupe
Select Image to Enlarge
Rob Adams (NSW) was 1998 WA Nats entrant no. 1
Select Image to Enlarge
28 A closed cab & 38 Ford Standard from NSW
Select Image to Enlarge
The Robb's drove their bucket from NSW central coast!
Select Image to Enlarge
Steve Morgan's, NSW, sidevalve '28 coupe
Select Image to Enlarge
Alan Wells' 6 carb, Chev powered sedan delivery
Select Image to Enlarge
41 Willys, Chris Noble. Neat rod!
Select Image to Enlarge
John Grimwood's '38 Plymouth (ex sedan/now tourer)
Select Image to Enlarge
Shane Jenkinson's '33 roadster on the oval, Sunday
Select Image to Enlarge
Bill Lydiate's just licensed '33 Hi-boy
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