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Small Block Chevy Suffix Codes: CE - CMJ

GM body designation. All these are identified here. Quickly, A = Chevelle, F = Camaro, X = Nova. If you're looking at the engine code - this is already known. If you're looking at the casting # information and it mentions 3970010 "A/F/X/Y/B".... basically this means "it's used in everything", whereas if it simply states "Y"... this means Corvette.

RPO FY CID Appl VIN HP BBLS Body/Comments
CE1957265H.D. clutch --cars/Impala
CEA 1980305auto trans.H LG41554G
CEC 1980305auto trans.H LG41554G
CED 1980305auto trans.H LG41554B/Fbird -5hp
CEH 1980305auto trans.H LG41554full size/Fbird -5hp
CEJ 1978305auto trans.U LG31452full size
CEJ 1980305-H LG41554Camaro/Impala
CEJ 1982305LU5, Cross-Fir inj.7165TTBIF B
CEK 1978305auto trans.U LG31452full size/Impala
CEL 1980305-H LG41554Camaro
CEM 1980305-H LG41554Camaro/1200/Omega
CER 1978305-U LG31452G/impala
CER 1980305-H LG41554G/Omega
CET 1980305-H LG41554Camaro
CEU 1980350-L LM1190-Camaro
CF 1958283m/t-2304truck/1271/Omega
CF 1960283m/t-1702truck/1100/Impala
CF 1961283---4full size/Impala
CF 1962283m/t, 4 spd---Chevy II/Impala
CFA 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41554B F G
CFA 1985305LB9F190TPIZ-28/T/A/B/Monte
CFB 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41454B F G/Monte
CFB 1985305LB9F190TPIZ-28 T/A/B/Monte
CFC 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41454B F G/Impala
CFD 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41454B F G/Monte
CFF 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41454B F G/Impala
CFF 1985305HOG L691754Z-28/T/A/SS
CFH 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41454B F G/Impala
CFH 1985305HOG L691754Z-28/T/A/SS
CFJ 1982305Cross-Fire FI LU57165TTBIZ-28/T/A/impala
CFK 1982305Cross-Fire FI LU57165TTBIZ-28[T/A/B
CFL 1982305Cross-Fire FI LU57165TTBIZ-28/Monte
CFM 1982305Cross-Fire FI LU57165TTBIZ-28/T/A/B
CFN 1982305Cross-Fire FI LU57165TTBIZ-28/T/A/B
CFR 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41454F B G/Omega
CFT 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41454F B G
CFW 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41454F B G
CFY 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41454F B G/Kingswd
CFZ 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41454F B G
CG 1958283m/t, O. D.-2304truck & cars
CG 1960283m/t, O. D.-1702truck & cars
CG 1962283m/t, 4 spd, a/c---Chevy II/Kingswd
CGA 1971350manual trans.-2452A B
CGA 1975262LV1G1102Monza/Kingswd
CGB 1971350Powerglide-2452A B F X
CGB 1975262LV1G1102Monza
CGC 1971350tur hydro-2452El Camino
CGC 1971350std trns, pol/taxi 2452full size
CGJ 1971350t/h trns, pol/taxi -2B
CGJ 1975262LV1G1102Monza
CGK 1971350manual trans.-2704AFX
CGK 1975262LV1G1102Monza
CGL 1971350t350-2704AFX
CGP 1971350m/t, 4 spdLT13304Z-28
CGR 1970400manual trans.-2652full size/truck
CGR 1971350t4OOLT13304Z-28
CGS 19713504 spd trans.-2704Vette
CGT 1971350tur 400 2704Vette
CGY 1971350H. D. 4 spdLT13304Vette/Monte
CGZ 1971350m/t, 4 spdLT13304Vette
CH 1958283m/t, 3 spd 250FIfull size
CH 1962283manual 3 spd---Chevy II
CHA 1973307tur hydramatic-1152F B X
CHA 1975350m/tJ L481654Vette
CHA 1980305LG4H1554Camaro/Monte
CHA 1980350LM1L1904Camaro
CHA 1988305LB9F190TPIFirebird
CHB 1973307manual trans.-1152F B X
CHB 1975350a/t, fedJ L481654Vette
CHB 1988305LB9F190TPIFirebird
CHC 1973307tur hydro, Calif NB2 1152F B X
CHC 1975350m/t, h/pT L822054Vette
CHC 1976350m/t, h/pX L822104Vette
CHC 1980350auto trans.L--full size
CHD 1973307--1152X
CHD 1977350a/t, CalifL L481804Vette/Chevelle/Monte
CHF 1978350auto trans. LM1L170-F B
CHH 1973307tur hydro trans. -1152F X
CHH 1978350auto trans. LM1L1704full size
CHJ 1973307m/t, NB2 1152Camaro
CHJ 1978350auto trans. LM1L1704B F
CHK 1973307tur hydro, Calif NB2 1152B F X
CHK 1978350auto trans. LM1L1704full size
CHL 1978350auto trans. LM1L1704F B X
CHM 1978350auto trans. LM1L1704full size
CHP 1988305LB9F190TPIFirebird
CHR 1975350a/t, s h/p, CalifT L822054Vette/Camaro
CHR 1978350auto trans. LM1L1704Camaro
CHS 1975400----Chevelle
CHS 1978350auto trans. LM1L1704Camaro
CHT 1978350auto trans. LM1L1704Camaro
CHU 1978350auto trans. LM1L1704Camaro
CHW 1975350--1554Chevelle/1200
CHW 1978350m/tL L481854Vette/Chevy II
CHX 1977350auto trans. LM1L1704A X
CHY 1977350auto trans. LM1L1704B/Kingswd
CHZ 1975350a/t, Calif/emJ L481654Vette
CJ 1958283hi lift cam, m/t 3 sp 290FIfull size
CJ 1959283m/t-290FItruck/1100
CJ 1964283man 3 spd, A/C---Kingswd
CJB 19713504 spd, pol/taxi-2704B
CJB 1988305L03E150TBIFirebird
CJC 1988305L03E150TBIFirebird
CJD 1971350t350-2704A F X
CJG 1971350m/t-2704A F X/Monte
CJH 1971350four spd,pol/taxi-2704B/Monte
CJJ 1971350m/t-2704A
CJK 1971350tur 400LT13304Vette/Chevelle/Monte
CJL 1971350m/t, 4 spd 2704Vette
CKA 1972350manual trans.L651652F A X
CKA 1973350manual trans. 1452F A X
CKA 1977350LM1L1704B
CKA 1985305Roch E4ME carbH LG41504G B F
CKB 1972350tur 400 trans.L651652A B
CKB 1973350m/t, 4 spdL481754F A X/Monte
CKB 1974350m/t, 3 & 4 spd 1854F X
CKC 1973350m/t NB2 1452A X
CKC 1975350a/t, s h/p, w/fedT L822054Vette
CKC 1976350a/t, s h/p, w/fedX L822104Vette
CKD 1972350tur hydro trans 1754F A B X
CKD 1973350tur hydro, CalifL482004A B F X
CKD 1974350T350 NB2 -4A B F X
CKD 1977350a/t, high altitudeL L481804Vette
CKF 1991305LB9F205TPIFirebird/Monte
CKG 1972307manual trans. 1302F A X
CKH 1972307Powerglide 1302F A X/Apollo/Ventura
CKH 1973350m/t, 4 spd, NB2L481754F A X/Chevelle/Monte
CKH 1974350m/t,3 & 4 spd, NB2L481604F A X
CKJ 1973350tur hydro trans.L65-4A B F/Bel Air/Kingswd
CKK 1972350manual trans.L481754A F X/Monte
CKK 1973350t/h, NB2L65-2B A X
CKL 1973350tur hydro, Calif - F A B
CKL 1975262 -  Nova/Chevelle/Monte
CKM 1976350a/t, LM1L1704F A B X
CKP 1972400tur hydro trans. 1702Caprice
CKR 1973350tur hydro, Calif B--Nova
CKR 1977350a/t, LM1 L1704F A B X/Nova
CKS 19723504 spd trans.LT12554Z28
CKS 1973350tur hydro, Calif 1452F A B
CKS 1977350a/t, LM1L1704F
CKT 1972350tur hydramaticLT12554Z28
CKU 1973350t/hL481754Camaro
CKU 1974350T350 1854Camaro
CKU 1976350a/tLM11654B
CKW 19723504 spd trans.K2004Vette
CKW 1973350t/hL651452F X
CKW 1976350m/tL L481804Vette
CKX 1972350tur hydro trans. K2004Vette
CKX 1973350t/h, NB2L651452Camaro
CKX 1976350a/tL L481804Vette
CKY 1972350four spd trans.L LT12554Vette/1200
CKY 1973350m/t, 4 spd NB2L651452Camaro
CKZ 1972350LT-1, H.D. 4 spdL LT12554Vette
CKZ 19733504 spd trans.J L481904Vette
CKZ 19743504 spd trans.J L481954Vette
CKZ 1977350L48L1804Vette
CL 1960283m/t 2704truck/1100
CL 1962283m/t, 3 spd, a/c --full size
CL 1963283m/t, a/c --cars
CLA 1973350tur hydro. 400J L481904Vette
CLA 1974350tur hydro. 400J L481954Vette
CLA 1977350a/tL L481804Vette
CLB 1973350m/t, 4 spd, NB2J L481904Vette
CLB 1974350m/t, 4 spd, NB2J L481954Vette
CLB 1977350m/t, high altitudeL L481804Vette
CLC 1973350t/h, 4 spd, NB2J L481904Vette
CLC 1974350t/h, 4 spd, NB2J L481954Vette
CLC 1977350a/t, CalifL L481804Vette
CLD 1973350tur hydro 400T L822504Vette
CLD 1977350m/t, high altitudeX L822104Vette
CLF 1976350L65V1452A B
CLF 1977350a/t, CalifX L822104Vette
CLH 1973350t/h trans., NB2T L822504Vette/Camaro
CLH 1976350LM1L1654full size
CLH 1991305LB9F205TPIFirebird
CLJ 1973350m/t, 4 spdZ282454Z-28/Kingswd
CLJ 1991305LB9F205TPIFirebird
CLK 1970400tur 350 2652full size
CLK 1971400tur hydro trans. 2554B
CLK 1973350Z-28 2454Camaro
CLK 1974350tur hydro trans. 1854Chevelle/Kingswd
CLK 1977350LM1L1704B
CLL 1973350t/h trans,CalifZ282454Camaro
CLL 1977350LM1L1704B
CLM 19733504 spd,CalifZ282454Camaro
CLM 1976350a/tL L481854Vette/Monte
CLP 1971400tur hydro trans. 2554B/Monte
CLR 19733504 spd trans.T L822504Vette
CLR 1978350a/t, CalifL L481754Vette/Monte
CLS 1973350m/t, CalifT L822504Vette
CLS 1976350a/t, high altitudeL L481754Vette
CLT 1973350tur hydro, CalifL651652A B F/1 200
CLU 1973350tur hydro, CalifL651652A B F/Monte
CLW 1973350tur hydro, CalifL651652A B F
CLW 1991305LB9F205TPIFirebird/Monte
CLX 1973350t/h, NB2L65-2full size
CM 1960283a/c--4full size
CM 1960283m/t-2304truck/1100
CMA 1972307tur hydro, Calif-1302A F X
CMA 1974350tur hydro trans.--2A B F X
CMB 1972350tur hydro, CalifL651652A F X
CMB 1975350  1554F
CMB 1991350L98, a/t8240TPIFirebird/Chevelle/Monte
CMC 1974350manual trans. -2A F X
CMC 1980305LG4H1554G
CMD 1974350tur 350, taxi -2full size
CMD 1980305LG4H1554G
CMF 19753504spd, Calif 155 Monte Carlo
CMH 19723504spd, CalifL651652Camaro
CMH 1974350tur hydro -4A B F
CMH 1980305automatic trans. H--full size
CMJ 1974350t4OO police -4full size
CMJ 1980305automatic trans. H--full size/Camaro


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